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OPINION: “Palestinians” Don’t Exist – But When They Do, It’s To Annihilate Israel



The phrase I am about to write may be considered more radical by modern standards than the act of supporting a Hamas missile strike on Israeli civilians, but let’s start off with a bang. “Palestinian” people do not exist. Oh, yes. I’ll even take it a step further and say that those who perpetuate this great historical falsehood, even with the best peace-loving intentions at heart, legitimize it.

This falsehood has bred propaganda against Jews and Israel for decades, forcing Jews and all patriotic Israelis to endlessly combat the lies and terrorism that manifest from it. It is my firm belief that demolishing the fabricated term “Palestinian” is the first step to achieving peace in the Jewish homeland.

Demodernising Jerusalem

‘But, Chanah, you can’t say such a thing! Do you support ethnic cleansing?’ No. I support truth. Let us begin by debunking the Tolkienesque mythology of an Arab “Palestinian” ethnicity or people. The Jewish people, those born in Israel or in the Diaspora (owed to centuries of expulsions) are the indigenous, sovereign people of Israel. Our historic claim is over 4,000 years old. It starts with Abraham in the 17th Century BCE and the first Jewish purchase of property in Israel (in Hebron).

The land is promised by G-d as an eternal heritage to the Jewish people (Genesis 15:13-18). Jews go up to Egypt to temporarily escape famine and end up enslaved, but we are freed by G-d’s hand and are led by Moshe, the Exodus culminating in the revelation at Mount Sinai, the giving of the oral and written Torah, and the settlement of the 12 Hebrew tribes in our promised land (1429-1273 BCE). We establish our monarchy with King Saul, King David makes our capital in Jerusalem, and King Solomon undertakes the construction of the dwelling place for G-d, the sacred Holy Temple in Jerusalem (833 BCE), the center of Jewish life.

We divide into two kingdoms, Israel in the North and Judah in the South, and from here begin conquests and occupation of Israel. The Assyrians expel and scatter the 10 (lost) Tribes, Babylonians destroy the First Temple (the tragedy annually commemorated to this day) and exile the Jews until Persian conquerers allow them to return and rebuild the Temple (349 BCE). Hellenistic rule follows, desecration of the Temple prompts Jewish Maccabean revolt leading to a brief independence (Hasmonean Dynasty), until the Romans destroy the 2nd Temple and eventually crush Jewish uprising.

So where, oh where, were the “Palestinians? You’re looking at them. After the Bar Kochba revolt (132 CE), the Romans renamed the Jewish homeland Syria Palestina (and Jerusalem Aeilia Capitolina) to humiliate the people by erasing the Jewish presence from Judea, naming the region after a long gone Jewish arch enemy, the Philistines, or Plishtim as denoted in the Bible. This Aegean sea people culturally resembled the Greeks, and had contact with Israel from 1200-1500 BCE, and then completely disappeared into time. Gone. Palestine, was quite simply, a term to designate the region.

Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem Painting by Francesco Hayez

‘Hold your Roman chariots. The great nation of the “Palestinians” are using a twice-appropriated moniker and were never the indigenous inhabitants? I think I have to sit down.’

Please do.

Through the subsequent occupations, Byzantine, Persian, Crusader, Mamluk, and Ottoman, there was never a whisper of a cohesive, freedom-seeking group of Arabic “Palestinians” demanding self-determination.

For those who aren’t brainwashed by today’s propaganda, this shouldn’t be surprising; The land held absolutely no religious or nationalistic significance for the Muslim conquerers. The principal goal of Muhammad’s conquest of Palestine was to amalgamate the Arab tribes living there under Byzantine rule into the Islamic camp, and the Muslim rulers regarded it as an outlying area to be used for taxation and military purposes.

Even in the 19th and 20th centuries, the Arab population was small, decreasing, clearly transient and migratory, and tended to leave and not return. Furthermore, much of the land (that was eventually partitioned into Israel) was owned by absentee landowners from foreign countries who had absolutely no connection to the land.

