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LABOUR Councillor Suspended For Supporting Corbyn Film Downplaying Antisemitism



A Labour councillor from Kent has been suspended from his party for supporting a controversial film about former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Cllr Raymond Moon, who sits on Tunbridge Wells borough council, has been suspended from the Labour group for sponsoring a charity screening of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn: the Big Lie” at the Tunbridge Wells Forum.

Produced by Platform Films, the documentary includes interviews with former and current Labour activists and staff close to Mr. Corbyn, and is narrated by comedian Alexei Sayle. Featuring director Ken Loach, the movie discusses widespread allegations of antisemitism against Mr Corbyn but, despite the wealth of evidence, argues that there was a conspiracy to discredit Corbyn’s leadership.

Labour have banned their members from watching the film about former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour have banned their members from watching the film about former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Cllr Moon says he was left “extremely upset” and “did not support it or sponsor it as a Labour Party member” but as an individual.

A screening of the movie was held at the Tunbridge Wells Forum on July 17th, which raised £200 for the mental health charity Mind. Cllr Moon himself sponsored the event in case it didn’t meet costs but the 65 tickets were all sold.

In the week before the screening, the local Labour group’s whip Cllr Alex Britcher-Allan emailed Cllr Moon telling him not to associate with the event.


However, after attending, Cllr Moon was notified that he was having the whip removed with immediate effect.

Cllr Moon told the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS) that he did not agree with all the film’s content.

“Just because you go along and watch the Godfather that doesn’t mean you support the Mafia,” he said.

“I couldn’t believe it to be honest. I thought, why? Some people might criticise me and say ‘you knew this would happen, that’s the way the party is at the moment’.

“I was extremely upset and it’s my own party members that have instigated it.


“It was a blow, not having been a councillor very long. I try to represent people and this was nothing to do with the party as far as I saw it, it was just giving a personal view,” he added.


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