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Police Investigating YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson Following Rape Allegations Made by Multiple Women



Multiple women have accused conspiracy theorist and far-right YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson of rape, with at least one young woman claiming she was also drugged by the former InfoWars star. Police have today confirmed that they are officially investigating “allegations of rape and sexual assault that were first reported to the Metropolitan Police in January 2023. The incidents are reported to have taken place in Wandsworth and relate to three female victims.”

Paul Joseph Watson, 41, is a YouTuber with over 1.9 million subscribers, who was recently slammed for anti-semitism after being caught calling for Jews to be “wiped off the face of the earth”. Watson, who is friends with Andrew Tate (a social media personality currently charged with sex trafficking), initially grew his audience significantly while acting as the Editor-at-Large of Alex Jones‘ extreme conspiracy theory platform ‘InfoWars’.

Paul Joseph Watson with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Paul Joseph Watson with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Complaints made to the police against Mr Watson stretch back to 2020, with one of the alleged victims of sexual assault filing a report with the Metropolitan Police in July of that year. The victim supplied evidence, a preliminary statement, and a video statement.

The alleged victim, who is a well-known figure in British politics, then made contact with multiple women who had been romantically connected with Watson, revealing complaints with a similar pattern of predatory behaviour. Along with allegations which are not criminal (infidelity, emotional manipulation, and narcissistic abuse), several women put forward allegations of sexual abuse, alleged having their drinks spiked by Watson, and alleged being coerced into using Class A drugs. One of the alleged victims also claims she was racially abused on multiple occasions.

VoteWatch has spoken to multiple alleged victims and witnesses, including former girlfriends of Paul Joseph Watson and people close to him who provided testimonies of his character. As per their request, their identities will remain anonymous while the police investigation into Watson is carried out.



An established ex-partner of Paul Joseph Watson, Emma (not her real name) is a well-known political activist and commentator who alleges she was violently raped by Watson in 2020, shortly before she made an official complaint to the Metropolitan Police.

She claims that she was emotionally manipulated by Watson who expressed his desire to start a family with her, offering to ‘move to the country’ with her ‘and have kids’.

She alleges that throughout the relationship, Watson was emotionally abusive and manipulative, often having affairs and bullying her with derogatory slurs and demeaning language while parading other women in front of her whom he was having relationships with – and also calling up models on the adult channel Babestation in her presence, causing ‘significant damage’ to her mental health.

VoteWatch has been shown abusive messages from Watson to Emma, along with a video of him speaking to an onscreen Babestation model and asking her what the most extreme act she would consider doing live on television would be – allegedly after requesting that she deliver a Nazi salute.

Emma filed an initial police report relating to an alleged incident on 12th July 2020.


After a disagreement one evening at a friend’s barbeque, Emma and Watson went back to Watson’s flat, where she claims he gave her a drink that had been poured in the kitchen away from her sight. She claims that she then became drowsy and that Watson went on to engage in ‘rapey’ and ‘porn-like’ sex. She alleges that she said no 2-3 times and tried to get Watson to stop, but was forced to perform oral sex and violently pulled back by the legs when she tried to crawl away.

VoteWatch has seen photographic evidence proving that Emma was in a relationship with Watson at the time, along with a message inviting her to join him on a private jet with Alex Jones. Other alleged victims have claimed that Paul Joseph Watson would frequently entice them with special trips on private jets that never materialised.

During their relationship, Watson sent Emma the following messages in relation to the ex-wife of Elon Musk, Talulah Riley:

Speaking to VoteWatch, Emma provided the following account containing her allegations:

“I spent some time romantically with him [Paul Joseph Watson] for a few months. During this time he would use similar tactics to Andrew Tate – dangling the idea of settling down, getting married and moving to the country to start a family. He knew that this was something most right-leaning women wanted and would apparently use this often for other girls. He would also float other offers around – such as asking me if I wanted to join him on a private jet to Texas with Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes. I’ve since learned he offered this to other women as well, but never came through on it. I didn’t realise at the time, but he kept multiple women on the go, at arm’s length, and would often try and pit them against each other to satisfy his own ego and make himself feel powerful. None of the other girls knew he was doing this, I now can see he used Andrew Tate’s teachings for this as well.


“He would make disparaging comments about my body, weight and mental health. He would insult me in very underhanded ways, which took a toll on my self esteem. He isolated me by keeping me alone in his flat while he went out (another Tate similarity) and I always felt, if we were out with his friends, that I was the butt of the joke. He would show them pictures of girls who had slipped into his DM’s and they would pass them around rating the girl’s attractiveness in front of me. He would also laugh at the ‘Maga Moms’ sending him messages on Twitter telling him they loved him.