Meanwhile, Jewish presence in Israel was continuous. Our population in Palestine consisted of the direct descendants of the generations of Jews who lived there since the days of Joshua ben Nun (the Jewish leader succeeding Moses). Even Arabic sources during the Muslim rule admit to the Jewish sovereignty of the region. In 1377 CE, Ibn Khaldun, a prolific Arab historian, wrote:


“Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel extended over 1400 years. It was the Jews who implanted the culture and customs of the permanent settlement”.

Ancient Jewish Jerusalem is a fact | Naftali Bennett | The Blogs

Furthermore, Jews preserved and continued the same religious practice in Israel and the Diaspora with a cohesiveness that is thoroughly recorded throughout history, with hope for our people’s return mentioned in our daily prayer (which is done facing Jerusalem) and on holidays. At the end of every Passover seder and the High Holiday of Yom Kippur we say (as we have for centuries):

לשנה הבאה בירושלים, Next Year in Jerusalem. It is the focal point of Jewish belief and existence; The hope for our people’s return and the realisation of the Third and final Temple.

During Ottoman rule, Jews of the First Aliyah (immigration) bought the “vastly underpopulated land” primarily from these absentee landlords. Prior to influx of late 19th century Jewish settlement, the land was noted to be “uninhabited”, “almost abandoned”, with disastrous local conditions of rampant malaria, high infant mortality, short life expectancy, and scarce water.

Arab attraction for the region appeared most miraculously after these Jewish settlements grew and the land was cultivated and rid of the aforementioned elements which were resultant of neglect. The incoming Arab workers arrived from different lands, just like the Arabs in the region who predated them; Palestine’s population was a wide array of ethnological groups speaking “no less than fifty languages”.

Well, well. It appears that today’s main “Palestinian” claims, that the land was theirs since antiquity with religious and historic importance and that Israel conducts “ethnic cleansing”, are an absolute pile of smouldering rubbish.


‘Then where and why in the world did a nationalistic group of “Palestinian Arabs” arise?’ At the end of World War I and only in reaction to the threat of Jews rebuilding their homeland, even on a land that they neglected for centuries and sold off. It was not “Palestinian” nationalism that was under threat, as it had yet to exist; Jewish sovereignty in our own homeland threatened pan-Arab homogeny.

Israeli Army Opens Fire at Palestinian Farmers in Southern Gaza - Palestine  Chronicle

As professors Reuven Aharoni and Gideon Kressel document, Muslim leaders suddenly demanded to ““recall” Palestine” (which thus far had been a backwater of little importance to Arabs) and pronounce that all the lands of the Muslim-Arab Conquest- including Palestine- were holy to Islam, and therefore [had to] remain forever in the Umma’s hands”. To protect the cohesion of the conquest, the Arabs came up with a multitude of strategies to rid the land of its indigenous inhabitants, the Jews. These tactics were so varied and outrageous in nature that they each pointed to the same, indisputable fact: “Palestinian” people never existed, but materialised in order to annihilate Jews in their homeland.

‘Are you about to destroy the Palestinian narrative completely?’

With pleasure.

Tactic 1: Become a Pan-Syrian Nationalist:

Zionism grew with the next waves of Aliyah, and the Balfour Declaration, supported by Woodrow Wilson’s self-determination principle for post-war territories, would solidify the rightful sovereignty of Jews in their homeland.


‘So the Palestinians demanded self-determination?’ No! With poetic, delicious irony, their first strategy to ward off the Jews was the very antithesis of self-determination! The Arabs of the region, with remarkable suddenness, became pan-Syrian nationalists (a vague sentiment that was weak before World War I), supporting the Syrian Arab government in Damascus of Hashemite Prince Faysal, the leader they thought “capable of resisting the Jewish flood”.

The hope was to coalesce the Muslim population of Greater Syria to demographically overwhelm the Jewish immigrants. Musa Kazim al-Husayni, “Palestinian” Arab leader (and later head of the PLO), said in 1919: “We demand no separation from Syria”.

Balfour Declaration - Wikipedia

Muslim-Christian congresses petitioned for “Palestine” to be “inseparable from the independent Arab Syrian government”, but the Ottoman Empire fell. After the San Remo conference of 1920, Palestine came under mandate of Britain and Iraq and Syria under France. The Arabs were no longer interested in affiliating with a Damascus under French rule. They changed course. Dropping the Syrian nationalism, the 1920 Third Palestinian Congress moved to detach the Southern Syria designation. Just days after the fall of Faysal’s government, the same Musa Kazim al-Husayni declared:

“After the recent events in Damascus, we have to effect a complete change in our plans here. Southern Syria no longer exists. We must defend Palestine”.

