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THE press and mainstream media are refusing to report on a wide range of startling and crucial facts surrounding the Epstein scandal. Facts that could finally reveal the truth about serious accusations laid against Prince Andrew. Facts that undoubtedly raise questions over the ongoing trial against Ghislaine Maxwell. And facts that – as you shall now read for the very first time – are just as shocking as the MSM’s widespread fiction.

The year is 2002. Virginia Giuffre – a blonde-haired Floridian woman now famous across the world for being the main accuser of both Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell – has finally escaped her horrific ordeal.

Virginia at 7-years-old with her father, Sky Roberts

For four long years she has been held captive by Jeffrey Epstein; raped and trafficked to a Prime Minister, several prominent American politicians, and a string of celebrities. She has been impregnated by Epstein. Has suffered the trauma of abortion.

Yet now, finally far away in the safety of a small Australian town, she can take a long sigh of relief before selling her story to every national newspaper and broadcaster that will buy it.

The only problem? Each and every single one of Virginia’s claims mentioned above was a complete and demonstrable lie.

To understand the truth behind the sensationalist headlines that have destroyed a Prince and made Giuffre a multi-millionaire, one must venture back to the beginning – to a pleasant rural family home in Palm Beach; a stone’s throw away from the wild and luscious Loxahatchee River that snakes its way through the southeast coast of sun-kissed Florida.

Virginia was raised in the desirable town of Loxahatchee

The daughter of a middle-class family, Virginia Louise Roberts was afforded a comfortable and loving lifestyle along with her half-brother.

Her father, Sky, hailed from the Gold Rush haunted wooden sidewalks of Old Sacremento. A hardworking handyman, Mr Roberts was known locally for being a stetson-wearing ‘horse-loving cowboy’.

On the other hand, Virginia’s mother, Lyn, was a well-liked bank manager and, as her sister-in-law Kimberley would later attest, ‘came from money’, with Virginia herself being given a lucrative trust fund by her maternal grandmother.

From the outside looking in, Virginia’s early life was one of privilege and being spoiled.

“Lynn’s mother took the family on lavish holidays when Virginia was a child” said Kimberly. “She was brought up with good morals; respect your parents, don’t talk back, don’t drink or do drugs.”

Yet the ‘idylic ranch’ of the Roberts family would soon be shaken when Virginia later accused a family friend of sexual abuse, leading to support of her claim and suspicion in equal measure, and a rift between her parents that would eventually result in the troubled young girl being moved to live with her aunt Carol.


‘He [Virginia’s father] said he needed to send Virginia to live with me” says Carol Roberts. “Of course I said yes immediately.”

“I’m a Mormon. I don’t drink, smoke or drink caffeine. Virginia needed stability.”

Virginia with her aunt, Carol Roberts

Yet the rebellious young teen soon rejected the stability offered to her, heading back to her parent’s home following the family friend moving out of the area, and contributing to Lyn and Sky temporarily ending their marriage.

According to Virginia it was at this point that she rebelled even further; drinking alcohol, taking drugs, and running away to live with boyfriends or on the streets where she partied with friends and chose to engage in prostitution to fund her destructive habits.

Contradicting her claims of being homeless, however, records show that – when not living with boyfriends – Virginia was housed with temporary foster families.

In her memoir (not written until 2015, when she was 31-years-old), she claimed that a man suspected to have been her boyfriend, 65-year-old sex trafficker, Ron Eppinger, abused her and sold her to an associate named Charlie.


It was whilst naked in bed with Charlie that Virginia (then going by the name ‘Jenna’) claims in her memoir his home was raided by the FBI, and that Charlie, along with Eppinger, was arrested for trafficking.

The rebellious young teen ran away from home on numerous occasions

No records of ‘Charlie’ have ever been found. And whilst a man named Ron Eppinger (now deceased) was indeed later imprisoned, his charges relate to the trafficking of money laundering and the smuggling of women from the Czech Republic.

No records nor evidence have been found to suggest Virginia Giuffre was a victim of Eppinger.

Interestingly, Virginia’s aunt Carol, whom she remained in a close relationship with, has since revealed that she had no knowledge of this accusation, and that Virginia had not made any such claim until after accusing Prince Andrew many years later.

“She smoked weed and didn’t spend a lot of time at school” an old friend of Virginia recently confirmed. “Her elder brother Daniel took her to rehab aged just 15 or 16. Virginia was definitely

This is also verified by other accounts, including the deposition of an ex-boyfriend who, under oath, confirmed that Virginia had been visiting a rehabilitation centre.


Whilst at the medical facility, Virginia continued to rebel; often spending nights out with friends and strangers smoking drugs and binging on alcohol.

In 1998, a short while into her stay she would make further allegations of sexual abuse; telling her social worker that two young men she had sneaked out of the facility to drink with had raped her.

Virginia’s self-confessed drug problem later led to her being admitted into a rehab facility

Virginia claimed she’d been drinking and smoking marijuana in a wooded area near West Palm Beach with friends Josh, 18, and Kevin, 17, when she passed out. She then said she woke up to find both of the young men taking turns to penetrate her – an ordeal she questionably says went on for up to seven hours – after which she says she went back to Josh’s house and had sex with him again. 

When officers tracked down the two men the following summer, both testified that it was a consensual threesome.

A detective who spoke with Josh reported that after the three drank the young man urged Virginia to get some sleep, stating she then “said to him something to the effect of ‘why don’t you keep me awake’”, and the two engaged in a further ‘consensual’ sexual encounter.

In the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office documents relating to the case, Virginia’s mother is recorded as telling a detective investigating the claims about her daughter’s “past drug abuse”.

Terrified of the ramifications of being apparently falsely accused of such a heinous crime, the two teens fully cooperated with police.


“I wasn’t hiding anything,” Josh, who voluntarily came forward to detectives, told a local newspaper, adding he only knew Virginia as ‘Jen’, never saw her again after that night, and that her accusation caught him by surprise. “Of course I was concerned — somebody tried to press serious charges against me,” he said.  

Following a long investigation mired by a series of contradictions in Virginia’s account, prosecutors declined to pursue the case, citing “the victim’s lack of credibility and no substantial likelihood of success at trial.” 

Sky Roberts secured a job for his daughter at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

The following year, Virginia – now once again reunited with her father – was offered yet another opportunity to turn her life around.

Sky, by now a well-respected maintenance manager at Donald Trump’s prestigious Mar-a-Lago club resort in Palm Beach, bagged his daughter a part-time job there as a locker room attendant.

A relatively easy job, with reasonable pay for a now 17-year-old Virginia, the troubled yet bright young woman could earn some cash whilst catching-up on her education.

It was one fateful shift at Mar-a-Lago, however, that Virginia now claims brought her into the fold of Jeffrey Epstein. And yet, it is from this single day that her accusations and varying accounts begin to wildly contradict each other in places, and in others prove to be nothing more than complete fabrications.



Throughout her ever-developing stories to the press and interviews on shows such as Netflix’s Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, Virginia has been caught spinning a false narrative surrounding the age at which she claims to have first come into contact with Jeffrey Epstein, in an apparent attempt at marketing herself as being far younger than she actually was.

In her sworn affidavit, she stated she reunited with her father at the age of 14, and that he secured her a job at Mar-a-Lago months later. This has however been proven to be inaccurate, with Virginia turning 17 just months after her first day working at Trump’s famous resort.  

When originally making her accusations, Virginia Roberts then told the press that she had been 15-years-old when first meeting Jeffrey Epstein.

“He [Epstein] was laying naked on top of a massage table” she told The Sun newspaper. “I’m a 15-year-old girl and seeing him on the table was weird”.

This, perhaps, could be excused as a mere faulty recollection. Yet further claims by Virginia cannot, and should not, be afforded such benefit of doubt.


