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LABOUR Leader Caught Promoting Suspended Antisemite As ‘Labour Cllr’ In Letter Condemning Israel



A COUNCILLOR who was suspended for antisemitism is still being promoted as a member of the Labour Party and has been included as a signatory in a letter urging the British government to condemn Israel.

Councillor Tasleem Fazal from Blackburn and Darwen Council, was suspended in 2020 after a video emerged on social media in which he can be heard hurling a barrage of abuse at Jewish protestors speaking out against antisemitism.

Posted by the now deactivated account “CH Tassy Fazal”, Fazal is recorded yelling at a group of demonstrators holding Israeli flags and “peace for Israel and Gaza” signs, calling them “murderers, murderers, murderers… you’re all murderers”.

Blackburn Labour councillor suspended over antisemitic remarks - LancsLive
Tasleem has been suspended from Labour since 2020

“Murderers, mate, that’s what you are” he continues in the offensive rant, “cowards and bullies, that’s what you are… Shame on you f**kers…”

“Look us up, Drive4Justice… We’re here for the people who’re getting killed; they’re the people getting killed by your guys… How long you been killing people?”

The video also recorded Cllr Fazal insinuating that ISIS had been created by Zionists.


As a result, Fazal was suspended from the Labour party and has remained as an independent candidate ever since.

However, in a letter written by a group referring to themselves as ‘Blackburn Labour Muslim Councillors’, Blackburn’s leader and a string of Labour councillors clearly refer to Mr X as a sitting LABOUR Councillor, and even allow him to sign the letter in an attempt to pressure parliament into condemning Israel.

The letter, dated yesterday, the 8th May 2021, is addressed to Parliament and demands that Boris Johnson and Priti Patel condemn Israel and the Israeli army, and includes Cll Fazal at the bottom of a list of Labour Councillors.

Under party rules, a suspended Labour Councillor is no longer allowed to promote themselves as being a member of the party, nor include the name ‘Labour’, nor its logo, in any of his or her work.

The letter lists Fazal as a Labour Councillor, despite currently sitting as an independent after being suspended for antisemitism

The logic behind this rule is simple and is intended to prevent the candidate, councillor, or former party member from bringing the party into further disrepute. It is also intended to prevent individuals misrepresenting themselves to constituents, or duping third parties into believing that their views or actions are endorsed by the Labour Party itself.

Bill Jacobs on Twitter: "Blackburn with Darwen Labour group leader Mohammed  Khan smiles as party's control of borough council confirmed… "
Council Leader Mohammed Khan added the suspended antisemite to the letter, recording him as a ‘Labour Councillor’

Last week, VoteWatch revealed that Council leader Mohammed Khan, whose council is currently under police investigation over alleged corruption, had referred to Conservative politicians and their supporters as ‘dirty, lying b*stards’.

VoteWatch has contacted both Labour HQ and Blackburn Council for comment.



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