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PRINCE Andrew Accuser Admits She LIED Under Oath About Being Trafficked



THE credibility of Virginia Roberts was dealt another serious blow, amid dozens of contradictions in her accounts and the revelation that she admitted to lying under oath about being raped by other public figures.

The shocking and sensational claims made by Virginia Roberts have grabbed headlines across the world. But as with the rest of the ongoing investigation into the horrific crimes committed by paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, fiction has proven to have a habit of getting in the way of fact.

In perhaps the most damning part of the Virginia Roberts saga, whilst under oath, Roberts was embarrassingly forced to admit that she had lied in her 2014 legal joinder motion and had committed perjury in making her allegations regarding having sexual encounters with foreign Presidents; first stating once again, under oath, that she had engaged in sexual activity with a foreign President, and then clearly confirming that she had not.

Image result for Virginia Roberts interview
Roberts has now been proven to have lied in a large portion of her account

The following is a transcript of questions posed to Roberts during an early deposition, and her answers whilst under oath:

Q. For example, if I asked you the question were you sexually trafficked to foreign presidents, do you understand what that question means?
A. Yes.

Q. What does it mean?
A. Was I lent out for the purposes of sex to a foreign person — president.

Q. All right. And what is the answer to that question?
A. Yes.


Q. And if I asked you have you met any foreign presidents, do you understand what the question means?
A. Yes.

Q And what is the answer to that question?
A. Yes.

Q. All right. And if I asked you which foreign presidents have you met, do you understand what that
question means?

A. Yes

Q. Who are the foreign presidents that you have met?
A. I honestly can’t remember his name.

Upon being asked if she had been trafficked to a ‘foreign Prince’, as she had claimed in another, under-oath testimony, Roberts further embellished her stories:


Q. All right. Can you describe him then?
A. Yes. He’s Spanish.

Q. Okay.
A. Tall, dark hair.

Q. All right. Anything else?
A. And he’s got a foreign tongue, accent.

Q. And what age, approximately?
A. I’d say in his 40s.

Q. Okay. And where did you meet him?
A. I believe it was New Mexico.


Q. New Mexico?
A. Possibly New Mexico.


Q. You were sexually trafficked to foreign presidents?
A. No.

Q. So that’s not true, you were not sexually trafficked to foreign presidents?
A. I don’t know what foreign presidents you’re talking about.

Q. Have you ever been trafficked to any foreign president?
A. I understand well-known prime ministers and other world leaders; as far as foreign presidents, I’m not too sure. I don’t know.


Q. Have you ever met any foreign presidents?
A. Foreign presidents as in overseas?

Q. Sure, okay, overseas.
A. No.

Q. Have you ever met any foreign presidents from countries not overseas, such as Canada or Mexico?
A. No.

Image result for Virginia Roberts court sketch
Virginia Roberts in court

This is by far not the only lie that Virginia Roberts has been caught out on. In fact, Prince Andrew’s accuser has a history of making questionable, fruitless rape allegations.

In the same year (1999) that Roberts had originally inaccurately claimed she had met Jeffrey Epstein, the former prostitute accused two young male friends of raping her.

Following a months-long investigation, however, prosecutors declined to pursue the case “due to the victim’s lack of credibility” after finding glaring contradictions in her accounts.


Roberts (now Giuffre), also falsely claimed that she had been trafficked to Heidi Klum, Paris Hilton’s father, and a string of celebrities and politicians, including a Prime Minister and at least two Presidents.

All claims were found to have been fabricated in an effort to gain attention and make money from selling her lies to tabloid newspapers, from which Roberts has so far earned millions of pounds.

Shockingly, Roberts’ accusations against Prince Andrew also fall short of being credible, after scores of contradictions and demonstrable lies were highlighted, and the fact that she originally claimed that she had met the Prince but never had sex with him.

Image result for Prince Andrew
Virginia has made numerous demonstrably false accusations against Prince Andrew

One example of a glaring falsehood is her claim that she was trafficked to Prince Andrew in New Mexico.

Despite later telling The Sun that she had been trafficked to the Prince ‘for the third time’ at Epstein’s island, In her memoir Roberts records a completely different location and set of circumstances for her questionable third encounter.

Originally, rather than alleging she’d had an orgy with Prince Andrew on Epstein’s island (conveniently with 8 individuals who have never been named nor whom have ever come forward to confirm the accusation), Virginia Roberts claimed that she had shared an intimate sexual mini-break with the Prince in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In her memoir, The Billionaire’s Playground, she goes into vivid detail of the alleged event:


“Two days later I was gone again, beckoned to be in Santa Fe. Ghislaine only told me that I was to meet someone there, not sure of whom that was. It wasn’t my place to ask questions. As far as I knew it could be anyone and I had no choice but to be compliant to their needs. It was the middle of the day when I arrived at the airport. One of the ranch hands came to pick me up in a big work truck that smelled like dirt and sweat. When we arrived at the mansion my guest was already there waiting for me. I couldn’t wipe the look off my face as he turned around from the bookshelf that he was standing at. Hello – that same old cheesy grin greeted me once again. It was his highness Prince Andrew, and what a sight. He wrapped his arms around my waist and greeted me like an old friend. hugged him back rolling my eyes at the same time, already dreading what lay in store over the next couple of days. My job was to entertain him endlessly, whether that meant having to bestow him my body during an erotic massage or simply take him horseback riding.”