“He had a real problem with women aging. He used terms like ‘hit the wall’ and ‘no eggs’ unironically, and this made me feel unattractive as well, despite the fact he was pushing 40 and lived on a diet of cocaine and hookers. He was annoyed at young women who didn’t respond to his creepy messages – such as Alice Grant from The Brexit Party. He was also jealous of these women if they got further in the political world than him. He would scoff that they were using sex to get where they wanted to be. He was disgruntled that he wasn’t allowed to be seen with Nigel Farage, who saw him as a kook and a conspiracy theorist. Instead, he would hang around with people like Dan Jukes and Michael Heaver, to make himself feel more involved. In truth, he’s a sad and lonely man suffering from drug psychosis and he knows his relevance is dropping.

Paul Joseph Watson with Dan Jukes, Andrew Tate, and Michael Heaver. 2019.

Paul Joseph Watson with Dan Jukes, Andrew Tate, and Michael Heaver. 2019.

“Back to my experience – He gave me a drink, which he poured away from me in another room, after which I remember little. I remember him pushing me down, forcing himself on me as I said no and tried to get away. He seemed to enjoy this, and held me down to make sure I couldn’t escape. He forcefully grabbed my head and you can imagine the rest here (I’d rather not say), saying things like ‘take it bitch’ and ‘take it slut’. None of this was consensual. I’d never agreed into any sort of role play. I knew that ‘a bit rough’ was ok, but this was not ‘a bit rough’, this was dark and made me feel really strange afterwards.

“I had flashbacks and PTSD issues afterwards, including with new partners. One of which I pushed off me forcefully one evening after having a Paul flashback. I recently had one with my current boyfriend and it was horrible, like suddenly Paul was there doing something I didn’t consent to. I did report the incident to the Police and had a rape check-up/scan. I remember looking in the window at the appointment and for the first time, noticing how skinny I’d gotten due to his comments and the feelings of anxiety they produced in me. I was almost skeletal.

“It’s taken a couple of years of therapy to get to a point where I understand what happened to me, and I can now see he was employing Andrew Tate tactics on me and other girls. Other girls have reached out to me claiming to have been drugged also – and to have woken up in his bed with no memory of the night before, clearly they have had sex but they don’t remember consenting.

“Paul was often trying to invite Andrew Tate out with us, but even his friends were wary of him and said no. Paul would get very irate when I called Tate a loser and said I didn’t want to be anywhere near him, as I had heard from multiple people by then that he was a rapist.

Paul Joseph Watson with Andrew Tate in 2019.

Paul Joseph Watson with Andrew Tate in 2019.

“Since then Paul has been smearing me behind the scenes, to make sure I don’t speak out. He threatened to kill himself and blame it on me in the suicide note. He’s threatened other girls too, even getting one of them fired from her job.”


‘Sarah’ (not her real name) began dating Watson four years ago. Emma provided VoteWatch with the following account:

“I met Paul Joseph Watson in late 2019. He had messaged me for a few weeks prior to that. We started messaging each other after I spoke with him about Donald Trump. At the time it was exciting because he was internet famous, and that sort of thing is exciting I guess.

“He quickly turned from talking about politics to saying that I was cute, and wanted to take the conversation on to Whatsapp. I was going along with it because it was kind of exciting for me. He encouraged me to meet him in London and offered to pay, so I took the opportunity and he paid for my train ticket. When I met him – he’s got quite a depressive, well, he doesn’t seem as happy as he makes out. He makes out that he’s some sort of traditional man and wants this life where he’s in the countryside with a wife living the trad life that he promotes. But the reality is that he was living like a depressed teenager, getting up very late, around 3 o’clock in the afternoon one time I stayed there. He drank a lot. He’s constantly smoking and drinking – he’s basically everything that he sort of takes the micky out of online, he’s a degenerate, he’s got no self-respect. He comes across as very unfulfilled. He constantly goes on about this trad life that he wants to live. He kept saying about wanting to live in the countryside, knowing that I already live in the countryside, so it gave me the impression that he wanted to be with me. But it turns out that he says that to every girl.

“He frequently used the word ‘paki’, and he also would say ‘nigger’ and ‘wop’ for Italians. He’s not that nice to be around if I’m honest. He only seems to perk up when he’s had alcohol. He’s quite a strange man, and the complete opposite to the person he portrays online.


On one occasion he pressured me to have sex with him. I said no twice but then relented and obliged. It was sh*t sex, it was a bit rapey. He seemed to want me to stay still like a dead corpse or something. The second time felt rapey too, he seemed to just go hard as if I wasn’t a person who could feel things, I don’t even think of it as sex, it was just him using me”.

