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LABOUR Councillor Suspended For Calling Prince Philip A ‘Fascist Piece Of Inbred Sh*t’



A SECOND Liverpool Councillor has been suspended from the Labour Party for making vile comments celebrating the death of Prince Philip.

As news of Prince Philip’s passing broke, Labour Councillor Sarah Morton shared a Metro article titled ‘The best of Prince Philip’s gaffes, quotes and quips’, adding her own despicable comment: “Just a list of reasons why the world is a better place without this fascist piece of inbred s*** in it.”

Councillor Sarah Morton has been suspended by the Labour Party
Councillor Sarah Morton is a self-described Corbynista who previously called Keir Starmer a ‘brylcreemed shyster’

“The Metro trying to wrap it up as funny ‘gaffs’ is next level bootlicker cringe”, she added.

Morton has now been administratively suspended by the Labour party pending an investigation.

A party spokesperson said: “The Labour Party takes all complaints seriously and they are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures and any appropriate action is taken.”

Sarah Morton is the second Labour Councillor to be suspended in Merseyside this week, after St Helens Councillor Jyoti Wilkinson was suspended for making similar comments.


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Labour Cllr Jyoti Wilkinson has also been suspended for celebrating Prince Philip’s death

Sharing a public Facebook statement by Labour leader Keir Starmer in tribute to Prince Philip, Cllr Wilkinson wrote: “He was a massive racist Kier [sic]”, later adding: “that’s one less bigot in the world.”

Despite his suspension, the Corbyn-supporting former employee of disgraced Labour MP Chris Williamson has refused to apologise – choosing rather to show no remorse at all, posting further comments on social media, including say ‘I stand by what I said’.

The pair now join a list of over thirty-five Labour politicians who have been either suspended, arrested, or convicted in the past six months alone.


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