“I spent my sweet 16 birthday on his island in the Caribbean next to St. James Isle” she writes in her memoir. “He [Epstein] liked to call it Little St. Jeffs – his ego was as enormous as his appetite for fornicating. I was giving a collection of designer makeup from London. Ghislaine made a joke after I blew out my array of candles and said I’d soon be too old for Jeffrey’s taste, and soon they’d have to trade me in. She was only half joking in a sad reality though”.  

Yet this cannot possibly be true, with Virginia being born on 9th August, 1983, and not having met Epstein until 2000, when she was already 17-years-old.

Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion

Further to this, while under oath in her 2009 deposition, Roberts claimed that she had been Epstein’s ‘sex slave’ for 4 years, and continued to perpetuate this claim to numerous news outlets.

Yet this also cannot possibly be a truthful statement, as records and her own subsequent sworn statements now prove that she had no further physical contact with the disgraced financier after September 2002 when she went to Thailand and married, meaning she could only have spent two years with Epstein at the very most. 

It is also curious to note that not only did Virginia, under oath and to several newspapers, falsely claim she was only 15 when she first met Jeffrey Epstein, but she also gave false information (again under oath) to seemingly attempt to support this narrative and her original alleged timeline – omitting every job she had before meeting Jeffrey Epstein, and stating that Mar-a-Lago was her first place of employment.  

In fact, Virginia chose to omit a long string of jobs before this. Indeed she was extensively employed not only long before her time at Mar-a-Lago (including during the period she claims to have been living on the streets), but throughout the entire period that she alleges to have been held ‘captive’ and in the sole employment of Jeffrey Epstein.


During a 2016 cross examination, Virginia appeared awkward, even evasive in her answers when asked to confirm the positions she had held prior to being hired by Mar-a-Lago:

Q. … In 1996 to 2002, what was the first job that you held?

A. I believe the first job that I held was in the year 2000, and that was at Mar-a-Lago.

Q. Okay. And is that the first job you held as a teenager or at any point in time, that you recall?

A. Yes, that I recall.


While still in Epstein’s orbit, records show that Virginia also worked at the Roadhouse Grill, a burger bar in Palm Beach, where she was accused of stealing just over £200 from her employer.


At 17-years-old, whilst sat on duty outside a Mar-a-Lago locker room and reading a book about massage techniques, Virginia claims to have been approached by Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite and friend/employee of sorts of Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy local Palm Beacher who at that time had not been accused of any illegal activity.

Striking up a casual conversation about the book she was reading, Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly agreed to introduce Virginia to Epstein.

“Virginia Roberts who you are referring to was a masseuse aged 17” Maxwell would later testify during a deposition given in 2016.

“I was somebody who hired a number of people to work for Mr. Epstein and hiring is one of my functions.”


“Virginia Roberts held herself out as a masseuse and invited herself to come and give a massage… She was a masseuse and in the form and as my job, I was to have people who he wanted for various things including massage. She came as a masseuse.”

Neither Virginia nor any other alleged victim initially accused Ghislaine Maxwell

Further contradicting her more recent claims that Ghislaine Maxwell opened the front door of Epstein’s home and led her upstairs during her first alleged encounter with Epstein, In the manuscript for the memoir ‘The Billionaire’s Playboy Club’, that Virginia was actively seeking to sell in 2015, Virginia claims that her father drove her to Epstein’s Florida home, going on to say: “He walked me to the front door and I rung the door chime. Moments later we were greeted by an older gentleman dressed in a casual butler uniform. I told him I was here to meet Ms. Maxwell for a massage trial and he opened the doors for my father and telling us to wait in the entry as Ms. Maxwell would be on her way any second, and she was.”  

Virginia also made this claim under oath, stating that her father had not been allowed to go inside whilst she met Jeffrey Epstein.

During cross-examination at her 2016 deposition, Virginia stated that what she had claimed in The Billionaire’s Playboy Club was untrue:  

Q. When you got there, a butler or someone answered the door, is that what you said?  

A. No, Ghislaine answered the door.  

Interestingly, Roberts’ claim that Ghislaine answered the door only came about after she decided to implicate Maxwell and sue her for defamation.


Her father (understandably a staunch supporter of his daughter) provided a different account – that he never met Maxwell, and that on an occasion when he drove Virginia to the house, he only met Epstein, and not Maxwell. Roberts was forced to accept this account during her 2019 defamation case: “She [Virginia Roberts] does not contest her father’s testimony that Mr. Epstein came out of the house and greeted her father and that her father never met Ms. Maxwell”. 

Sky Roberts unwittingly debunked his daughter’s claims that he drove her to Epstein’s home, and that he ‘wasn’t allowed inside’

Ghislaine Maxwell provides an alternative version of the event, saying in her deposition, “Her [Virginia’s] statement that she was driven by her father to Palm Beach – she was driven by her mother, as a matter of fact… I was outside speaking to her mother… You can be a professional masseuse at 17 in Florida, so as far as I am aware, a professional masseuse showed up for a massage… Her entire characterisation of her first time at the house was to me an obvious lie, given it was impossible for her entire story to take place given I was speaking to her mother the entire time she was at the house.” 

Q. “So it was impossible that day, that first day she came and you were speaking to the mother, for Virginia Roberts to have had sex with Jeffrey Epstein during the time that you were outside with her mother?”  

A. “Absolutely, 1000 percent – she did not have any type of sexual relations as described by you in your court papers that took place, because those allegedly, according to her lies, involved some aspect of me. As I was standing outside with her mother the entire time, her entire story is a lie. Therefore, to ask me what she did or didn’t do during that time, I can only testify to what she said about me, which is 1000 percent false.” 

Ghislaine Maxwell denied the allegations during her deposition

Yet years after clearly stating that Maxwell had not been involved in any sexual encounter during her first visit to Epstein’s Florida home, Virginia Roberts changed her story, implicating Maxwell, and, in her memoir, writing that after the alleged incident:

“When I got home my parents were anticipating my arrival. I kept it simple and sweet with my folks, only telling them of the lessons about the body I had received and the future prospects in massage therapy that lie ahead. Nobody questioned who I was working for and complimented my ability to be a hard worker.

“I quickly got out of that conversation afraid I might give away a hint of shame in my eyes but no one caught on. I excused myself to the bathroom to have a shower and stared into the mirror for a moment, asking myself if l could really go through with this only to mentally respond by reminding myself this would be as good as it gets for a girl of my stature and limitations.”


In her court testimony in 2016, however, Virginia contradicts this claim:  

Q. “When you got home, you said you made a beeline for the bathroom?”  

A. “Correct.”  

Q. “And what did you do in the bathroom?”  

A. “I showered.”  


Q. “Okay. Did you have a conversation with anyone prior to going to the bathroom?”  

A. “My mom came into the bathroom and — and she, you know, she asked me how it went. And I told her I’d rather not talk about it. And she didn’t push me any further for any more conversation.”  

Q. “Okay. And then she left the bathroom?”  

A. “She left the bathroom.”  

Q. “Did anyone overhear that conversation?”  


A. “No, the door was closed.”  

Q. “Was your dad at home?” 

A. “Yes.”  

Q. “Did you have a conversation with your dad that night?”  

A. “Not that I remember, no.”  


Q. “And did you have any other conversation with your mother that night?”  

A. “No.” 

Virginia now claims that, once inside Epstein’s home, Ghislaine Maxwell led her upstairs into a room where Jeffrey Epstein was lying naked on a massage table. It was then that she also now claims Ghislaine Maxwell removed her top and bra and engaged in a sexual massage with Virginia and Jeffrey Epstein.

In a story she sold to The Daily Mail for $40,000 in 2011, however, Virginia originally is clearly recorded as claiming that ‘another woman’, NOT Ghislaine Maxwell, led her upstairs during her first alleged visit to Jeffrey Epstein’s Florida home, and that Maxwell never engaged in any sexual activity:

“Virginia says, ‘Ghislaine said I was to start immediately and that someone would drive me home. My father left and I was told to go upstairs.’ She was led by another woman through Epstein’s bedroom… Virginia was then told to start massaging Epstein, under the instructions of the woman who had shown her in.”


