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LABOUR Deputy Mayor Suspended In Slough



THE Deputy Mayor of Slough, Councillor Haqeeq Dar, has been suspended from the Labour Party.

Haqeeq Dar, Councillor for Wexham Lea and deputy mayor of Slough, has been suspended by Labour while a full investigation is carried out into ‘serious allegations’, with VoteWatch being informed that talk among local councillors is that Dar has been accused of sexual harassment.

VoteWatch received confirmation of the Deputy Mayor’s suspension earlier this month, but was unable to publish it for legal reasons.

Cllr Haqeeq A Dar (@HaqeeqDar) | Twitter
Deputy Mayor Haqeeq Dar (right) has been suspended from the Labour Party

During the same period, Neil Wilcox, Executive Director of Corporate Operations for the Council resigned after the council’s audit report was published. The below is his resignation email, also sent to VoteWatch earlier this month.

Councillor Haqeeq Dar became deputy mayor for the town last year and was also the chairman of the planning committee.

A spokesman for Labour said: “The Labour Party takes all complaints extremely seriously and they are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures, and any appropriate disciplinary action is taken.”

Cllr Wayne Strutton, Leader of the Conservative Group for Slough, said: “I was not shocked to learn that the Deputy Mayor has been suspended, pending investigation from the Labour Party. I am shocked however at how long it has taken Slough Labour to address the situation.”

Wayne Strutton (@LiberateSlough) | Twitter
Conservative Cllr Wayne Strutton says the suspension ‘raises wider questions’

“What is most concerning is the fact that this suspension may have come into effect prior to Tuesday’s Council meeting where Cllr Dar was commended with a vote of thanks by the Labour Group.

“It raises wider questions as to when allegations resulting in Cllr Dar’s suspension came to light; and why Labour not only did not inform the public of this issue, but failed to withdraw Cllr Dar as Deputy Mayor.

“These revelations, accompanied by Labour’s refusal to accept zero-tolerance to bullying, make me question how I, or any other Slough resident, could have any faith in the transparency, decency or leadership of Slough Labour.”


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