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LABOUR Councillor Suspended For Saying Keir Starmer ‘Follows Commands From Israel’



A LABOUR Councillor from Lancashire has been suspended from the party over comments he made in reply to a tweet about Jeremy Corbyn, in which he claimed leader Keir Starmer takes orders from the state of Israel.

Ron Cooper, who represents the Tanhouse ward on West Lancashire Borough Council, is now sitting as an independent after being heavily criticised over the post on social media.

Cooper was replying to a member of the public who tweeted: “If Corbyn were to be leader of Labour again, would you still say we should unite around our leader to get the Tories out?”

The Councillor responded “if Corbyn was Labour leader again then hundreds of thousands of members would rejoin the party. Keir Starmer stands for nothing but #purge of socialists and following commands from Israel.”

Mr Cooper declined to comment.

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