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LABOUR Cllr Placed Under Investigation Over ‘Inappropriate, Incompetent And Improper Behaviour’



A SENIOR member of Sheffield City Council has been placed under official investigation following accusations of him breaking several codes of conduct.

Councillor Mazher Iqbal, sitting Cabinet Member for Business and Investment, was first accused in October 2020 by Simon Ogden, former long-serving Head of City Regeneration for the City Council.

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Cllr Iqbal is accused of breaking multiple codes of conduct

Sheffield City Council have acknowledged that there is now an ongoing investigation into Iqbal, but declined to comment further.

Gillian Duckworth, Monitoring Officer at Sheffield City Council, said: “We cannot provide details of a specific complaint, however any complaint received is treated seriously.

The Councillor has, however, been confirmed to have accusations against him relating to ‘a repeated succession of inappropriate, incompetent and improper behaviour’ which is alleged to have broken SCC codes of conduct.

Cllr Iqbal with former Party leader Jeremy Corbyn

“Where there are complex issues, there may be more than one process to be considered. These inevitably take time to resolve. It is commonplace for investigations to remain confidential so as to not prejudice the outcome.”

The investigation against Councillor Iqbal continues. VoteWatch will update in due course.

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