Sarah and Watson’s relationship was brief. Unlike the other alleged victims, she does not allege that Watson raped her or carried out any other form of criminal act.


Earlier this year, ‘Sophie’ (not her real name) made an official complaint to the Metropolitan police that is currently being investigated. Watson was interviewed by the police in March.

Sophie provided VoteWatch with the following statement:


“Paul Joseph Watson and I started corresponding in early September 2019. At the time I was a fan of his and the type of conservatism he expressed in his videos, some of which resonated with my own conservative values. I was studying journalism at the time, and trying to build a profile. So I was I very shocked and flattered, when Paul began to took notice of me and began to message me. I was excited to have such a popular youtube personality as a contact.

“We first met a month later, at a pub near Victoria Station, I was very nervous to meet him. At first I found him friendly and he suggested he would use his large platform to help my journalism career. He suggested I go to his apartment where he could interview me, and at first I declined but he was persistent and I didn’t want to lose such an important contact.

“I stayed at his flat for 45 minutes. He suggested that I become a right wing political commentator and to make extremist political statements during the interview. I was shocked and told him I was not interested in espousing such extreme views, and refused the interview. Afterward we continued to talk online, and he continued to suggest he would help with my career, he flaunted his influence and massive network and dangled his lifestyle in front of me. I was bewitched by this and he had a lot of influence and control over me because of it.
He built trust in me, he confided in me that he was suicidal and that he was a ‘messed up’ person and a ‘degenerate’ and I felt extremely sorry for him.

Messages from Paul Joseph Watson to another girl not mentioned in this article show him using racial slurs.

“At the same time he consistently showered me with praise and attention, telling me I was attractive. He suggested we engage in a romantic relationship and I began to develop feelings for him. It was only later that I realised I was being groomed and manipulated.

“On one night he also said I was far too young for him, which I found weird since he had already invited me on two dates. He nonetheless persuaded me to stay even though I had no intention of doing so. I couldn’t get an uber home because my phone had been stolen. He committed his first oral rape that night. I repeatedly declined his requests for oral sex, citing my discomfort. He tried to remove my pants and my shirt, but I resisted and tried to fall asleep on the other side of the bed.


“I was still confused and naive about the situation, and was also ‘love-bombed’ by Paul and coerced into meeting him again.

“In November that year, he invited me to a Battersea restaurant/bar via Twitter DMs, saying I should come over for dinner and that he wanted to get me drunk. I foolishly assumed that he was joking when he said that he would get me drunk, but it turned out that he was serious. When I arrived at a restaurant-bar in Battersea Power station, he never offered me any food and instead just made me drunk. I was introduced to some of his far-right friends at the table we were sitting at, who expressed their hatred for Muslims.

“Paul had ordered me a lot of alcohol, so I became quite inebriated at the time very fast because I did not drink alcohol and it was new to me. Paul at the time took my phone and began to text my American friend who was visiting London, asking her to come out to meet us because he wanted to introduce her to his friend Michael Heaver who was an MEP at the EU during this time.

“He [Heaver] expressed a desire to leave the bar and return to Paul’s apartment because he felt uneasy around his friends on the far right as he thought they were too extreme. Paul and Michael left the restaurant in order to go back to Paul’s apartment in Battersea but they left me at the restaurant alone with his two other far right friends.

A message sent by Paul Joseph Watson to another girl.

“After Paul left me with his strange far-right friends at the restaurant, I panicked and texted him on WhatsApp. I did not want to be left alone with them. I was instructed by Paul to meet him outside at Battersea power station by text message. I was intoxicated when I stumbled out of the station and nearly got hit by a car while attempting to cross the street. Instead of offering to assist me, Paul boarded the black cab with Michael Heaver and waited for me.

“Despite being inebriated, I managed to get into the black cab. We returned to Paul’s apartment in Battersea, where he revealed to me that he uses cocaine heavily and returned there to do so. I wasn’t sure what to make of it and was shocked. Paul informed me that his best friend, Jon Scobie, was hosting a party in Clapham and he wanted to take me there. Michael Heaver informed me that he was choosing to stay in the apartment rather than go to the party because he felt Jon Scobie and other Paul’s friends were too far to the right, and he did not want to be seen or associated with them.


“Paul brought me along to a gathering at his friend’s Clapham home. Everyone there was heavily intoxicated and using cocaine when I got there; Scobie offered me some, but I declined.

“Paul had asked me to accompany him to the restroom so he could show me something. I understood that he had taken me downstairs to give me cocaine. After I declined his offer to try cocaine and he told me to ‘stop being a pussy,’ I took one hit. He persisted in pressuring me to take more and more. Paul brought a straw and forced me to take more and more – I believe I took 10-12 hits until I was too high to handle anything more.