Under oath in 2016, despite her previous in-depth account of having been trafficked to Prince Andrew and having sex with him while staying in New Mexico, Roberts appears to ‘slip up’ and forget her own fabrications, stating that she did not spend any time with Andrew in Santa Fe:

Q. What’s the next one you have a checkmark by? [Roberts was asked to highlight any false statements made in articles by The Daily Mail].
A. “I also saw Prince Andrew at a Ranch in New Mexico.”

Q. Did you tell that to Sharon Churcher?
A. No. And I think it’s a mistake. Maybe she meant somewhere else, but because we had been talking about so much, maybe she just put New Mexico.

The only other individual lending partial support to Virginia Roberts’ claim that she had sex with Prince Andrew at Epstein’s island, is Epstein’s former employee, maintenance worker Steve Scully.


“It was probably around 2004 I saw Prince Andrew” he said on Netflix’s documentary. “He was at the pool [on Epstein’s island]. He was with, at that time an unknown girl to me; she was young. She didn’t have any top on. They were engaged in foreplay. He was grabbing her and grinding against her… After Jeffrey Epstein was arrested, this taskforce interviewed me. They had me look at a large series – it must have been 60 or 70 photos.

Image result for Epstein netflix docu
Netflix’s documentary on the subject contained numerous inaccuracies

“Then they showed me one of Virginia Roberts, but it was a current photo, and I couldn’t identify her. But I was told to check a photo that had emerged from all of this investigative work, and that photo is a photo of Prince Andrew with a young blond girl. And as soon as I saw her; that was the girl he was sort of grinding against at the pool. She was at the time wearing a bikini bottom. That’s it. But I can absolutely tell you that the photo of her in the picture, which is her when I think she was 17 – that was Virginia Roberts”.

Scully’s claim, however, cannot possibly be true, and was not fact-checked by Netflix. If it had been, they would have realised that Scully claimed the event took place in 2004, when Virginia was married with children, living in Australia, and hadn’t had contact with Epstein for years.

Yet another prominent figure accused by Virginia Roberts is lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

Once again, dozens of contradictions appear in Roberts’ claims, and Roberts’ legal team have even publicly confirmed that it was ‘wrong’ to have accused him.

The only other accuser against Dershowittz is Sarah Ransome, who also starred in Netflix’s documentary, and who stated in court documents that she had engaged in sexual activity with Dershowitz at Epstein’s behest, though she was in her twenties at the time. Dershowitz claims that he has never met her, and there is more than good reason to doubt Ransome’s accusation.

Image result for Sarah Randome Virginia roberts
Ransome joined Roberts in accusing Alan Dershowitz

Ransome informed Maureen Callahan of the New York Post in 2016 that she had tapes of herself having sex with prominent men, including Richard Branson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump – and that she also possessed a sex tape of Hillary Clinton.

When Callahan asked her to produce the tapes, she said they had been sent to Europe for their protection because Clinton had arranged for the CIA to kill her; going on to claim that she was under the protection of the KGB.

Ransome later confessed to a journalist of the New Yorker, who had first helped make Ransome’s claims public during the 2016 Presidential election, that she had lied and that no such tapes existed. This damning fact was not mentioned in the Netflix documentary.

“I know that Netflix had the evidence of Ransome’s admitted fabrications because I gave it to them and they promised to use it” said Dershowitz. “But they deliberately censored the parts of my interview in which I provided the evidence of her lack of credibility, precisely because they didn’t want their viewers to know the truth about Ransome’s questionable history.

In the first part of The Epstein Files, we examine in an 80-page report the many claims made by key accuser, Virginia Roberts; and prove, without doubt, the startling revelation that Virginia Roberts is not only a proven liar, but that the mainstream media are intentionally ignoring facts to irresponsibly promote her lies for financial gain and to cater for a sensationalism-driven society.

Some of the demonstrable lies include:

Lying about being trafficked to the daughter of a famous marine biologist.


Lying about being trafficked to millionaires Glen and Eva Dubin.

Lying about being trafficked to Senators.

Lying about becoming pregnant with Epstein’s baby.

And much MUCH more.

The full report, We Need To Talk About Virginia can be downloaded for free by clicking here.


UPDATE: Since this article was published, Virginia Giuffre has dropped her lawsuit against prominent lawyer Professor Alan Dershowitz, claiming she “might have been mistaken” when accusing him of raping her multiple times… 


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