Commenting on this claim in. herdeposition, Ghislaine Maxwell said:

“Her [Virginia’s] statement that she was driven by her father to Palm Beach – she was driven by her mother, as a matter of fact… I was outside speaking to her mother.

“You can be a professional masseuse at 17 in Florida, so as far as I am aware, a professional masseuse showed up for a massage… Her entire characterisation of her first time at the house was to me an obvious lie, given it was impossible for her entire story to take place given I was speaking to her mother the entire time she was at the house.”


Originally, Virginia claimed that she had not been trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein until after being in his employment for two years – later changing this to just 6 months, after this claim being proven to be impossible, considering she could only have known Epstein for a maximum of two years.

Former friends of Virginia, however, have gone on record to provide a very different picture of her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, describing her as being a ‘money-hungry sex kitten’, saying she relished her role as his ‘travelling masseuse’, and that she never acted like she was being held captive.


Lending support to this ‘alternative narrative’ is the fact that Virginia has herself confessed to having recruited other young females to massage Epstein.

One of Virginia’s ex-boyfriends, Philip Guderyon, called her ‘the head bitch’

Philip Guderyon, an ex-boyfriend of Virginia who would drive her to Epstein’s Pal Beach, Florida, mansion told the New York Daily News: “She was like the head b***h. She’d have like nine or 10 girls she used to bring to him.”

“She never looked like she was being held captive” he added. “She and the other girls would walk out of there smiling, with their little bathing suits on, like they had just come from the beach.

“She’d have like $4,000. And then I’d take them all to the mall and they’d get their nails done.”

Guderyon also said while making thousands of dollars from the relationship, she would buy fancy clothes and drive around in Epstein’s Mercedes.

Crystal Figueroa, whose brother dated Roberts in the early 2000s, told the Daily News Virginia would ask if she knew anyone ‘slutty’ so they could be sent to Epstein.  


By 2001, despite now insisting to the press that she was essentially being held captive as a ‘sex slave’ by Epstein during that year, she was in fact sharing a Palm Beach apartment with yet another boyfriend, Anthony Valladares.

Speaking to the Daily News, Valladares said that during this period, Virginia bragged about going to the ‘millionaire’s house’ only for a day or two at a time, before returning with cash. 

Anthony Valladares

In 2011, 8 years after her final alleged encounter with Epstein, and after he had been prosecuted, she was approached by Daily Mail journalist Sharon Churcher, who gave her $40,000 to print the first publicised account of her sudden sensational allegations.

A further $80,000 dollars was paid to Virginia for a photograph of her posing with Prince Andrew, and Churcher would go on to provide Virginia extensive advice and support in writing her manuscript, ‘The Billionaire’s s Playboy Club’.

As well as the Daily Mail’s article confirming that Virginia had stated Ghislaine Maxwell had not engaged in sexual activity with her during her first meeting with Epstein, another startling revelation contained within its print continues to be ignored – that Virginia did not claim that she had ever had sex with Prince Andrew.



While Virginia continued to claim that she had been forced to have sex with Jeffrey Epstein and some of his wealthy and influential friends, she in fact never once accused Prince Andrew – clearly stating that she simply met him while in the company of Epstein and Maxwell in a social setting. Nor did she accuse Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer, the well-known and respected Alan Dershowitz; not, that is, until after she was paid £160,000 by The Daily Mail for her story and the photograph of herself with Andrew, and seemingly began to see a means of making a hefty sum of money by continuing to embellish her story, and to provide the newspapers with further scandalous headlines.

Sharon Churcher was the first journalist to print Virginia’s story

It was at this point that Virginia decided (with encouragement from Churcher) to write her memoir, with the idea of snagging a publishing agent, a book deal, and in turn more money through the book’s sale and through the subsequent newspaper articles that would certainly arise off the backend of the memoir’s sensationalist stories and claims. Yet to do this she would need help.  

Turning once again to Sharon Churcher, Virginia asked for her support and assistance in finding an agent – even asking her for advice on which big names to mention in her manuscript and in her pitch. “Hi Sharon” she wrote in an email in May 2011.

“Hello gorgeous. I hope this message comes to you on a bright, sunny day! I took your advice about what to offer Sandra [a ghost writer] and she accepted. We’re drawing up a contract through her agent right now and getting busy to meet my deadline. Just wondering if you have any information on you when you and I were doing interviews about the JE story. I wanted to put the names of some of assholes, oops, I meant to say pedo’s, that JE sent me to.”

Replying to the odd request from an alleged victim who curiously couldn’t remember the names of her alleged abusers, the following day, Sharon Churcher, who also encouraged Virginia to use the word ‘trafficked’ in her book, replied: “Don’t forget Alan Dershowitz. JE’s buddy and lawyer. Good name for your pitch as he repped Claus Von Bulow and a movie was made about that case… title was Reversal of Fortune. We all think Alan’s a pedo, and though no proof of that, you probably met him when he was hanging out with JE.”

The following day, Virginia, still using the nickname ‘Jenna’ replied: “Thanks again Shazza. I’m bringing down the house with this book!!!!”

In a separate email, this time to a potential publishing agent, Churcher tries to push Virginia’s book (heavily influenced by Churcher herself), while misrepresenting the FBI case – falsely claiming the FBI suspected Epstein to have been running a brothel for wealthy associates. 


This email, and the first published articles, confirm that Virginia Roberts had not only not accused Alan Dershowitz of any wrongdoing, but that she had also clearly stated that Prince Andrew had not engaged in any form of sexual encounter with her, at any point in time.


In a shocking, yet largely unreported twist, Sharon Churcher would later go. onto condemn Virginia as a liar and ‘blackmailer’, after her stories and accusations began to wildly deviate from the account she had provided to the Mail.

In a transcript of a telephone call between Churcher and publisher Tony Lyons, the journalist discusses her run-ins with Virginia; stating that it was “chequebook journalism”, before making further eye-opening statements:

LYONS: “How old was she [Virginia], really?”

CHURCHER: “Well, she lied. She told me that she took a year off. She apparently was 16, not 15, when she was recruited. But she’d been on the game for about a year then.”

On another accusation made by Virginia – this time against Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Alan Dershowitz – the journalist made her position clear.


CHURCHER: “I mean, I have my views… I don’t believe her in that. His name is not in my stories, which is enough to really speak for itself, so.”

“I don’t remember that email [an email Virginia Roberts claims Churcher wrote, insinuating that Dershowitz could be a ‘pedo’]. And I wonder about some of these emails, too, that she’s produced. Because of course you can change emails… And I’m supposed to have said in one email ‘of course we all think Alan’s a pedo’ – and it’s a word I’ve never heard of. I never used that word.”

“I think Brad Edwards, you know, one of her lawyers, hates him because -“

LYONS: “Hates Alan?”

CHURCHER: … “Edwards hated Dershowitz. And I think he put her [Virginia] up to it [accusing Dershowitz]. That is my theory… So yeah, I think Brad Edwards and his team just made it up.”


… “She’s changed her story about Trump too. It’s interesting because I’ve written what she told me about Trump. She’s now saying she never said it…. because she’d told me she’d lied around half naked at Mar Lago, and he said to Jeffrey, ‘you have the life’. And that was a very distinct quote. I always remembered it. We ran it… but now she’s saying she never said it.”

CHURCHER: “She’s collected millions, you know…. So she’s now suing Alan. I don’t know if you knew that. 

LYONS: “Yeah. No, no, no, I -“

CHURCHER: “She sues him for (inaudible). 

LYONS: “I saw that, yeah.”


CHURCHER: “The idea is that he will then pay her off. It’s just openly – this really is blackmail.”

LYONS: “Well, because what’s happening, it’s going to cost him so much money that he gets put in the position where he’s better off -“

CHURCHER: “Just giving her -“

LYONS: “I don’t think he’s going to do that because he’s not willing to have his legacy sort of tarnished by this, you know. He’s 81-years-old.

CHURCHER: “And She’ll just move on to other people if she gets away with that one too… Apparently, she’s a big spender. She’s spent so much money.”