“He then used an uber to drive me back to his residence in Battersea. When we arrived, Michael Heaver was still in the apartment, but shortly after, at around 6am, he left. While I was high and drunk, some physical things happened (kissing, touching).

“One individual in particular warned me against Paul as she claimed to know him personally – she told me that she believes he is a sociopath and a dangerous person. She also revealed to me that he was once married to a Chinese woman and that he divorced her because he did not want half Asian children – she claimed that Paul was a nazi/white supremacist. During this time, I began backing away from him. I told him that after seeing his lifestyle and his views, I wasn’t looking for a relationship and that he could date other women.

“But the following year, Paul started lavishing me with attention again. He started expressing his desire to possibly date me in early to mid-February, and he told me that he was sincere in getting to know me even more.


“On February 8th, he invited me to his apartment (despite the fact that he was secretly dating ‘Emma’) where we watched a movie and ate some food. He also gave me some alcohol.

“During this meet up he was kind and courteous, and I started to have a little more faith in him, despite I having backed off over the winter, but now it felt that I could trust him again – in hindsight it definitely felt like grooming.

“But then when we were in bed he also then asked me if he could rape me, if I wanted to be choked and abused. I immediately objected because it horrified me and told him to stop. I thought it was sort of sick joke and remember saying something along the lines of “ew, no, I do not, no way”. But it was on this particular night that he violently forced me to perform oral sex on him while I was inebriated by holding my hair back. At the time I was still overwhelmingly confused.

“The next morning he revealed to me that Andrew Tate was apparently coming to London and that he asked Paul to meet. I thought it was strange for a conservative to be friends with a man like Tate, who seemed very dangerous, and it didn’t mesh with the person I perceived Paul to be. I expressed my misgivings about Tate out loud. Looking back, this was definitely a red flag.

Paul Joseph Watson and Andrew Tate.

“He was ferociously anti-Semitic at this time, making jokes about wanting to eradicate Jews from the face of the earth and saying other racist things. He routinely encouraged me to say racist things but I refused.

Sophie claims that she was then coerced to go on further dates with Watson, emotionally manipulating her via claims of being depressed, into visiting him at his apartment, where she claims he carried out an act of penetrative rape.


“He had been drinking all night. He pressured me to take many cocaine hits and gave me a few glasses of wine and beer. We did this for a few hours and slept late, at 7 a.m. — I woke up to him around 9am putting a condom on and not asking if I wanted to have sex with him — he just did it — I asked him what he was doing and I said no and tried to hold him back. I remember feeling hazy, drowsy, and incredibly weak with a horrible, painful headache, while also feeling confused — my inhibitions were incredibly low — I remember saying no but he did it anyway — he kept going, even though his condom fell off — I remember screaming from pain but I didn’t fight him off because I had taken so much drugs and alcohol and my mental state was extremely fragile.

“During this time, he told me that he had been looking forward to this moment for quite some time. I remember feeling incredibly drowsy and I kept telling him I was in alot of pain but he didn’t seem to care.”

Sophie says that she had told Watson to stop at least three times during the incident and tried to get away from him.

“I think it was the next day, during the night, when he texted me telling me ‘I should stay away from him’ because he will ‘hurt me’ and that he already has hurt me and that he ‘warned me’. He also told me he was ‘literally insane’.

“I was in a lot of physical pain returning home and was in pain for a long time.


“At first I was afraid of coming forward with my story to police as I believed that Paul would use his massive audience to tarnish my reputation, humiliate me and destroy my future prospects. So I tried my best to placate him. However as time went on my mental state became worse.

“Since this ordeal, I have felt that my life has crumbled into a billion pieces. I developed PTSD and had to speak to a specialist about it. I have constant anxiety and have to take medication for it. I tried to suppress and move on from what happened to me until I had a serious mental health breakdown in late december 2022, which caused me to finally go to police. I felt that I couldn’t take the burden of living with what happened to me anymore despite how scared and terrified I felt. But most importantly, I knew I had to report him so he could never hurt a girl like this again.”

VoteWatch can confirm that other women have come forward with similar allegations against Watson, including one who claims she was drugged and woke up naked in Watson’s bed. Some of these additional women have decided not to go ‘on record’ or make official police complaints, with one fearing that it could ‘derail her life’.

VoteWatch contacted the Metropolitan Police, who provided the following statement:

“Police are investigating allegations of rape and sexual assault that were first reported to the Metropolitan Police in January 2023. The incidents are reported to have taken place in Wandsworth and relate to three female victims.


“A man, aged in his 40s, has been interviewed under caution. There have been no arrests; enquiries continue.”


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