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LAW Student Takes Uni To Court Over Anti-White Discrimination And Teaching Of Critical Race Theory



LEGAL proceedings have been launched against a university for discriminating against white students – the first case of its kind in Britain.

Katie Fanning, a respected campaigner and law student, has registered her claim citing “instances of direct discrimination” throughout the course of her studies, and has heavily criticised her university for excluding white pupils from certain opportunities.

“I enrolled at my University assuming that all students would be treated with dignity, respect and that an equal level of opportunity and service would be offered to all students regardless of their race” said Fanning. “However, I like thousands of other white students, found myself in an openly racially discriminatory and hostile environment towards white students.

Katie Fanning has taken legal action against her university

“I have been subjected to several instances of direct discrimination and indirect discrimination throughout the course of my studies for my white racial characteristics by my university.

“When I raised my concerns and formal complaints regarding the application of extremist discriminatory critical race theory based policies such as bursary schemes for disadvantaged students that exclude white applicants, events that offer required internship and training contract opportunities that exclude white students, support groups that exclude white students and propaganda that incites hatred, animosity and violence towards the white community.

“I was subsequently advised by a member of the university staff that the institution does indeed discriminate against white students in their desire to “even the playing field” (as stated in their internal emails).  


“I was then subjected to harassment, intimidation and victimisation as punishment for raising these concerns and making formal complaints of discrimination and racism.

Critical Race Theory is being taught in a growing number of schools and employee training programs

“I have since had my university go so far as to instruct the police to visit me at my home unannounced to ask me “why I have issues with Black Lives Matter?” along with other forms of intimidation and harassment after I had informed them that I was in the process of taking legal action against them due to exhausting all options to resolve my complaints internally.

“This racially-motivated discrimination, harassment and subsequent victimisation has had a profoundly negative impact on my studies and wellbeing.

“This aggressive racially motivated discrimination, marginalisation and persecution by my university must not go unchallenged.”

Miss Fanning appears to be a force to be reckoned with, refusing to back down from holding the university to account.

Her advanced legal claims against the ‘woke’ Uni fall mainly under the Equality Act, 2010, and include direct discrimination, harassment, and a complaint against the teaching of Critical Race Theory.


“Critical race theory,” a once-obscure academic concept, was imported from the U.S. and has been slammed for its divisiveness and for promoting racist terms and ideas such as ‘white privilege’ and ‘whiteness’.

The concept has in recent months been condemned by the government, with Kemi Badenoch stating that it should not be part of any curriculum.

“The Critical Race Theory enforced ideology that permeates through all areas of university life that portray “whiteness” and white racial and ethnic groups in a negative, derogatory, inflammatory and aggressive manner enforces an environment that is intimidating, degrading and humiliating for white students.

“Within the course materials we were instructed to participate in the online forums and get to know other students, mentors and professors. I did as instructed and introduced myself on the introductory Law forum.

“After reading through posts and exploring more of the universities online platforms I became aware that there were services, financial help schemes such a bursaries, consultations only for BAME students.


“There were also a number of events and opportunities only available for none white student to meet potential employers for internships or training contracts .

“It was also Black History month so there were a daily publications which included the inaccurate dissemination of history as to stir up animosity and hostility towards the white population, statements of support for the terrorist Organisation BLM and publications describing whiteness in a negative manner.

Latest research shows that poor white students are the most disadvantaged group in Britain’s educational system

“It was difficult not to notice the unwelcoming and hostile environment for white students or disparity in favourable treatment afford to none white students throughout the university’s policies and operations.

“White Children and Students are being negatively impacted by the overt anti-white racism and neglect within education in a profound and devastating manner. Since 2007 the white working class of Britain have been one of the smallest demographics attending university or attaining higher educational qualifications.

“The anti-white agenda within education along with the overly zealous attentiveness to the interests of other (minority) ethnicities, underpinned by the current Equal Opportunities regime. The “white working class”, as a disadvantaged group are subject to prejudice, we go unregistered in Equal Opportunities Monitoring and are excluded out on the kinds of interventions and incentives made available to none white students.

“White students are subjected to a hostile and degrading environments by their educational providers, are excluded from opportunities to enhance their employability, are subjected to racial harassment that is intimidating and degrading and are most of all neglected by the education system they pay for. This is true from primary to university.

Fanning says she was visited by police simply for opposing the often violent movement ‘Black Lives Matter’

“This is why there is such an issue with underachievement and low participation of the white working class within our education system. With white males being the most persecuted and discriminated against in the name of ‘equality’.”

Katie’s claim was formally issued on 10th of August, and she has since granted the university’s legal team an extension to file their defence.

“Since formally serving on the respondents I have received communication from the respondents legal team asking for an extension to file a defence.

“The responses prior to the formal issue of claim were to attempt to punish and intimidate me – even sending police to my house to ask “why I have issues with BLM”.

“What I wish to achieve is justice” she added. “My University, like many others, makes no distinction between white students from disadvantaged backgrounds and white students who are not – labelling all white students as privileged. This toxic discrimination must end – and I’ll continue to fight to make that happen.”

VoteWatch will be following Miss Fanning’s case closely and will provide an update in due course.



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