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Map Reveals All ULEZ Cameras In London – Here’s How To Avoid Paying Khan



A new website has released an interactive map showing the location of every ULEZ camera in London, allowing motorists to plan their trips to avoid being snapped. 

Transport for London uses hundreds of static cameras across Central and Greater London to monitor which cars enter and exit the zone.

Many of these are located around the perimeter of the zone, which covers everywhere inside the North and South Circular roads. But there are also many inside the zone, leading to drivers having to stump up a small fortune in fees and fines.

Website includes an interactive map revealing every known location of a Ulez camera, meaning drivers can plan a route that potentially avoids passing a camera and legally avoid paying the charge.

Click here to view the interactive map and see where the cameras are.

The website has an interactive map showing every known location of a Ulez camera

The website has an interactive map showing every known location of a Ulez camera

The automatic number plate recognition Ulez cameras scan each car’s registration and compare them with DVLA records to see if they should be charged a fee.

Today, Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan’s controversial extension of the Ulez to include the outer boroughs of the capital comes into force.

Writing exclusively in VoteWatch today, London Councillor Matthew Goodwin-Freeman slammed the latest expansion and urged the public to vote Khan out at the next election.

“In any other profession, in any other world, with any other Mayor, they would have resigned,” he wrote. “They would have been hounded out of office. They would have enough respect for the office of Mayor to do the right thing and resign.

“Not Sadiq Khan.

“So yes, the ULEZ expansion has taken place and I know there are thousands upon thousands of Londoners who now will be taxed for leaving their driveways and just trying to get on with their lives. For taking the kids to school. For visiting a loved one in hospital or a hospice. For popping to the shops to grab that extra ingredient or to pick up a prescription.


“If you live in outer London, any part of outer London, you are in the ULEZ area.

“Pushing ordinary Londoners into poverty: London Labour’s new slogan? Let’s see how that goes on 2nd May, 2024.

“And that’s if Sadiq Khan makes it to 2024. We, the people, have the power. We must keep fighting, keep protesting, and keep telling this Mayor of the damage he is inflicting on businesses, charities, and ordinary Londoners.”

Read Cllr Goodwin-Freeman’s full article here.





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