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Actor Noel Clarke Files Lawsuit Over ‘Fake Claims’ Printed By The Guardian – Seeks £10m From The Left-Wing Paper



According to court documents obtained by BBC News, actor Noel Clarke is suing the Guardian for over £10 million over articles containing allegations that he sexually harassed and bullied multiple women. 

Twenty women who worked with Noel Clarke over a 15-year period made the accusations in a series of eight drawn-out articles, with the Bafta-winning actor denying the claims, saying he has suffered “catastrophic” consequences as a result of the publications.

A judge will now decide what damages he is entitled to if he prevails in his lawsuit.

Noel Clarke, who rose to fame predominantly for his roles in the films Kidulthood, Adulthood, and Brotherhood, is seeking millions from the Guardian for financial losses that resulted from the allegations being made public.

For the Sky TV show Bulletproof, series 4, he is seeking:

  • His fee for acting in 10 episodes – £585,000
  • His fee for writing two episodes – £90,000
  • His fee for directing two episodes – £90,000
  • Anticipated royalties – £250,000 (estimated figure)

For the ITV TV show Viewpoint, series 2, he is seeking:

  • His fee – £270,000
  • Anticipated royalties – £200,000 (estimated figure)

For the Channel 5 TV show Highwater, he is seeking:

  • His producer bonus – in the region of £60,000
Noel Clarke alongside Dr. Who co-star Jodie Whittaker.

Noel Clarke alongside Dr. Who co-star Jodie Whittaker.

For the BBC TV show Crongton, he is seeking:

  • His producer bonus – in the region of £60,000

For the StudioCanal movie Something in the Water, he is seeking:

  • His producer bonus – in the region of £40,000

For his former production company Unstoppable, he is seeking:

  • Minimum salary over 10 years – £1.25m (not including any potential raises or bonuses)
  • Projected approximate value of shares, which he says has now been “wiped out”, over next three years – £7m

And for legal fees that have arisen since the allegations were made and due to his ongoing lawsuit against the Guardian, Noel Clarke is seeking approximately £245,000, bringing the approximate figure, excluding VAT, to £10,140,000.60.

Noel Clarke is also claiming aggravated damages, for what his lawyers describe as the “relentless, targeted, vicious and persistent nature of the wholly unjustified defamatory campaign” launched against him by the Guardian.

A hearing at the High Court is the next major step in the lawsuit that will clarify the articles’ specific meaning, whether they are defamatory, and whether they are statements of truth or opinion.

This was originally due to take place this month, on July 20th. However, the court has been informed that Mr Clarke wants to hire fresh solicitors. Therefore the hearing has now been adjourned for October or early November 2023 .


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