Thus was born Tactic 2: Use Terrorism to Drive Out the Jews:

The original San Remo resolution incorporated all of Transjordan into “Palestine” for the Jewish nation, the region having belonged to the ancient Jewish kingdom. Although the Arab world was already designated an overwhelming range of land, by 1921, Churchill separated off approximately 78% of the mandate of Palestine to establish Transjordan, an exclusively Arab state with a “Palestinian” Arab majority, from which Jews were forced to leave and where they were no longer permitted to settle. This is the true, existing two-state solution.


Still, the Jews rejoiced. Not so the Arabs. No qualms existed with the new Hashemite rule of “Palestine”, now Transjordan, but for Jews to have even a sliver of their ancient homeland? That just wouldn’t do.

When the Balfour Declaration became legally binding, the pogroms against Jews began. The British appointed a central religious leader to the Muslim community in an attempt to quell the violence. Here we meet the father of

“Palestinians”, Haj Amin al-Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, political leader of Muslims in Palestine Jolly papa Husseini, who too had been a recent vocal pan-Syrianadvocate, was the main instigator of riots, inciting “Itbah al-Yahud” (kill the Jews) and “Nashrab dam al-Yahud” (we will drink the blood of Jews); He preached that a Palestine settled by Jews would violate Islamic law. Leaflets were spread in August of 1929, instructing Muslims to attack Jews, which culminated with the Hebron massacre.

Letter written to Grand Mufti from Himmler uncovered

The British responded brilliantly again, by reducing Jewish immigration. This pattern of ‘rewarding terrorism to appease the terrorists’ prevailed and continues to this day.

Jewish immigration grew drastically with Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, prompting even more Arab violence. The Peel Commission of 1937 was sent to ascertain the reason for the violence and to suggest yet another partition. A local Arab leader, Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, made a lovely freudian slip as he told the commission:

“There is no such country as Palestine! ‘Palestine’ is a term the Zionists invented! There is no Palestine in the Bible. Our country was for centuries part of Syria”.


No “Palestine”? We couldn’t have said it better, Auni. The Jews reluctantly accepted the idea of a second partition and the Arabs naturally rejected it, responding with more violence towards Jews and British police and civil servants. Of course, Britain punished the Jews.

The 1939 White Paper reduced their migration despite it being a right “not merely sanctioned but required by solemn international agreements”. Had the Arabs not rejected the partition plan millions of European Jews could have been possibly saved from the Holocaust before the Final Solution was implemented. The German sentiments, however, fit so nicely with those of “Palestinian” Arabs that the two simply had to became one.

Enter Tactic 3: Nazism:

Hitler rose to power, and Husseini quickly formed an alliance with the Nazis; Jews scrambled to save their brethren in Europe, Arabs blocked Jewish rescue efforts. The swastika became a well accepted symbol among “Palestinians”. It remains so to this day. Husseini and other Muslim leaders orchestrated attacks on Jews, funded by millions from the Nazi regime and Italian fascists, with Heinrich Himmler, the leader of the SS, providing financial and logistical support for the attacks.

Who was Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem? - Israel News -

Adolf Eichmann (the key figure in the Final Solution implementation) even visited the mufti in “Palestine” [32]. Husseini spent the war years in Berlin collaborating with Hitler, appealing for the Jewish escapees to Palestine to be sent back to Poland’s death camps and expressing support for the mass murder of Jews after a tour of Auschwitz with Himmler. His goal was to return to Palestine after German victory to construct a death camp near Nablus modeled after Auschwitz.

Throughout the war, he worked closely with the Third Reich’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, to make radio broadcasts that went out to the Arab world. In his most notorious broadcast in March of 1944, he urged his followers: “Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases Allah, history and religion.”