“Jeffrey bought me jewellery – diamonds were his favourite – and wonderful furniture.” The 2011 article details Virginia’s first ever on-record account.

“He was paying me very well because I’d give him sex whenever he wanted it’. She was, she says, delighted when Epstein invited her to accompany him on a six-week trip in 2001. They flew to Paris, then Spain, then Tangier. Finally, they went to London. ‘After we landed, we drove straight to Ghislaine’s house’, says Virginia.

Prince Andrew with Prince William

‘I was given a small upstairs bedroom. The following morning, Ghislaine came in. She was chirpy and jumped on the bed saying, “Get up, sleepyhead. You’ve got a big day. We’ve got to go shopping. You need a dress as you’re going to dance with a Prince tonight.”

“When I went downstairs, Ghislaine and Jeffrey were in the lounge. There was a knock at the door. Ghislaine led Andrew in and we kissed each other on the cheek’ … The four of them went out to dinner and on to Tramp nightclub where, she says, Andrew danced with her. ‘After about an hour-and-a-half, we drove back to Ghislaine’s. All of us went upstairs and I asked Jeffrey to snap a picture of me with the Prince. I wanted something to show my Mom. Ghislaine and Jeffrey left us after that, and later Andrew left”.

This part of Virginia’s story – one portraying a harmless event of a ‘star-struck’ young woman asking for her photograph to serve as a souvenir, is corroborated by her aunt Carol.


“When Virginia told us she’d met Prince Andrew we were thrilled” she said. “Virginia gave my Mum a copy of the picture of Andrew with his arm around her – the picture which has now been seen around the world.

“At the time my reaction was “Wow, how neat!” I couldn’t believe Virginia had met Prince Andrew. I was ecstatic.”

Worth noting here is that the original copy of this image has never been provided, with Virginia Giuffre initially stating to a judge that she didn’t know where it was, before claiming that she indeed did, that it was in the garage of her nephew in Australia, but that (despite having made millions from selling her stories and giving interviews) she could “not afford to have it shipped to her”.

Regarding Giuffre’s claim that she visited club Tramp with Prince Andrew and drank alcohol with him, many scrutinising the accusation have pointed to the odd fact that the paparazzi have never produced a single photograph documenting the alleged event, but that Andrew is well-documented as being a lifelong teetotaller.

The Duke’s former girlfriend, Koo Stark, is just one of many to confirm this undeniable fact.

Prince Andrew, glass of water in hand, with former girlfriend Koo Stark

The Daily Mail’s article then – based on Virginia’s own testimony – clearly states: “There is no suggestion that there was any sexual contact between Virginia and Andrew, or that Andrew knew that Epstein paid her to have sex with his friends.”

This fact is further cemented in Churcher’s article for the Australian Telegraph, where she writes: ‘Ms Roberts said there was never any sexual relationship between the Prince and herself.’


In one of many contradictory accounts, Virginia claims: “We all sat down for some tea and biscuits while conversing idle chitchat. By the sounds of it, Ghislane knew well of his recently divorced ex-wife Fergie, whom they were all taking turns in slandering her for one reason or another. It was apparent there were some fresh wounds still lingering on and as good friends do, it was their way of helping him get over her.”  

Roberts then goes on to state: “When his [Andrew’s] daughters were mentioned, Ghislane and Jeffrey treaded only speaking highly of them, and offering their sympathy to the young ones”.

These claims, however, are illogical and highly unlikely. Prince Andrew and Fergie had in fact become estranged in 1992 and were divorced in 1996 – five years before Roberts alleges the chat over tea and biscuits took place. Further to note, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are well-documented for having a close and amicable relationship following their divorce, with the pair agreeing to share custody of their children, and Sarah Ferguson even continuing to live with the Prince at his home, Sunninghill Park, until 2004.

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew have always remained close friends and devoted parents

In 2008, Ferguson once again shared a home, the Royal Lodge, Windsor, with Prince Andrew, and prior to this – around the time that Virginia claims Maxwell, Epstein and Andrew were talking ill of her, Ferguson was seen accompanying the trio in social settings and is known to have had a friendly relationship with them.  

Virginia has provided numerous other contradictory accounts of the alleged first encounter with Prince Andrew, and had previously claimed that she hadn’t been trafficked at all until ‘two years after meeting Epstein’ – later changing that to 6 months upon being told that her timeline was impossible.

In one account, Roberts claims that in the car on the way back from Tramp nightclub, Ghislaine Maxwell was the person to tell her that she would have to sleep with Prince Andrew. In another, she claims both Maxwell and Epstein told her at the same time. In her sworn affidavit, however, she claimed Epstein had been the person who instructed her – not on the night in question, but before she even met Andrew, saying: “Epstein told me I was meeting a major Prince. He told me to exceed everything I had been taught. He emphasised that whatever Prince Andrew wanted, I was to make sure he got”. 


Contradicting this claim further, in an interview with Dateline, Virginia said: “The first time in London, I was so young. Ghislaine woke me up in the morning and she said, ‘you’re going to meet a Prince today’.”

“I didn’t know at that point that I was going to be trafficked to that Prince. And then that night Prince Andrew came to her [Maxwell’s] house in London.

“And we went out to club Tramp. Prince Andrew got me alcohol. It was in the VIP section. I’m pretty sure it was vodka… And we leave club Tramp. And I hop in the car with Ghislaine and Jeffrey. And Ghislaine said, “He’s coming back to the house. And I want you to do for him what you do for Epstein.”

Jeffrey Epstein Filthy Rich review: Netflix doc tells half the story -  Radio Times
Netflix’s Epstein documentary contains numerous inaccuracies

During her interview for the Netflix documentary Epstein: Filthy Rich, Virginia changed her story yet again, this time claiming Maxwell ordered her to have sex with Andrew not while in the car travelling home, but when back inside:

“We get back to the townhouse and we go upstairs. I have this little yellow Kodak camera, and I asked Jeffrey to take a photo of me and Prince Andrew together. Ghislaine’s literally right behind me. Ghislaine tells me ‘you’re gonna have to do for him what you do for Jeffrey’. And it hit me. And right after that photo was taken, I was sexually abused by Prince Andrew for the first time”. 

During some of her conflicting accounts of this alleged incident, Virginia has claimed that she and the Prince laid together in a large ‘victorian bath tub inside Ghislaine Maxwell’s London home. Yet a recent inspection revealed the bath to be small, not Victorian in style, and highly unlikely to fit two people, let alone a man of Prince Andrew’s physical structure.


In other accounts, Virginia has said that Andrew paid particular attention to her feet – kissing her soles and toes. It can be surmised, however, that Virginia could have drawn ‘inspiration’ for her account from misinterpreting a scandal that circulated in the national and international press, whereby Prince Andrew’s wife, Sarah Ferguson was infamously snapped with her toes being kissed and sucked. The man whom she was photographed with, however, was Texan millionaire John Bryan, and not Prince Andrew – a fact that led to Ferguson’s relationship with the Royal Family reportedly becoming strained.

Without any evidence, Virginia Roberts then claimed she was ‘trafficked’ to Prince Andrew a further two times, having sex with him at Epstein’s New York mansion, and finally on Epstein’s Island on Little Saint James. “I had sex with him three times, including one orgy” Roberts said in her sworn affidavit. “I knew he was a member of the British Royal family, but I just called him Andy”.

As with her claim regarding her encounter with Prince Andrew in London, Virginia’s accusations involving these other two alleged encounters have changed over time and she has provided numerous contradictory testimonies – in one case even a demonstrable fabrication. The most damning of these alleged encounters is the third and final. 

“The third time I had sex with Andy was in an orgy on Epstein’s private island in the US Virgin Islands” Virginia told The Sun. “I was around 18 at the time. Epstein, Andy, approximately eight other young girls, and I had sex together… Afterwards we all had dinner by the cabanas. I felt disgusted, and quickly went to sleep. Prince Andrew must have flown out early next morning, as I did not see him when I got up.”

