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MP Tobias Ellwood Quits Role Over Criticism For His ‘Pro Taliban’ Video



Tory MP Tobias Ellwood has this evening quit as the Chair of the Commons Defence Committee after facing a vote of no confidence. 

In July, Ellwood, Conservative MP of Bournemouth East, came under fire over a video posted on social media in which he bizarrely praised Afghanistan as “transformed” under the Taliban’s rule.

In the widely-criticised clip, Mr Ellwood urged the UK to re-engage with the country and the Taliban – an extremist terrorist organisation responsible for the torture and murder of countless innocent people and the ongoing oppression of citizens, particularly women living in Afghanistan.

Ex-soldier Ellwood eventually apologised for the video and deleted it, but members of the cross-party committee submitted a no-confidence motion on 19th July.

Tobias Ellwood was described by The Spectator as being the Taliban's useful idiot.

Tobias Ellwood was described by The Spectator as being the Taliban’s useful idiot.

In a resignation statement tonight, Mr Ellwood said: “It is with deep regret that I have tendered my resignation as Chair of the Defence Committee.

“I believe I have a strong voice when it comes to defence and security. I stand up, speak my mind, try to see the bigger picture and offer solutions, especially on the international stage, as our world turns a dangerous corner.


“I don’t always get it right – so it’s right I put my hand up when I don’t.”

He said “poor communications” about engagement with Afghanistan were “understandably criticised at the time and reflected poorly on the Committee”.

Mr Ellwood added: “Whilst I do believe I retain the support of the majority of the committee, its dynamic and effectiveness would simply not be the same, and prove a distraction, if all in the room were not supportive of the chair.”


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