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GEORGE Galloway Caught Supporting Antisemitic Conspiracy Theorist Live On Air – MULTIPLE Times



OPPORTUNIST and anti-Israel campaigner George Galloway has been caught giving a platform to a known Jew-hater and conspiracy theorist on his Russian State-funded show.

Whilst covering allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell, Galloway (who has a history of attacking Maxwell’s deceased father) frequently promoted American whacko Kirby Sommers – despite being informed of her history of hate.

Kirby has also been exposed for falsely portraying herself as an abuse victim – using demonstrably false claims to attack Israel

In early 2021, along with a discredited former Floridian cop, Sommers was exposed for having lied about her age and covering up that she is almost 70, and about having CCTV footage from inside Epstein’s home, which she used to publicly and falsely accuse an NBC bigwig of raping children.

The footage was later revealed as in fact showing two consenting adults, and had been downloaded from a popular pornography website.

Sommers was also exposed for writing fake news about the Epstein scandal in an effort to cash in on the attention given to genuine abuse victims.

Kirby Sommers has been slammed by prominent accusers Maria Farmer and Virginia Giuffre

The oddball from the states also accused Stephen Hawking, a string of innocent celebrities, and promoted fully debunked Qanon claims about Satanic child trafficking.

More shockingly, Sommers was then exposed as being a rabid antisemite who promoted anti-Jewish tropes about Jews controlling the world and the media – even claiming the state of Israel participates in child sex trafficking.


Despite this, George Galloway appeared more than happy to provide the racist ranter with airtime to his thousands of viewers – all funded by the Russian State. In fact, he has done so no less than five times.

Galloway has himself been accused of antisemitism, and was sacked by TalkRadio over an allegedly antisemitic tweet following a football match.

Initially introducing Ms Sommers as an ‘investigative journalist’, in one of their interviews Galloway asked her to provide her journalistic insight into the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell and the legal procedures surrounding the case – despite her having no legal background, no experience in journalism, and being caught out spreading disinformation about the case to dupe her Twitter followers for cash.

In further interviews with the dangerous Jew-hater, Galloway gushed over Sommers, showering her with praise and allowing her to reel-off a slurry of unsubstantiated claims about the Maxwell and the trial.

Despite being warned back in August 2021 that Sommers was an antisemitic nutjob, it seems that because she promoted a one-sided false narrative that nestled nicely into his own biased narrative, Galloway once again welcomed her with open arms back onto his show just months later.

Sommers also made up false quotes from accuser Virginia Giuffre, and refused to stop promoting her lies despite being called out by Virginia herself

Galloway, an opportunist who promotes anti-monarchy, anti-Israel, pro-Russian propaganda through Russian State-backed RT News, went on a wild rant when called out over his continued use of an antisemite on his show, before trying to excuse her with the weak claim that she doesn’t make antisemitic or conspiratorial comments when he interviews her.

Based on this ‘logic’, perhaps George might also think it’d be ‘okay’ to provide a large platform to Neo-Nazis – on the condition, of course, that those Neo-Nazis only talk about the weather.


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