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NINE Labour Councillors Suspended In Liverpool



THE Labour Party has suspended a large chunk of its Councillors on Liverpool City Council after they voted against spending cuts.

Despite claiming to be the party of the working class, the Liverpool Labour group have introduced huge spending cuts in the council’s proposed budget – and is suspending any Councillor who opposes them.

Six more Labour Councillors were suspended this weekend, bringing the total to nine, following a declaration by Cllrs Alan Gibbons, Alison Clarke, Alfie Hincks, Rona Heron, Joanne Calvert and Lindsay Melia that they would vote against a whopping £10.7 million in cuts — including in social care.

Councillors may have to leave Liverpool Labour over bin charge and budget  cuts
Cllr Alan Gibbons is among the nine suspended Labour Councillors

“A number of us issued a statement saying we were not voting for cuts” said Councillor Gibbons, who confirmed that he and his colleagues had received emails informing them they had been suspended and banned from attending Labour Party meetings or represent the part, pending an investigation by the national executive committee.

The Labour Party has long been failing Liverpudlians, with the council almost coming under direct government control last year following a spate of corruption and mismanagement.

In 2021, the city’s Labour mayor Joe Anderson was arrested as part of Operation Aloft, and charged with fraud and intimidation along with other associates.


The investigation into Mr Anderson’s alleged role in a multi-million-pound fraud is still ongoing.


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