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GB News Celebrates Over ONE BILLION Views On YouTube – Becomes Fastest-Growing British News Provider Ever On Platform



GB News has hit more than 1,000,000,000 views on YouTube, making the channel officially the fastest-growing British news provider ever on the platform.   

The channel has hit the milestone in record speed, achieving a billion views in just 2.5 years since its launch, an achievement that took ITV News, also on 1bn views, 17 years to reach. 

GB News also topped more than a million subscribers on YouTube last month, with the total now standing at 1.06m.  

Chief Digital Officer Geoff Marsh said: “This is astounding growth at record speed and proves GB News is cutting through to the people of the UK – the numbers don’t lie.” 

GB News broadcasts a live stream on YouTube which attracts millions of viewers a year. In addition, the channel makes all of its programmes available for catch-up on YouTube, and posts thousands of short-form video highlights on the platform. 

GB News chief digital officer Geoff Marsh.

GB News Chief Digital Officer Geoff Marsh.

“This is a huge step towards our goal to be the number one UK news channel by 2028,” Mr Marsh said. “As The People’s Channel we’re proving there’s a real demand for our compelling content which audiences genuinely want to watch and share.” 

This week, GB News was removed from the internal TV system in the Welsh Parliament – with no reasonable nor substantiated explanation provided.

A spokesperson for Presiding Officer Elin Jones said the decision was taken following a recent broadcast which was “deliberately offensive”.

They said, however, that Senedd members and staff could watch GB News online. Tory Senedd group leader Andrew RT Davies called it “censorship”, while GB News presenter Nigel Farage called it “totalitarian”.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Jenny Rathbone of Welsh Labour celebrated the Senedd banning GB News from the building.

In 2018, Rathbone was suspended by the Labour Party for six weeks after saying security fears of Jewish people at a synagogue could be “in their own heads” at a meeting in 2017. Rathbone had also claimed that Israel was to blame for a rise in antisemitism and that the Jewish community’s need for security at synagogues stemmed from a “siege mentality”



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