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Labour Mayor Quits Party, Then Writes Damning Letter Against Starmer



A well-known Labour city mayor has resigned from the party, citing ‘broken promises’ from Keir Starmer and being blocked from standing in a future election. 

Mayor Jamie Driscoll, who was Labour’s North of Tyne mayor, said he had “no other choice” but to quit the party after he was barred from running as North East mayor last month.

Driscoll has confirmed that he will now stand as an independent mayor and has wrote a scathing letter accusing Starmer of flip-flopping and “breaking so many promises”, including plans to scrap tuition fees and introducing universally free school meals.

He wrote: “You’ve U-turned on so many promises: £28 billion to tackle the climate emergency, free school meals, ending university tuition fees, reversing NHS privatisation; in fact, a list of broken promises too long to repeat in this letter.

“It is not grown-up politics to say Britain is broken, and then claim things are now so difficult we will abandon any plan to fix it. That is mental gymnastics worthy of Olympic gold.”


Mr Driscoll added: “Worst of all, you’ve said you’re not interested in hope and change.

“Well, I am – Britain needs hope and change. Instead of London Labour HQ barring me from running, you could have used my work as a showcase of economic competence.”


Sky News reported that Mr Driscoll’s candidacy was refused because he recently appeared at an event with the film director Ken Loach, who was expelled from the party in 2021 for claiming there had been a “purge” and “witch hunt” of Jeremy Corbyn supporters under Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership. On the Sophy Ridge show, Mr Driscoll also refused to condemn Loach’s antisemitic remarks about Jews and the holocaust.

A Labour spokesperson said: “The Labour Party is delighted that local party members have selected Kim McGuinness as our candidate for the North East Mayoral election next year.

“With Keir Starmer as leader, the Labour Party is a changed party, relentlessly focussed on delivering for working people, and we make no apologies that Labour candidates are held to the highest standard.

“The Tories have let our region down, and as Labour mayor, Kim will be the strong voice the North East deserves.”


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