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HYPOCRITE: Labour Politician Who Accused Boris Of Breaking Lockdown Is Caught Joining Parliament Zoom Call From Lover’s Pad In Another Country



AS the Labour Party in Wales rained down criticism on Boris Johnson this week for travelling to carry out his job, one of their own was busy breaking lockdown rules by frequently travelling almost 100 miles from Wales to England for a bit of cross-border loving.

Rising star Rhianon Passmore was caught taking part in a Welsh Parliament session from the £1m Swindon home of her lover, nearly 100 miles away from her constituency of Newport, South Wales.

It’s now understood that Passmore has been making regular lockdown visits from South Wales to Wiltshire – despite openly accusing the PM of breaking lockdown for travelling to a vaccination site while on official government business.

Ms Passmore appears on Zoom from England
Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Ms Passmore wasn’t zooming from inside her own home

Ms Passmore, the Assembly Member for Islwyn, also posted and retweeted a series of “stay at home” messages through her social media accounts.

Her law-breaking was spotted when viewers of the Welsh Assembly spotted that the politician was zooming from a location different to that of her home in South Wales.

She also posted clips last month from the garden room of her lover’s plush home, with a local resident saying: “She was broadcasting from the property and thought nobody would notice.


“Everyone has been doing their best to help keep the virus at bay and what she is doing is certainly not in the spirit of the lockdown.

The plush farmhouse is 80 miles away from the AM's home in South Wales
Her millionaire lover’s home is located over 80 miles away

“If you’re going to tell everybody else what they’ve got to do you should at least uphold the spirit.

“And it’s been quite a regular thing for some time.

“What makes me angry is that she’s one of these are people who has been completely slating Boris and undermining what he’s been trying to achieve.”

Passmore has since tried to claim that her partner is ‘in her bubble’ – yet official guidelines state that bubbles must be kept as local as possible… not almost 100 miles away.

The recent incident isn’t the only time the Labour politician has found herself in hot water. In 2018 she was banned from driving by Newport magistrates and received a two-week ban from the Senedd after admitting to refusing to take a breath test when pulled over by police.



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