SLICE BY SLICE: Extensive Report Debunks Pizzagate And Qanon

A FREE 180-page report investigating the origins of the popular Pizzagate and Qanon conspiracies, and debunking each claim one-by-one, has been released.

Inside the most extensive investigation into the subject to date, Slice-By-Slice covers political, psychological, and historical influences behind the rising presence of some of the most dangerous conspiracy theories currently poisoning social media and general politics.

Readers can then see each claim and piece of evidence put forward by both Pizzagate and Qanon, and each claim explained and debunked, with full evidence.

Slice-By-Slice is the first report of its kind that not only gives insight into the new online phenomena of political pranks and the spread of conspiracy theories, but acts as a detailed reference guide to be used to fact-check popular claims made on social media surrounding Pizzagate and Qanon, and to help those who support either conspiracy theory to have open access to the facts behind the fiction.

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THE investigation into Labour MP Apsana Begum over allegations of housing fraud are still ongoing, Tower Hamlets Council has reconfirmed.

Apsana Begum, 29, was given a £330,000 desirable riverside property just months after moving out of her estranged husband’s home. Official complaints were made over how the far-left Corbynista leapt to the top of a 18,000-strong housing list, despite having no children.

Labour candidate faces probe over whether she wrongly secured £330,000  council flat

The councillor’s daughter has been dogged by controversy because of her close links to former mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman, who was banned for vote-rigging, yet who continues to work behind the scenes in the crime-riddled London borough, and who supported Begum throughout her successful election bid.

Allegedly using her contacts at the council, Begum is thought to have applied for a council flat while living with her family in 2011. Begum moved in with her husband in 2014 but the couple split a year later.

Campaign Against Corbynism on Twitter: "Last night Apsana Begum was  selected as Labour's Parliamentary candidate for Poplar and Limehouse. She  has previously accused Saudi rulers of being "inspired by their zionist  masters"

Within just six months Ms Begum was offered the one-bed Isle of Dogs flat in a riverside block – jumping her own constituents; families and vulnerable residents, some of whom have been waiting desperately on the list for years.

Tower Hamlets only has the capacity to house 1,700 people per year, on a list of over 18,000 applicants.

A source from a political organisation in Tower Hamlets said: “She’s still in the flat despite earning £82,000 plus expenses a year as MP, and yet has the audacity to complain about housing shortages. The council are taking their time to ensure all their ducks are in a row. It has the potential to be bigger than the Onasanya saga”.

The reference is to Fiona Onasanya – another Labour MP who lost the seat she’d previously won in Peterborough with the help of a convicted vote-rigger, after being imprisoned for lying in court over a speeding offence.

Tower Hamlets issued the following statement:

“The council takes housing fraud very seriously. It would be inappropriate for us to comment on any specific allegations, but the public can be confident that any concerns are investigated by an experienced team in line with our procedures. The nature of these investigations means they can take a number of months to complete. It is right that the desire for speed is balanced against the need to be accurate and thorough.”

VoteWatch will update shortly.

“THE Government WILL Implement Voter ID” – Boris Confirms

CALLING the current system ‘Victorian’, PM Boris Johnson and his cabinet reconfirmed their commitment to taking the first step to securing democracy – by implementing voter ID at all future General and Local elections.

Following added pressure from a VoteWatch petition signed by over 17,000 members of the public calling for Boris to stick to his promise and roll-out voter ID across the nation, the Conservative Government issued the following official response:

The Government is committed to introducing measures to improve the integrity and security of each elector’s vote, whether it is cast at a polling station or remotely. Those measures are part of a much wider initiative to improve trust in the integrity of the electoral process, maintain public confidence and support inclusivity in our electoral system.

Our democracy is one based on integrity and the potential for voter fraud in our current electoral system undermines this. At present, you simply need to go to a polling station and say your name and address in order to get your ballot paper – a Victorian system based on trust and the assumption that people know everyone in their communities.

Boris Johnson faces electoral gamble despite poll lead | Financial Times

The Government maintains that showing ID before voting is a reasonable and proportionate solution to strengthen the integrity of our elections, and to deter and prevent opportunities for electoral fraud. People in all walks of life already show ID every day, for example to take out a library book, claim benefits or pick up a parcel from the post office. Proving who you are before you make a decision of huge importance at the ballot box should be no different.

We have successfully conducted 15 local authority voter ID pilots, and engaged with the electoral community and civil society groups. Both the 2018 and 2019 pilots helped to demonstrate what works best for voters and the evaluations provided the government with valuable insight to inform the implementation of this national policy.

The Government will bring forward measures that will improve the integrity and security of each elector’s vote, whether they vote at a polling station or elsewhere, and to make the process of voting at a polling station more accessible to disabled people.

As announced at the time of the Queen’s Speech on 19 December, electors will be required to show an approved form of photographic ID before casting their vote in a polling station at UK Parliamentary elections and other non-devolved elections in the UK. The list of approved photographic ID will not be limited to passports and driving licences, a broad range of commonly held photographic documents will be accepted.

Any voter who does not have one of the other acceptable forms of photographic ID, will be able to apply, free of charge, for a local elector ID from their local authority, ensuring that everyone who is eligible to vote will have the opportunity to do so. The provision of local elector ID will be by exception rather than the norm.

The measures related to postal and proxy voting will improve the integrity of voting that takes place remotely. The proposed accessibility measures include increasing the range of support available to voters with disabilities in polling stations, and allowing a wider range of people (such as carers) to assist disabled voters in polling stations.

Voter ID has applied to elections in Northern Ireland since 1985, with photo ID being required since 2003. Both the pilots and the Northern Irish experience demonstrate that the requirement to provide ID before voting does not have a negative effect on election turnout or participation. Other democracies across the world such as Canada, the Netherlands, France and Germany also require voter ID and utilize this with ease.

The Government remains committed to rolling out this effective anti-fraud measure and bringing the whole of the United Kingdom into line with Northern Ireland. Strengthening the integrity of our electoral system will give the public confidence that our elections are secure and fit for the 21st century. If people are confident about the electoral system, they are more likely to participate in it.

We will bring forward legislation enabling the implementation of voter ID and wider electoral integrity measures as stated in the Queen’s Speech.

Cabinet Office