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“IS THIS LABOUR TV?”: George Galloway DESTROYS Biased BBC Reporter Live On Air



THOUSANDS of members of the public have taken to social media to applaud George Galloway ‘owning’ a BBC reporter, over what was perhaps one of the most brazen displays of the broadcaster’s bias in recent years.

Almost immediately into their interview, the BBC’s Maxine Croxall embarked on narrating an indiscreet love letter for Labour candidate Kim Leadbeater, stating that she (a candidate who only joined the Labour Party weeks before the election) was “born and bred here, and knows the constituency very well”.

Croxall continued to attack, trying to falsely imply that Mr Galloway had some sort of involvement in “intimidation” and “aggressive tactics”, before asking why he was willing to “split the Labour vote”.

“There is no ‘Labour vote’”, Galloway quickly and calmly disarmed her. “There are only voters”.

“Is there any need for me in this interview?” he then asked, after Croxall persisted in seemingly (and perhaps foolishly) projecting the by-election in Batley and Spen as a two-horse-race between the Tories and Labour, with the former being portrayed as a force in need of beating.

“Are you just going to give a party political broadcast?” Galloway shot Croxall down. “Is this Labour TV?”


“Look – there is no such thing as a ‘Labour voter’”, he reiterated. “There are only voters – individual human beings who have to be persuaded to vote for you. Now, your concern for the Labour Party in this constituency is touching, probably in breach of the BBC’s charter… one of the reason viewers are leaving the BBC in droves”.

“But I’m fighting to win this” Galloway said, completely shutting-down the BBC’s evidently biased, yet now failed attempt to counter the growing popularity the leader of The Worker’s Party is enjoying in the area.

“If you vote for me, you’ll get me” he added. “I have no obligation to any other party in this election. And I’ll repeat what I said earlier: you quite simply would never ask these questions of anyone else… I gave you my time to speak about the issues in this election. All you have done from the very first second is attack me on behalf of the Labour Party… it’s an odd use of the taxpayer’s money”.

The full exchange can be watched above.


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