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PALESTINE: PM Investigates Young DJ Sent To Prison For Playing Too Close To Mosque



DESPITE being granted a permit, complaints by locals that they were ‘offended’ by the music being played so close to an Islamic site has seen a young DJ nicknamed ‘Techno Queen’ wind up behind bars.

Abdulhadi was detained after she legally organised an event at Nabi Musa in the West Bank, where an Islamic shrine, mosque, and hostel are located.

Techno Powerhouse Sama' Returns to Egypt For Launch of Epic Palestinian  Compilation Album
Abdulhadi is known in Palestine as the ‘Techno Queen’

The DJ said she had all the necessary permits from the ministry of tourism to shoot a film that included techno party scenes – yet local Muslims took offence and claimed that the event was ‘disrespectful’.

Merely based on their moaning, Abdullhadi found herself cuffed and led off to one of Palestine’s notoriously undesirable prisons and now fears for her life after violent outbursts from locals.

Aerial photograph of the Nabi Musa site in the West Bank
The site is believed by Muslims to be the burial place of Moses

Activists calling for Ms Abdulhadi’s release have since started an online petition that has already been signed by tens of thousands of people.

Staunch critics of the DJ’s actions meanwhile held prayers near the Nabi Musa mosque, with videos also posted to social media that showed people smashing and burning hostel furniture.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh has formed a committee to investigate the incident, yet on Tuesday, the Palestinian Authority rejected Ms Abdulhadi’s request for bail and extended her detention for another 15 days.



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