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LORD Sparks Outrage Over ‘Racist’ Tweet



A MEMBER of the House of lords has drawn fierce criticism over an unsavoury tweet in which he referred to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris simply as ‘the Indian’.

John Taylor, Baron Kilclooney, a former deputy leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, asked his followers on Twitter what would happen in the event that President-elect Joe Biden  “moves on”.

He wrote: “What happens if Biden moves on and the Indian becomes President. Who then becomes Vice President?”

The 82-year-old life peer recently criticised for claiming large sums for making skype calls has been widely slammed on social media for the comments, which have been described as racist due to him seeming to smear Harris over her ethnicity.

The Lord has since denied that he was being racist, and claimed that he had called her ‘the Indian’ because he didn’t know her name.


Yet adding to his original tweet before his excuse, the Lord had already exhibited that he did indeed know her name:

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