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HUGE Push To BUY BRITISH Sees Thousands Switch Brands And Gov Petition Launched



BUY local, buy British – that is the key message being shared across the nation as consumers swap their usual brands in favour of British-made goods and mouth-watering local produce.

Latests statistics are already showing that, post-Brexit, British consumers are increasingly making the conscious decision to support the economy and enjoy brands and services from home rather than overseas – with over 30,000 people joining one Facebook group alone, all proudly promoting various goods, from Lincolnshire sausages to London boutique fashion.

Now, adding to the growing trend, and while it is needed more than ever as the country comes to grips with the financial chaos that the Coronavirus pandemic has inflicted upon Britain, one patriot has even launched a government petition.

Similar campaigns have seen great success over the decades as well as helping boost the economy

The petition, launched by Ash Hirani, puts forward a smart and increasingly popular proposal: “Create a government approved register and Union flag logo/mark for UK made goods”.

“We call on the UK government to implement a central register of UK manufacturers, and to permit them to use a strictly controlled logo based on the design of the Union flag, in order to raise the profile of UK made goods and manufacturers, and to make it easier for domestic consumers to Buy British” the petition reads.

“There are various privately run schemes and initiatives that promote UK manufacturing. In order to accelerate the growth of our economy, and to Build Back Better post Covid-19, we petitioners believe that a government backed scheme would add a great deal of intrinsic value to UK manufactured goods and, potentially, encourage not only reshoring, but also attract new foreign investment in UK manufacturing activities.”


Speaking to VoteWatch, Mr Hirani said:

“Buying British may, for some, do nothing but conjure up images of jingoistic flag waving and Nationalism. For me, Buying British is an economic argument, and one which usually serves the lowest paid working classes, probably more so than it does any particular business, even the largest of multi-national corporations.

“Increased demand for UK made goods not only keeps our money circulating in the UK, but it also creates jobs for people at the lower end of the pay scale, whilst being a source of revenue for the Exchequer.

POSITIVE PURCHASE: A happy customer shares her recent buy in the popular Facebook group “Buy British For Brexit”

“My family came to the UK in the 70s, and my grandfather, parents, uncles and aunts all went on to work in factories making butter, garments, photo frames, and even cars!

“This was the case for many new arrivals in the UK, particularly from India, Kenya and Uganda. Many were fortunate in that this was just a stepping stone, and they later worked their way into other industries.

“Others did these same jobs all their lives, right up to retirement. They were paid poorly, but the demand for goods meant that their jobs were stable, and they could provide for their families.

Another friendly Facebook group, ‘Buy British’, boasts over 50,000 members

“Confidence in the origins of goods is key to any drive to promote domestic manufacturing. Consumers need confidence in the quality of a product, but where a campaign to Buy British is concerned, a centrally run scheme that has a strict criteria as to what qualifies something to be considered UK made is essential.

“It’s absolutely right to buy UK made goods, and to support our own industries here at home. Of course we don’t make everything in the UK.

“Of course, we import from around the world to meet demand. But making every effort to source goods from our own businesses makes economic sense for businesses, their workers, and for the whole country.”

VoteWatch fully supports Mr Hirani’s noble and sensible endeavour, and we encourage our readers to take just ten seconds before closing this article to click on the below link, sign, and support the nation by BUYING BRITISH.


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