The mufti directly aided in the slaughter of Jews in concentration camps, and offered the Nazis his Arab Legion as military aid, running recruitment campaigns for Arabs to join Nazi and Italian forces; Two of the most infamous Waffen

SS Nazi-Muslim divisions were established in Croatia and Bosnia under his direction and leadership, resulting in the mass extermination of 90% of Bosnian Jews. He was never indicted as a war criminal at Nuremberg, as France, Britain, and Yugoslavia feared backlash from the Muslim world.

Netanyahu, the Grand Mufti and the Holocaust: why it is important to get  the historical facts right

The National Palestinian Council went on to elect Husseini as its President in 1948, and his support among “Palestinians” and in other areas of the Muslim world was widespread. Despite “Palestinian”-Nazi collaboration, the 1947 United Nations (UN) Resolution 181 (a non-legally binding suggestion) was to reward the terrorists and offer a third state solution. Guess who rejected it? The modern Jewish state was born soon after, so they tried a different approach.

Tactic 4: Get Your Buddies To Kill the Jews While You Sit it Out:

Israel was immediately attacked by Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon (with others’ aid), to “Drive the Jews into the sea”, “Murder the Jews”and to ultimately finish Hitler’s work; many Arab former Nazi operatives participated in the war, such as Arab Liberation Army commander Fawzi al-Qawuqji. Arab armies prompted the “Palestinian” Arabs to leave their homes, promising a return after the Jews were wiped out. Khalid al Azm, former prime minister of Syria, said in 1972:

“… it is we who made them leave… We brought disaster upon… Arab refugees, by inviting them and bringing pressure to bear upon them to leave… Then we exploited them in executing crimes of murder… all this in the service of political purposes”.


Mark Halawa, an Orthodox Jew, recounts the experience of his father, a “Palestinian” Arab born in Beit Shean in 1945:

“Arab radio broadcasts urged all the Arabs of British Palestine to clear out immediately to make room for the great slaughter that would be carried out, promising them they would come back and seize the properties of slaughtered Jews in a matter of days. So they left and became refugees in camps in Jordan, in Syria, and in Lebanon”.

This fact was confirmed by Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority (PA). The “Palestinians” had chosen the wrong side again, and they lost. Which is precisely why they created a new stratagem.

Tactic 5: The perpetual refugee victimhood hoax:

The numbers of Arab “refugees” who had fled Israel in anticipation of its destruction was somewhere between 472,000 to 750,00, only 360,000 of which (by UN count) required aid. An additional 400,000 outsiders assumed “Palestinian” refugee status in camps in 1948.


A true number is impossible to ascertain. The ever helpful UN realized that many of these refugees had not lived long in the villages from which they left, so they made a clever decision. The UN treated “Palestinians” to a separate refugee agency of their own, the UNRWA (Resolution 194, established in 1949) to apply an unprecedented, broader set of refugee guidelines specifically catering to them: (1) “whose normal place of residence was Palestine between June 1946 and May 1948,” and (2) “who lost both their homes and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 Arab–Israeli conflict” (regardless of the reason for leaving).

The 850,000 Jews from centuries-old communities who were persecuted, stripped of their assets and freedoms, and forcibly expelled from multiple Muslim and Arab countries between 1948-1951 (a revenge for Israel’s establishment) were not given a special agency. To inflate the “Palestinian” victimhood to infinite proportions (and to create the potential for a demographic weapon against Jews in Israel), the UNRWA included “the descendants of Palestine refugee males, including adopted children” as refugees as well.

The Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries: Panel 9

As the proper UNHCR guideline was not applied to “Palestinians”, the number went from a couple hundred thousand to around 5 million (and counting) [48]. Terrorism and Nazism pays well.

To top it off, the “refugee” status is purposely never resolved. It works as a perfect anti-Israel weapon, supported eagerly by the bleeding hearts of the world. While the UNHCR works to find permanent homes for refugees, the UNRWA couldn’t be bothered to. On the contrary, it only maintains and supports “Palestinians” within refugee camps, a measure taken for the calculated goal of exacerbating the issue.