Yet nowhere in the detailed account Roberts provides in her book is an orgy with Andrew on Epstein’s island alleged – an inexcusable absence that would suggest that the event did not occur. In fact, in her memoir, Roberts records a completely different location and set of circumstances for her third encounter with Prince Andrew. 

Originally, rather than selling the new allegation that she’d had an orgy with Prince Andrew on Epstein’s island (conveniently with 8 individuals who have never been named nor whom have ever come forward to confirm the accusation) to The Sun newspaper, Virginia Roberts claimed she had shared an intimate sexual mini-break with the Prince in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Virginia lied that she had spent a ‘sexual’ weekend with prince Andrew at Epstein’s New Mexico ranch

In her memoir, The Billionaire’s s Playboy Club, she goes into vivid detail of the alleged event:

“Two days later I was gone again, beckoned to be in Santa Fe. Ghislaine only told me that I was to meet someone there, not sure of whom that was. It wasn’t my place to ask questions. As far as I knew it could be anyone and I had no choice but to be compliant to their needs.

“It was the middle of the day when I arrived at the airport. One of the ranch hands came to pick me up in a big work truck that smelled like dirt and sweat but I didn’t mind. When we arrived at the mansion my guest was already there waiting for me. I couldn’t wipe the look off my face as he turned around from the bookshelf that he was standing at. Hello – that same old cheesy grin greeted me once again.

“It was his highness Prince Andrew, and what a sight. He wrapped his arms around my waist and greeted me like an old friend. hugged him back rolling my eyes at the same time, already dreading what lay in store over the next couple of days. My job was to entertain him endlessly, whether that meant having to bestow him my body during an erotic massage or simply take him horseback riding.

“For the next couple of days he was to be my only concern, but he wasn’t. I called in checking on T.J a few times a day, not wanting to be a nag but just hoping he hadn’t had any thoughts about relapsing. He was doing great, even applying for a couple jobs.

Whilst working for Jeffrey Epstein, Virginia did indeed visit Epstein’s ranch, yet never with Prince Andrew

“Being reassured by him  made my time away less complicated and thankfully with the help of my ever-ready Xanax I  was able to cope with the ordeal. The mansion was completely empty save a couple of  maids who also cooked our dinners for us, and a couple bodyguards that we hardly even saw  at all. The time dragged by slowly for me as was counting down the hours until I flew away  again, anywhere but here I thought.

“It wasn’t easy meeting the sexual desires of these strange men, the Prince being one of them. He loved my feet and even licked in between my  toes. Then there was the lack of passion in the intimacy we shared, to him I was just another  girl and to me he was just another job…Thankfully one of Jeffrey’s assistants from New York  called me on my cell phone early in the morning on the second day to send me in on my  next adventure. I had a flight booked for me to leave that afternoon to arrive at La Guardia  airport in the evening”. 


Under oath in 2016, despite her previous in-depth account of having been trafficked to Prince Andrew and having sex with him while staying in New Mexico, Roberts appears to ‘slip up’ and forget her own fabrications, stating she did not spend any time with Andrew in Santa Fe:

Q. What’s the next one you have a checkmark by? [Roberts was asked to highlight any false statements made in articles by The Daily Mail].

A. “I also saw Prince Andrew at a Ranch in New Mexico.”

Q. Did you tell that to Sharon Churcher?

A. No. And I think it’s a mistake. Maybe she meant somewhere else, but because we had been talking about so much, maybe she just put New Mexico.


The only other individual lending partial support to Virginia Roberts’ claim that she had sex with Prince Andrew at Epstein’s island, is Epstein’s former employee, maintenance worker Steve Scully.

“It was probably around 2004 I saw Prince Andrew” he said on Netflix’s documentary. “He was at the pool [on Epstein’s island].

“He was with, at that time an unknown girl to me; she was young. She didn’t have any top on. They were engaged in foreplay. He was grabbing her and grinding against her… After Jeffrey Epstein was arrested, this taskforce interviewed me.

“They had me look at a large series – it must have been 60 or 70 photos. Then they showed me one of Virginia Roberts, but it was a current photo, and I couldn’t identify her. But I was told to check a photo that had emerged from all of this investigative work, and that photo is a photo of Prince Andrew with a young blond girl. And as soon as I saw her; that was the girl he was sort of grinding against at the pool.

“She was at the time wearing a bikini bottom. That’s it. But I can absolutely tell you that the photo of her in the picture, which is her when I think she was 17 – that was Virginia Roberts”.

Scully’s claim, however, cannot possibly be true, and was not fact-checked by Netflix. If it had been, they would have realised that Scully claimed the event took place in 2004, when Virginia was married with children, living in Australia, and hadn’t had contact with Epstein for years.



During the now infamous car crash interview between the BBC’s Emily Maitlis and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York insisted he’d spent that night at Sunninghill Park, Berkshire, with his children, having earlier dropped off Princess Beatrice at a Pizza Express in Woking, Surrey, for a party.

“That [the alleged encounter with Virginia] couldn’t have happened because the date being suggested — the 10th of March — I was at home with the children.”

“I’d taken Beatrice to a Pizza Express in Woking for a party at about 4 or 5 in the afternoon.

“And then because the Duchess was away, we have a simple rule in the family that when one is away the other is there.”

Prince Andrew was interviewed by the BBC’s Emily Maitlis

Despite his cringe-inducing interview being widely mocked by the general public, a family diary reportedly records Prince Andrew as having only three appointments on the day in question: His daughter, Princess Beatrice, attending a matinee at the New Victoria Theatre, a manicure. for the Prince at his home residence, and finally a meal at Pizza Express.

During the time between and his personal protection officer dropping Beatrice off at the theatre and going back to meet her at Pizza Express later that afternoon, Prince Andrew (if he had cancelled his manicure) could indeed have stopped by Ghislaine Maxwell’s Belgravia home for a friendly visit – explaining, if it is genuine, the photograph of Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre.

Yet, at most, according to Virginia Giuffre’s own initial version of events, the Prince would have stopped for a chat with old friends over tea and biscuits, humoured Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘personal masseuse’ by posing for a photograph she would later send home to her family, and then would head off to meet back-up with his daughter, Beatrice.


In perhaps the most damning part of the saga, whilst under oath, Virginia essentially admitted that she had lied in her 2014 legal joinder motion and had committed perjury in making her allegations regarding having sexual encounters with foreign Presidents; first stating once again, under oath, that she had engaged in sexual activity with a foreign President, and then clearly confirming that she had not:

Q. For example, if I asked you the question were you sexually trafficked to foreign presidents, do you understand what that question means?


A. Yes.

Q. What does it mean?

A Was I lent out for the purposes of sex to a foreign person — president.

Q. All right. And what is the answer to that question?

A. Yes.


Q. And if I ask you have you met any foreign presidents, do you understand what that question means?

A. Yes.

Q And what is the answer to that question?

A. Yes.

Q. All right. And if I asked you which foreign presidents have you met, do you understand what that question means?

A. Yes.


Q. Who are the foreign presidents that you have met?

A. I honestly can’t remember his name at this time. I’m a very visual person so –

Q. All right. Can you describe him, then?

A. Yes. He’s Spanish.

Q. Okay.


A. Tall, dark hair.

Q. All right. Anything else?

A. And he’s got a foreign tongue, accent.

Q. And what age, approximately?

A. Was I or was he?


Q. Was he.

A. I’d say in his 40s.

Q. Okay. And where did you meet him?

A. I believe it was New Mexico.

Q. New Mexico?


A. Possibly New Mexico.


Q. The reference there to foreign presidents, do you see that?

A. Yes.

Q. You were sexually trafficked to foreign presidents?


A. No.

Q. So that’s not true, you were not sexually trafficked to foreign presidents?

A. I don’t know what foreign presidents you’re talking about.

Q. Have you ever been trafficked to any foreign president?

A. I understand well-known prime ministers and other world leaders; as far as foreign presidents, I’m not too sure. I don’t know.


