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LABOUR MP Proven To Have Lied About Police Officers In Bid To Label Arrest Of Criminals As ‘Racial Profiling’



LABOUR MP Rosena Allin-Khan was slammed on social media yesterday evening, after being exposed by the police as having lied in a tweet that smeared the force and falsely accused them of racial profiling.

Following complaints made by local residents to both the Metropolitan Police and Immigration officers in the South London district of Tooting, several fast food delivery drivers were either fined, reported, or arrested for a range of offences.

ROSENA A-LYING KHAN: The Labour MP made false claims to smear MET and immigration officers

Within just 90 minutes, officers from Met police stopped 48 bikes, after concerned locals reported fast food delivery drivers over repeated incidents of dangerous driving and uninsured vehicles.

Two of those stopped were identified to have committed immigration offences, and were arrested by immigration enforcement officers.

Yet, with the Labour Party never failing to seize an opportunity to twist a story into a race-baiting narrative, Labour MP Rosena Allin-Khan took to Twitter to post a thread of since-debunked claims and accusations.

“Today in Tooting, a Met Police Team were stopping fast food delivery drivers” Allin-Khan said, before adding her own unfounded claim that officers who checked immigration statuses did so through deception – lying to those they stopped by carrying out their checks “under the guise of Covid compliance”.


“This looks like racial profiling and I am concerned that under the Equalities Act 2010, this may amount to indirect discrimination due to its disproportionate impact on ethnic minority groups. If it’s not unlawful, then it’s definitely immoral and I cannot defend it” the MP who represents Tooting added.

Yet her false claims were quickly shot-down by the accused, with both forces confirming Allin-Khan to have lied:

Meanwhile, the Met issued the following statement in response to the Labour MP’s falsehoods:

“Following community concerns about dangerous and anti-social driving of mopeds, officers carried out a road safety policing operation in Tooting on Tuesday, 18 May. This was not a Covid compliance operation but one of engagement and high visibility.

“Officers from the Met’s Roads and Transport Policing Command stopped a number of motorcycles to check driving licences, insurance documents and to ensure the roadworthiness of the vehicles. Where appropriate, advice regarding road safety was given.

Officers successfully identified multiple breaches of the law

“The objective of the operation was in response to community concerns about the dangerous and anti-social driving of mopeds.”

Exposing her lies even further, a spokesperson from the Home Office said: “It is completely false to claim that any immigration activity is conducted under false pretences. All operational activity is intelligence led.


“The operation in Tooting was conducted in relation to suspected immigration offences and two individuals were arrested on suspicion of immigration offences.

“The Government continues to tackle illegal migration in all its forms and our New Plan for Immigration will speed up the removal of those who have entered the UK illegally.”

MP Rosena Allin-Khan has not yet issued a correction or public apology.


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