Hillel Neuer, head of the Geneva-based watchdog organisation UN Watch, explains that the “UNWRA perpetuates so-called refugees”, as with the roughly 2 million “Palestinians” in Jordan with Jordanian citizenship, there for seven decades and still being designated “refugees”, and likewise with those living under the Palestinian Authority. So many years after the war, and Jordan is still the only country to have accepted the “Palestinians” as citizens, with 27 of the 58 UNRWA camps controlled by “Palestinians” themselves who refuse to close them down to solve the “crisis”. Demanding an end to the sham, Mark Halawa explained:

“My father received a Jordanian passport and full citizenship rights. But UN bureaucrats and UNRWA and the so-called PLO bamboozled the world, turning us into perpetual refugees. Instead of resettling, UNRWA created six million of us today, paying the PLO several hundred dollars a month on behalf of myself and those six million people while the UNHCR struggles to find funds and shelter to feed real refugees. We have to end this sham now.”


Perpetual refugee status was effective for political strategic motives and victimhood points, but the “Palestinian” Arabs needed something more substantial. Was it time for tactic six? You can bet your molotov cocktail it was.

Soviet documents 'show Abbas was KGB agent'; Fatah decries 'smear campaign'  | The Times of Israel

Tactic 6: Build Your Political Movement With the KGB:

You read that correctly. The “Palestinian Nationalism” finally emerged towards the late 1960s with the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), made up of multiple terror group factions, engineered, sponsored, and trained entirely by the USSR’s KGB. Documents uncovered by Israeli investigative journalist Ronen Bergman reveal how the KGB created code names for each faction: Fatah“Kabinet”, PFLP “Khutor”, DFLP “Shkola”, and PFLP-GC “Blindage”. Prominent leaders of the PLO were the KGB’s agents; Fatah leader Arafat, codenamed “Aref”, deputy head of PFLP, Wadi Haddad “Nationalist”, PFLP paid agent Abu Ahmen Yunis “Tarshikh”, Haddad’s top operative, Taysir Qyuba’a “Kim”, leader of DFLP, Nayef Hawatmeh “Inzhener”, head of the PFLP-GC, Ahmed Jibril “Mayorov”, Fatah’s Abu Iyad “Kochubey”, Abed Rabbo who held senior roles in the PA, and Mahmoud Abbas (current President of the PA) “Krotov”.

The terrorist acts carried out by these “leaders” against Israel and other nations were guided and funded directly by the KGB. KGB weapons shipments were sent by their top secret unit in charge of “liberation organizations” of the world. One such shipment in 1970 arrived to Haddad; Machine guns, RPG launchers, grenades, sniper rifles, landmines and roadside charges with remote detonaters.

These weapons were used for a series of KGB planned attacks, abductions, assassinations, and plane hijackings, such as the flight to Entebbe in ’76. The goal for terrorist agents was to “bring the “Palestinian” issue to the top of the world’s agenda”, while others, such as Abbas, were tasked to spread the USSR message and KGB propaganda.

Abbas was most likely recruited at the university in Moscow where he studied for a Candidate of Sciences degree. His thesis was a rubbish, Antisemitic propaganda piece filled with Holocaust denial and baseless claims that Zionists had “assisted” Hitler.


Abbas used the PLO archive when he returned to Lebanon by 1982 to spread propaganda that the KGB and Stasi (East German intelligence) had prepared, which compared Western Imperialism and Zionism to Nazism, to underline that they were evil and anti-Soviet. The modern day “Israel is the new Nazi” slogans that are perpetuated by the Left across the world may well have their origins in this USSR propaganda.

The world rewarded these terrorists by raising their status to a legitimate political entity. Even Arafat, who revered his cousin, Husseini-the-Nazi-mufti, and whose efforts resulted in the countless murder of Jews, was honoured with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994. Had Hitler not committed suicide, perhaps he would have received one too.

Hamas returns Arafat's Nobel prize to PA | The Times of Israel

To this day, the global community demands Israel legitimise these “partners for peace” as a nation. The fact that each idiotic land-for-peace bargain results in a rise in terror and ends in Jewish and Israeli bloodshed is besides the point. The persistent global tradition, as we’ve noted, is to side with “freedom fighting” terrorists rather than a legitimate Jewish nation. This is why “Palestinian” propaganda is still incredibly well received.