Q. Have you ever met any foreign presidents?

A. Foreign presidents as in overseas?

Q. Sure, okay, overseas.

A. No.

Q. Have you ever met any foreign presidents from countries not overseas, such as Canada or Mexico?


A. No.


As Virginia Roberts’ Prince Andrew story first began to circulate, the British, and indeed international press began to promote the claims made by a former Florida Police Officer, John Mark Dougan.

Dougan now generates some of his income from promoting his own website and claims – the most notable being that he allegedly possesses copies of the CCTV tapes seized from Epstein’s home; tapes, he claims, which implicate many famous figures in Jeffrey’s rape of minors. In one of these tapes, the press claimed, MI6 feared Prince Andrew would be shown engaging in criminal activity of a sexual nature, perhaps with a minor whilst in Epstein’s home.  

John Mark Dougan

Yet Dougan’s claims and his credibility took a serious blow during my recent investigation into online conspiracy theories, when one of his videos which he claimed to be part of the CCTV footage and showed NBC media mogul Steve Burke having sex with an underage girl, I proved was in fact stolen from an amateur Spanish pornographic film, with both willing Spanish-speaking participants being over the age of consent, and neither being Steve Burke.

Upon being presented with the truth, Dougan bizarrely threatened legal action. Meanwhile, YouTuber Shaun Attwood continued to promote the conspiracy theory, and a popular crime podcaster who had helped promote Dougan’s claims and who claimed he had seen the Epstein tapes, also threatened to release personal details of those disproving the claims to his million-strong audience.


Discredited conspiracy theorist Kirby Sommers, an online friend of Giuffre, was also found to have lied about the CCTV tapes, before accusing myself of ‘working for MI6’.

Sommers, Virginia, and self-described victim Maria Farmer, have since all participated in the sharing of wild conspiracy theories promoting debunked ‘Satanic paedophile rings’, including the far-right Qanon movement.

Interestingly, despite now having been proven to have been dishonest about possessing CCTV tapes taken from Jeffrey Epstein’s Florida home, John Mark Dougan is now living near Moscow after being granted political asylum. 


In her memoir, Virginia Roberts wrote the following harrowing story:

“When flew out to NYC to meet Jeffrey the next day, was still in a horrible state.Not knowing what was wrong with me, thinking it was just a bad come down, I rushed out of the elevator and down the hall to my room, sweating profusely, to make it just in time to the toilet to throw up bile again for the uncountable time since getting off the plane. I was having intense cramps in my stomach and when I was called down to meet Jeffrey in the massage room, I had to decline for the first time.


“I told the housekeeper that I was feeling very ill after the flight, maybe some off food for lunch and needed to lie down for a while. Nobody came up to check on me for hours or even called. Waking up from my much-needed nap, I pulled back the expensive white sheets to find myself in a pool of my own sweat and blood. I was covered in the red stains that drenched the pants I was wearing.

“I had no idea what was going on, I could only focus on the dire amount of pain I was in. In between the heaves of throwing up and crying simultaneously I was able to reach the phone and called the housemaid on the intercom. I told her I needed to go to a hospital immediately and slammed the phone down only to fall back to the floor huddled in a ball. She didn’t hesitate in calling Ghislaine who ran up to see what was wrong. Ghislaine then called Jeffrey who was in his office at the time and told him to hurry up to my level, stressing to him that it was an emergency.

“They were suspecting the worst now and seeing he never wore a condom with me and from our previous conversations they knew I always made T.J wear one, they feared the situation at hand.

“[At the hospital] A nurse came in to ask who would pay for this and although I insisted my parents insurance still covered me, Jeffrey persisted that he take care of all the medical bills and gave the nurse his information. when the pain relief kicked in, everything and everyone dwindled away until I felt like Alice in Wonderland who just swallowed the shrinking tablet and everyone standing around me seemed to move so quick, speak so loud and hover above me. When I awoke from my induced state, I was alone in a different room.

“Not knowing at all what went on but feeling a little better, I called in the nurse who looked through my charts and checked my vital signs. Then told me the doctor would be in shortly to inform me of the conclusion to my illness. He was a tall man with dark hair, and a hardened look about him obviously from his job and constantly seeing the worst horror stories man could think of, he just bluntly told me I had miscarried in early stages of pregnancy.”


This terrible tale would be even more terrible if it weren’t just that – a tale.

In reality, no such event took place, and Virginia had lied about the entire pregnancy and miscarriage. As medical records reveal, Roberts spent a short time in hospital in July 2001 after reporting ‘abnormal bleeding’, was treated for nausea and a sharp pain; and at no point in any of her records does a doctor or medical professional diagnose Virginia as being pregnant or having suffered a miscarriage.



As with her accusations against Prince Andrew and others, Virginia Roberts’ wild and shocking account of her alleged abuse at the hands of Harvard Professor and lawyer Alan Dershowitz has changed numerous times, and seriously lacks any credibility. It is a fact that Roberts did not ever accuse Dershowitz of any wrongdoing, and it was only after journalist Sharon Churcher told her ‘don’t forget to mention Alan Dershowitz… you probably met him’, in an effort to name drop famous personalities to secure a book deal, did Virginia begin speaking of the prominent lawyer.

Alan Dershowitz has strongly denied Virginia’s accusations and is now taking legal action

Even then, when adding him into her book, The Billionaire’s Playboy Club, Virginia did not accuse him of any crime, let alone claim that she’d had sexual encounters with him:

“Jeffrey’s business was running well from the looks of his attentiveness in the office he owned in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Alan Dershowitz, his colleague and personal solicitor, a bird of the same feather, I had seen hanging around the island and Jeffrey’s Manhattan mansion, more and more these days.


“After an explicit session of Jeffrey’s vulgar pilgrimage into my body, we were interrupted by a knock at the door by Jeffrey’s good friend, Alan. I wrapped myself up in Jeffrey’s pink bed sheets, which is the colour preference he chose to sleep in because it reminded him of the same colour of his own words ‘Pussy’, and covered my face from the unexpected intrusion.

“Jeffrey got up and wrapped a towel around his loins and answered the door completely calm. Opening the bedroom door and letting Alan inside they began to converse about business immediately, right in front of me. Jeffrey started to tell Alan what needed to be done while he jostled some notes down quickly. I peeked my head from underneath the covers thinking they were too wrapped up in their work to notice me get up and dressed, and Jeffrey turned back to me and told me to just stay there this would only take a second. Going back to Alan he turned his focus back into work and hustled out a few more orders before letting Alan out of the door and returning his attention to me.”

Virginia never claimed Alan Dershowitz was involved in any impropriety

This is literally the only time that Virginia Roberts mentions Alan Dershowitz in her detailed memoir. Yet, while actively seeking to sell her story to the papers and secure a publishing deal for her book, Virginia Roberts’ story in relation to Dershowitz changed yet again. 

First she accused him of having stood talking casually to Epstein whilst she performed oral sex on the disgraced financier. Then she changed her story to claim that Dershowitz had been witness to multiple rapes against minors. Then she changed her story once more to claim that she had been trafficked to Dershowitz ‘at least seven times’ – at Epstein’s various residences, on his island, in a car, and on his private plane. 

With regards to Virginia Giuffre later accusing Alan Dershowitz, The New Yorker records the following interview they held with Sharon Churcher: “When I asked why she [Virginia] had decided to name Dershowitz, she said, “Jeffrey got away with it, basically. And Dershowitz was one of the people [in providing him with legal assistance] who enabled that to happen.” She went on, “Dershowitz thinks he’s a tyrant and can get away with anything. And I wanted to say, I might be as meek as a mouse, but I’m going to hold you accountable.” 

On 12th April, 2019, Maria Farmer filed an affidavit that Virginia Roberts claimed supported her accusations against Alan Dershowitz. Yet the affidavit does not accuse Dershowitz of any wrong doing, and Farmer confirms that she did not witness the lawyer engaging in any sexual activity:


“In approximately 1995, I was an artist and a graduate student and I met Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at an art show where I was displaying some of my art. Epstein said that if I sold him one of my paintings for half price he would help me with my career.”

