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POLICE Investigating SNP Bigwig For Sexual Harassment Now Speaking to FIVE Separate Accusers



Jordan Linden, a former North Lanarkshire council leader, is the subject of a sexual assault claim that the police are currently investigation, after five separate individuals came forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct – Mr Linden has staunchly denied the claims.

Some, if not all of the allegations are understood to come from the Scottish National Party’s Youth Wing.

Earlier this year, Mr. Linden resigned from the council and the party. His resignation as council leader was the catalyst for the local SNP government’s downfall.

The former SNP councillor said: “I have tendered my resignation as a councillor for Bellshill.

“It breaks my heart to give up the job I love, but I now plan to step back from politics for the foreseeable future.


“My resignation is due to the extreme impact all of this is having on my life. In resigning, I want to be clear, I refute the recent allegations and I will robustly defend myself.

“I thank the people of Bellshill for allowing me the privilege of my life, in representing them on the council.

I hope that in making this decision, me and those closest to me, are now allowed to live in peace in the days and weeks ahead.”

According to the Sunday Mail, two of the five men who have made charges against the former leader have already spoken with detectives, with the other three due to be officially interviewed this week.

Linden with former SNP leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

According to Mr. Linden, he does not accept the accusations brought against him.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Officers are investigating a report of a sexual assault incident having taken place in 2017.


“Enquiries are at an early stage and ongoing.”

Humza Yousaf, the leader of the SNP, was running for office in Bellshill on Saturday ahead of the by-election brought on by Mr. Linden’s resignation from the council.

He promised an investigation of the party’s handling of Mr. Linden allegations.

In North Lanarkshire, a number of council members have also defected from the SNP’s group to serve as independents.

Mr Yousaf admitted the SNP’s issues in the area “could have been handled better”.


“We’re absolutely holding our hands up – I, as First Minister and leader of the party, say that things of course could have been handled better.

“That’s why we’ll do the investigation.

“What we’ve got here now in North Lanarkshire is a Labour council propped up by, frankly, the Conservatives, and that’s not serving the people of this area well at all.”

Arrangements for a by-election in the Bellshill ward to replace Linden will be announced in the coming weeks.


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