Tactic 7: Modern Propaganda:

Summarising the scope of “Palestinian” propaganda is virtually impossible. It exists in every level of the “Palestinian” community, from its leadership and citizens to their promoters abroad. One type of propaganda is the one that shapes the fictional history of a “Palestinian” nation, often featuring the erasure of Jewish history; In speeches by leaders, such as Abbas, they claim that their history goes back 7,000 years.

Sometimes, they claim to be Canaanites (another bygone people), sometimes Philistines, despite the fact that their Islamic heritage can only go as far back as the 7th century. To combat that inconvenient truth, a more impressive claim appropriates Jewish history; PLO representative Sami Hadawi wrote in his history of “Palestine” that their connection to the land was not through the “Islamic desert conquerors of 1,300 years ago” but to the “original native population”, arguing that they were in fact the early Hebrews from 1500 BCE.


This is perpetuated by the complimentary “Temple Mount denial” narrative and physical destruction of precious Temple Mount archeology in attempt to erase evidence of the Jewish Temples. This endeavour is readily supported by the UN and its agency, UNESCO, whose resolutions deny the intrinsic Jewish connection to our holy sites, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and Machpelah in Hebron.

Jewish Ties to the Temple Mount - What's the Story? | Honest Reporting

The most useful propaganda form works off of the “perpetual victimhood” ploy, meant to arouse the sympathies of closet Antisemites across the globe. Jews are termed “White colonisers” (after centuries of being told to “go back to Palestine”), to validate the false native “Palestinian” status and gain support from the world’s radical Left who suffer from obsessive postcolonial guilt.

The “Israel is an apartheid state” and an “occupation” myths target the same audience and are touted by corrupt politicians, main stream media, and the everyday ignoramus. The “ethnic cleansing” narrative is particularly potent around Christmas when one can find the classic “Jesus was a Palestinian” across social media, an effort to evoke sympathy in Christians through spun tales of “occupied Bethlehem”. A wonderful holiday tradition.

“Palestinians” also preserve time-honored, medieval Antisemitic blood libels, such as the classic “Jews are poisoning our wells”, which comes up in the Official Palestinian Authority Daily newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida. Meanwhile, “Pallywood” (the low budget “Palestinian” version of “Hollywood”) productions include shameless use of photos from Syrian and Iraqi conflicts to fake IDF war crimes against Gaza’s residents and the films of seemingly murdered “Palestinians” on stretchers who make miraculous recoveries. It’s Leni Riefenstahl without the finesse.

Tactic 8: Modern Indoctrination:

An outsourcing of propaganda to the world would not be enough to keep a regime going. Indoctrination, therefore, is key to forming “Palestinian” unity and directing a national goal; Annihilation of Jews. Children are a target audience, and receive introduction to jihad(struggle against enemies of Islam) from a young age through “child-friendly” programs.


On Hamas TV in Gaza, children’s broadcasts feature characters in costume encouraging killing of Jews, with martyr Micky Mouse “protecting his land” and becoming a shahid(martyr). In other programs we find a girl praising stabbers as “young heroes”. Another has little boys in military fatigues saying, “I shall liberate you [Jerusalem] from the Jews by means of the Al-Qassam Brigades” and “blow up the Jews”. A Facebook page shows a girl in Gaza giving a stabbing demonstration. The depravity is backed by the UNRWA schools; Teachers venerate Hitler and call to murder Jews and material promotes terrorism and martyrdom.

Gaza kids put on play about stabbing, killing Israelis | The Times of Israel

A fine education deserving of enjoyable school breaks in Hamas summer camps, a Middle Eastern Hitlerjugend, if you will. The children eventually go off to murder Jews; If they are neutralised, their martyrdom is useful for promoting Israeli “war crimes”.

Adult indoctrination uses the same, sophisticated material. Most common is brainwashing that “Al Aqsa is in danger”, used every time a Jew visits the Temple Mount or dares to wave the Israeli flag on Jerusalem Day, leading to concrete slabs and rocks being thrown from the stockpiled within the mosque. The mosque where a Muslim preacher calls to “exterminate Jews”. In this month’s escalation, an IDF phone call to a Gaza operative revealed the indoctrination towards martyrdom for the use of propaganda; The IDF soldier asks for the resident to evacuate the terror target building before demolition, and the resident replies, “We want to die… If the children need to die, they’ll die… This is how we reveal your cruelty.”