Conspiracy theorist Maria Farmer now claims she believes Ghislaine Maxwell is not in prison, but ‘hiding’ in Trump Tower

“I sold him the painting that night for half price which was approximately $6000.00. In 1996, Jeffrey Epstein called me and told me he was looking for someone to help him with acquiring art. I took the job with Epstein but ultimately my job responsibilities were not simply to purchase art but included manning the front door at his New York mansion and keeping records of people who came to the home… Alan Dershowitz was an individual who came to visit Epstein at his New York mansion a number of times when I was working for Epstein.

“Dershowitz was very comfortable at the home and would come in and walk upstairs. On a number occasions [sic] I witnessed Dershowitz at the NY mansion going upstairs at the same time there were young girls under the age of 18 who were present upstairs in the house.”

The timing of Farmer’s affidavit also coincided with Virginia Roberts initiating lawsuit against Dershowitz for defamation, after the lawyer publicly stated that she was lying about the alleged abuse. Despite the claim by Farmer that she witnessed Dershowitz, Epstein’s lawyer, ‘going upstairs at the same time there were young girls’ present upstairs, her affidavit does not mention on which floor she claims these girls to have been present, and omits the fact that there are seven floors and 40 rooms in the New York townhouse, each used, sometime simultaneously by a variety of guests and staff for business and leisure purposes. 

Virginia Giuffre with friend and fellow accuser Sarah Ransome

The only other accuser against Dershowitz is Sarah Ransome, who also starred in Netflix’s documentary, and who stated in court documents that she had engaged in sexual activity with Dershowitz at Epstein’s behest, though she was in her twenties at the time. Dershowitz, claims that he has never met her, and there is more than good reason to doubt Ransome’s accusation.

Ransome informed Maureen Callahan of the New York Post in 2016 that she had tapes of herself having sex with prominent men, including Richard Branson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, and also possessed a sex tape of Hillary Clinton.

When Callahan asked her to produce these tapes, she said they had been sent to Europe to protect them because Clinton has arranged for The CIA to kill her and she was under the protection of the KGB. Ransome later confessed to a journalist of the New Yorker, who had first helped make Ransome’s claims public during the 2016 Presidential election, that she had lied and that no such tapes existed.


This damning fact was not mentioned in the Netflix documentary. 

“I know that Netflix had the evidence of Ransome’s admitted fabrications because I gave it to them and they promised to use it” said Dershowitz. “But they deliberately censored the parts of my interview in which I provided the evidence of her lack of credibility, precisely because they didn’t want their viewers to know the truth about Ransome’s questionable history.”


Roberts has previously alleged that she had sexual encounters with marine activist Alexandra Cousteau, the granddaughter of explorer Jacques Cousteau, “several times” during their “first meeting”.

Alexandra Cousteau

She also said that Epstein “instigated that she and I re-enact as lovers in lesbian acts of foreplay and penetration,” saying that Epstein claimed to have donated to Cousteau’s marine exploration projects: “Ghislaine had just recently obtained her helicopter pilot’s license and wanted to get some practice airtime and flew Jeffrey and I to St. John where we picked up Alexandria Cousteau, the grand daughter to the inventor of the scuba tank and underwater explorer Jack Coustea.

“Jeffrey made it clear that Alexandria was a guest when I was told to adhere to her if she wanted a massage, which I obliged her with several times during our first meeting. It was Jeffrey who instigated that her and I re-enact as lovers in lesbian acts of foreplay and penetration. I couldn’t imagine a girl with such high prospects lowering herself to something of Jeffrey’s standards, but I later found out through Jeffrey that he had donated money to her continuous exploration into marine life and habitats.”


As with many of the other accusations that have come under scrutiny, Virginia Roberts has recently refrained from making any further accusations against Cousteau, and has not mentioned her name in any subsequent interviews. 

“The allegations by Virginia Giuffre née Roberts regarding Ms. Cousteau are 100 percent false,” Cousteau’s lawyer said in an email. “Ms. Cousteau never had intimate relations with Giuffre, and does not even recall ever having met such a person. Ms. Cousteau and her organisation also never received any financial contributions whatsoever from Mr. Epstein or his company.” 


In her manuscript, Virginia claimed that she was trafficked by Epstein to billionaire hedge fund manager Glen Dubin and his wife, physician and former model, Eva. 

Glenn and Eva Dubin

“Glenn and Eva Dubin are outraged by the allegations in the unsealed court records, which are demonstrably false and defamatory,” the spokesman said in a statement. “The Dubins have flight records and other evidence that definitively disprove that any such events occurred.” 



In one passage of her memoir, Virginia Roberts describes her encounter with a man that Epstein called “Rick,” who she said at the time “was a hotel owner of some large chain in American called ‘Hilton”. Roberts described him as a “short, balding man with straggling remnants of curly brown hair left to show for the remaining bits of youth left in him.”

She said the man offered to pay her triple what Epstein paid her to perform a similar role for him personally: “It was a fun bash, the entire crowd sang Happy Birthday to Naomi and by the time we got back in the car to retreat for the night, I was giddy from the drinking and dancing all evening.

Rick Hilton with daughters Paris and Nicky

“We had a guest in the car, and apparently we had already been introduced, but I couldn’t even remember his name in the first five minutes of our meeting again. He was the hotel owner of some large chain in America called Hilton.

“Staying at one of the cottages near Jeffrey, he saw it quaint to loan me out for a night’s massage to ruin an almost perfect evening. Jeffrey told me to come back to his room after I was finished with Rick, thankfully he reminded me of his name but also odd I thought, being so late I would’ve never imagined Jeffrey could stay up this late but I never made a fuss out of his requests.

“I gave him affirmation of my understood instructions and headed off with this stranger into the darkness. I dimmed the bright lights in his bedroom to a softer tone as if it might aid the vision of this short, balding man with straggling remnants of curly brown hair left to show for the remaining bits of youth left in him undress and lay on top of the towel that I had picked up from the neatly folded pile at the end of his bed and spread it over the duvet. I didn’t want to waste a second in his place, getting right to the very reason I was even there.

“Turning around while he was getting undressed, being our first time together, I wanted to give him the impression I was actually a therapist and not a finale to the end of the nights entertainment. Not exactly what he had in mind though, given that my impression was already made for me when Jeffrey arranged for our meeting in the first place. His chuckle to my response was condescending as he came up behind me and unzipped my dress which floated to the bottom of the floor as he was saying you can’t really expect to give a massage wearing this, here sweetie, I’ll help you out of it.


“He just wanted to see the hidden bounty my clothes were hindering his eyes from seeing. I just went about my way trying to get his hands off lie down for a massage. Making quaint conversation with him was pointless as I was trying to send his thoughts elsewhere other than the apparent perverted schemes replaying in his mind from the heavy breathing he was making and the looks he was giving to me.”  

A representative for businessman Rick Hilton, the father of Paris Hilton, said that it cannot be him described in the memoir, as he does not own Hilton, and he does not match the physical description.  

Conveniently perhaps, in her 2016 deposition, and during cross-examination, Virginia Roberts claimed that she could no longer remember the name of the hotel owner or the name of the hotel chain, and provided no evidence nor identity to support the questionable accusation. 


According to one deposition, Giuffre alleges that she was ‘instructed’ by Maxwell to have sex with George Mitchell, a former Senate Majority leader who represented Maine from 1980-95 and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

Interestingly, Roberts did not mention them in her memoir. ‘I have never met, spoken with or had any contact with Ms. Giuffre,’ Mitchell said. ‘In my contacts with Mr. Epstein I never observed or suspected any inappropriate conduct with underage girls. I only learned of his actions when they were reported in the media related to his prosecution in Florida. We have had no further contact.’


Richardson served as US Ambassador to the United Nations from 1997-1998, and Secretary of Energy under President Bill Clinton from 1998-2000.

