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POLICE Campaigning Outside Supermarkets Say It’s ‘An Offence To Be Offensive’



BRITISH bobbies are coming to a supermarket near you – and they have a very woke and misleading message to deliver.

Police in Merseyside are the first to be spotted engaging in the bizarre public campaign; wasting the cash-strapped taxpayer’s contributions by standing idly in an Asda car park in front of a large billboard reading ‘Being offensive is an offence’.

The campaign appears to be in relation to homophobia, with the official police insignia displayed on the front of an LGBT flag.

Yet while it is right and just for hate crime and homophobia to be a punishable offence under the law, offending someone is categorically not a crime.

The tedious spectacle comes amid heightened concerns over the policing of free speech and a rise in ‘political correctness’.


Social media users viewing the image shared by UnHerd’s Paul Embery were quick to show their outrage and bemusement, with some lamenting over wasted funds and resources, and others simply rolling their eyes in disbelief.

Merseyside Police has since apologised for falsely claiming that “being offensive is an offence”, reiterating that the billboard was part of a campaign to encourage people to report hate crime.

A spokesman added the poster was “well intentioned” by the local policing team in Wirral but confirmed that it was factually “incorrect”.

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