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LABOUR Admits Bullying, Misogyny And Antisemitism Amongst Liverpool Councillors – Council Could Soon Be Placed Under National Party Control



“NOTHING less than a full reset of the Labour party in Liverpool is needed” – that was the conclusion of an internal investigation carried out by the Labour Party following widespread

The report – commissioned by the national party – reveals that local members have found “misogyny and lack of tolerance endemic”.

Based on the 77 written submissions received by the panel and its 53 interviews talking to 60 individuals, the investigation concludes: “Nothing less than a full reset of the Labour Party in Liverpool is needed.”

Labour’s Liverpool branch came under national scrutiny following the arrest of mayor Joe Anderson

It recommends that Labour nationally takes over candidate selection processes in Liverpool until June 2026, and that it immediately fast-tracks outstanding complaints in the Liverpool City region, completing them within six months.

Looking at local party meetings, the internal investigation was told of a toxic atmosphere in some meetings, not welcoming to members, where often members especially women were targeted for bullying or abuse.

The panel was then presented with evidence of a history of antisemitism that already has led to expulsions and suspensions” and has recommended compulsory antisemitism training for all elected representatives, local party and branch officers.


Recently, the Labour-run Liverpool council has found itself mired in never-ending scandal.

At the end of last year, the city’s Labour mayor, Joe Anderson, was arrested for alleged witness intimidation and accused of being involved in a multi-million-pound fraud.

A few months later, despite claiming thousands of pounds in expenses, Liverpool Labour councillor Malcolm Kennedy was found to be living permanently in Spain.

Cllr Hanson was sacked for cronyism

The following month, Councillor Joe Hanson was sacked from his role with a housing association after securing his close chum a £100,000 position behind closed doors – an act that was widely condemned as cronyism.

In the same month, Labour councillor and former mayor Christine Banks lost her legal bid to suppress newspapers revealing her support for a convicted rapist.

Also in the same month, Councillor Sarah Morton was suspended from the party for celebrating the death of Prince Phillip and calling him a ‘fascist piece of inbred shit’ on social media.


Councillor John Wiseman was then suspended after it was revealed he had received a teaching ban for fraudulently doctoring examination papers.

Speaking to Votewatch, 2021 Tory mayoral candidate for Liverpool City region, Jade Marsden, said: “I welcome Labour’s investigation into the situation in Liverpool, however given the size and severity of the issues, only a complete takeover from the central party will begin to heal the damage done – taking control of the candidates process simply isn’t enough.

Jade Marsden has been receiving increasing support from Liverpudlians

“Liverpool has been loyal to the Labour Party, even when the rest of the country has given up on them.

“It’s time Labour showed gratitude for that and repaid the city with an overhaul of local branches and members. Never again should this level of bullying be allowed to happen again, anywhere, and should serve as a reminder to other parties that the electorate deserves better than rats in town halls.

“I thank all the people involved that have been honest and open, I can’t imagine it was easy to be so frank”.

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