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GOOD RIDDANCE: Labour Cllr Suspended For Antisemitism In Peterborough LOSES Seat – Conservatives Make Gains In City



ANGUS Ellis, who – along with 8 other Peterborough Labour councillors – was suspended by Labour last month over allegations of antisemitism, has now lose his seat to the Conservatives.

Tory Chaz Fenner took the seat in the ward of Bretton; a ward that was once dominated by the Labour party, yet now has no Labour Councillors at all.

Fourteen members of the ‘crooked’ Peterborough Labour Party were suspended in total, by both Peterborough and Cambridgeshire Labour CLP’s. Among them were:

Councillor Ansar Ali, Richard Strangward, Cllr Angus Ellis, Colin and Linda Watson, Cllr Samantha Hemraj, Kit Hubback, Cllrs Mahboob Hemraj, Cllr Shabina Qayyum, Cllr Aasiayah Joseph, and Cllr Mohammed Jamil.

Labour city councillor suspended by party '˜for social media comments' |  Peterborough Telegraph
Former Councillor Angus Ellis is still suspended by the Labour Party

The majority of these Councillors have previously been exposed by VoteWatch as having used convicted postal vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood to help win their seats.

Celebrating the news of a Conservative victory in the city, Peterborough’s Brexit-backing Conservative MP Paul Bristow said: “Today is a great day for Peterborough and for the Peterborough Conservative.


“At the City Council Elections, we have taken seats from Labour and Liberals in the Peterborough parliamentary constituency, and beyond, preventing Labour’s coalition of chaos!”

The Conservatives went into the election defending 15 of the 23 seats being contested – the Labour Group Leader promised to lead his councillors into power with the Liberals and Greens. This will now not happen.

“We ran a positive campaign focusing on free bulky waste collection, crime and anti social behaviour, and our City’s positive future.

“A lot of work to do! But the right team is on the job!


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