The brainwashing leads to every sort of terrorism; Stabbings, car ramming, incendiary kites and balloons, lynchings and burning of synagogues (as in this month’s pogroms), terror tunnel warfare, and rocket launchings. 4,000 were lobbed from Gaza this month in a span of 11 days. Much is lovingly funded by Iran, and terrorists are rewarded with streets named in their honour and by the PA “pay to slay” program which gives salaries to those who carry out terrorist attacks. This indoctrination is far reaching.

We saw this to be true these past few weeks with the onslaught of sickening attacks against Jews throughout multiple countries; Calls to enact jihad and to murder and rape the Jews rang loud and clear.

Arson attack on holy Jewish site starts new wave of unrest

Our Tactic: Legitimize Sovereignty, Delegitimize the Term “Palestinian”

The conflict has a blatantly obvious pattern. Jews exist in their homeland, “Palestinians” make baseless claims and enact terror, the world rewards them, the Jews try to appease them to get peace.


Rinse and repeat. How do we break the cycle?

First and foremost, Jews and Israelis must stop caring about world opinions. The fact that Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East, where people of every religion and creed thrive, is inconsequential to a world who views us as “occupiers”. We appear to be so for two simple reasons; The refusal of some to apply sovereignty and to destroy the “Palestinian” myth. That is the core of the issue.

Jews have absolute legal rights to rebuild and settle in Israel, according to the 1922 Mandate for Palestine: “Whereas recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country”. According to attorney Howard Grief, international law advisor and legal expert on Jewish rights to Israel, “the UN did not have the legal authority to partition the country in favour of the Arabs of Palestine who were not the national beneficiary of the Mandate entitled to self-determination”.

Furthermore, “Article 80 of the UN Charter [the Jewish People’s clause] preserves intact all the rights granted to Jews under the Mandate for Palestine… The UN is still committed by Article 80 to uphold [the Mandate and] not alter it”. Jewish settlement is fully protected by Article 80, and the UN has no power to give Jewish territory to any entity to create a state. Those who claim “annexation” may be a hurdle do not realise that one cannot annex one’s own land. We have full rights to sovereignty and must apply it, with many options to do so.



Chanah Angelica Kamen

I posit, however, that it is not enough. There still remains the giant, KGB circus elephant in the room, the “Palestinian” hoax. Should we continue to use the false designation, the lie will perpetuate; We will still be viewed as the “occupiers” and any means used against us, no matter how violent, will be pronounced appropriate. The argument I often hear from Jews and Israelis is that “Palestinians” have a right to call themselves by that title because they “identify” as such.


By this logic, I, a non-indigenous American, can “identify” myself as a Native American and demand the tiny reservation they own. If they don’t hock it over, I can create the Native American Liberation Front and then barrage them with missiles while the UN backs my cause.

There is no imaginable reason to allow the appropriation of our historical title to continue. Such a belligerent level of cultural theft has not existed since the Germans fancied themselves “Aryans”, yet the Allied forces were not calling the Nazis by their chosen identity so as to avoid hurt feelings.

Each time we use the term “Palestinian”, we assist in legitimising the false narrative, and then battle the ensuing propaganda and terrorism that are a consequence of the hoax. It’s the story of Frankenstein’s monster. Give the monster life, then fight it off, in a continual cycle. Many Jews hold the same view of the situation, but we have yet to take action. It’s time to stop the Nazi protégé, made in the USSR, Iran-funded terror group once and for all. Negotiations with terrorists and land-for-peace must end, their leadership must be dissolved, and Jews and our allies must immediately rename “Palestinians” to “Arab migrants to Israel”, or any suitable, accurate title, and only address them as such from henceforth.

To achieve lasting peace for Jews and all Israelis, it can only come with G-d’s help and with our effort to return to truth and strength.

About the author: Chanah Angelica Kamen is a classical piano performer, composer-songwriter, lyricist, arranger, and singer, with a  BFA and MFA in classical piano performance. She is a pro-Israel advocate and first-generation American to a family of Jewish immigrants from Ukraine.

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