Alleged Trafficking Victim Names Two Democrats in Jeffrey Epstein Case
George Mitchell and Bill Richardson

In a statement issued to Fox News, Richardson denied the allegation and insisted that they are ‘completely false.’ ‘Governor Richardson has never even been contacted by any party regarding this lawsuit,’ his spokesperson said. ‘To be clear, in Governor Richardson’s limited interactions with Mr. Epstein, he never saw him in the presence of young or underage girls. ‘Governor Richardson has never been to Mr. Epstein’s residence in the Virgin Islands. Governor Richardson has never met Ms. Giuffre.’ 

Despite going into graphic detail about many of the events she alleges took place, Virginia Roberts has been extremely vague about Richardson and Mitchell during cross-examination:  

Q. When Ghislaine Maxwell used the words, Go give a massage to Bill Richardson, where were you?  

A. I can’t tell you where we were. I know where I was sent to. I don’t know where we were when she told me to do that.  

Q. Where were you sent to?  


A. New Mexico  

Q. By Ghislaine Maxwell? MR. EDWARDS: Object to the form.  

A. Are you smiling at me because –  

Q. No, I’m asking you to answer the question.  

A. I have answered the question. I was sent to New Mexico. 


Q. Where were you sent from?  

A. I already answered that. I don’t know where I was sent from. …  

Q. Where were you and where was Ms. Maxwell when she directed you to go have sex with Marvin Minsky?  

MR EDWARDS: Object to the form.  

A. I don’t know.  


Q. Where did you go to have sex with Marvin Minsky?  

A. I believe it was the U.S. Virgin Islands, Jeff’s – sorry, Jeffrey Epstein’s island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  

Q. And when was that?  

A. I don’t know.  

Q. Do you have any time of year?  


A. No.  

Minsky was unable to defend himself against the accusations made by Virginia Roberts as the MIT professor died of a stroke in 2016. 

Other people whom Virginia Roberts alleges travelled onboard Epstein’s plane have also been proven to have not done so, including Republican Al Gore and his brother. 


While not accusing her of any involvement in illegal sexual activity, under threat of perjury, Virginia Roberts claimed in her defamation case against Ghislaine Maxwell that model and TV star Heidi Klum had travelled on Epstein’s private jet.

Heidi Klum and Seal renewed their vows 8 times during marriage
Heidi Klum with husband Seal

Yet this claim too has been discredited, after unsealed flight logs revealed that Heidi Klum had never stepped foot on Epstein’s plane. Providing a statement after the allegation was made public, Klum’s lawyer said:

“Any reference to Heidi Klum in connection with Jeffrey Epstein is totally false. Heidi Klum’s name and initials were absent from all the flight logs which were released. Many high-profile people are listed, but Ms. Klum is not one of them. The explanation is simple. She has never been on any of Mr. Epstein’s planes. And that is because she did not know Mr. Epstein and was never on his island”.

Klum herself then issued a statement to People magazine, saying: “I did not know Mr. Epstein and therefore have never been on his planes, at his homes or his island. I am speaking up as I do not want to be falsely associated with Mr. Epstein and the horrific story surrounding him. I stand with the victims who have so bravely come forward and I too want the truth to come out and for justice to prevail.”  


One of the latest allegations by Roberts was revealed by her attorney, Bradley Edwards, in his new memoir, “Relentless Pursuit.” This pertained that Virginia decided to ‘escape’ from Epstein after both he and Ghislaine Maxwell asked her to be the surrogate mother to ‘their’ child. “It was the final straw,” Edwards writes in an excerpt published in the Daily Mail. “She knew she had to escape.”

“We were at the island by ourselves – Jeffrey and me, and Ghislaine – and we had gone for a nice snorkelling event” Virginia later claimed in an interview. “And we’re getting up and taking off our flippers on the jetty, and Ghislaine starts talking to me about how would I feel about having a child. ‘It would be your baby’ [Maxwell said], but it would be our baby, and we would have you sign a document that says that you would have an allowance; we would pay you $200,000 a month, and you would have a nice house.

Virginia claims to have been propositioned on Epstein’s island

“But this child would really be ours and we can do what we want to do with our child. You can basically never take this child from us’. I said ‘okay, let me get my massage certificate – I really want that, that’s important to me, because eventually when you guys are done with me, I would like to have something to do with my life’.” 

Virginia then elaborated on her claim in August 2019 to the Miami Herald: “So a few months later he sent me to Thailand to get a massage certificate on top of picking up another girl for him, of course.” In the interview, Roberts then stated that when being sent to Thailand to get her certificate and to traffic a young girl back to Epstein: “I escaped. I called Jeffrey to let him know I was not coming back.

“I was not bringing the little Thai girl back, and he said ‘you know what, have a nice life’, and hung up the phone”.

There are multiple questionable claims made in her allegations. One of them is the price that Roberts claims was offered to her – $200,000 a month.

This seems a staggering, unbelievable sum, particularly taking into account that Maxwell and Epstein, had they wanted to, could have either adopted a child or paid a lump sum to a plethora of registered and unregistered surrogate mothers, at a tiny fraction of the two million, four-hundred-thousand dollars per year that Roberts claimed to have been offered.

Yes, Surrogacy is Wrong Even When Straight Couples Do It. | Them Before Us

Further to note, once again, Roberts can be proven to have provided inconsistent, conflicting accounts. In the paid-for interview with the Miami Herald, Roberts stated that Maxwell had propositioned her about having a baby for her and Epstein. 

Yet in her book, The Billionaire’s Playboy Club, Roberts claimed that it had been Epstein who had propositioned her, going into minute detail about what she claims he said: “It all came to a sudden conclusion one sunny afternoon in the Caribbean. Jeffrey pulled himself up to the ladders first step and climbed up the next four steps to the top of the dock. His chest was heaving rapidly as he sat down catching his breath. Ghislaine was the next one up and then I followed lastly behind them.


“Jeffrey looked at Ghislaine and then Ghislaine looked at me, placing me once again in the spotlight. They both scooted closer to where I was sitting and I felt something stirring in the air. The biggest turning point of events in all of my time spent with them. Jeffrey sat next to me and put his hand on my back and looked at me with a certain kind of sincerity I hadn’t seen in him before.

“‘You are a delightfully funny girl who has developed into a mature graceful young woman and I could think of nobody else I’d rather have a child than with than you. And just like that he created a whole new dilemma for me to face.

Jeffrey Epstein Dies In Prison Ahead Of Sex Trafficking Trial | HuffPost UK

“In utter shock from the completely unexpected proposition and before I could even think of anything to respond with, Ghislaine made the finishing touches with the business end of the deal starting with the pros before the cons You would have around the clock nannies to help you. Jeffrey would pay for a mansion of your choice in either Palm Beach or New York and as if the drumrolls were beckoning you would have a hefty allowance from Jeffrey’s bank account. Astonished at their first offers I nearly took the bait.

“Then she continued to finish the terms of our pre-agreement with, But you would have to travel with the child where and when Jeffrey wanted you to be, and most importantly you would have to sign a contract stating that Jeffrey and you are not monogamous and that the child would belong in Jeffrey’s custody in the event of a falling out between the two of you.

“She kind of threw that last one in there quickly, as if she could get away with me not hearing that I would basically have to relinquish the rights to my own flesh and blood and surrender them to a life of servitude and abuse with these people.

“My maternal alarm bells went off straight away and I already knew my answer. No way I could I do that to any poor baby, God only knew what these monsters had in store for me let alone a baby, but it was an instant reaction that saved me. I don’t know guys, I mean I’m really young and never really even thought about having kids yet. Wow, I just don’t know.? I slicked my hand through my hair nervously and took in a silent breath.


Continuing her account in The Billionaire’s Playboy Club, Roberts further displays inconsistencies and potential fabrications: “Much reason to celebrate that night they were both in a cheery mood around the dinner table. Except for me who had taken double the dosage of Xanax to even cope with the high amounts of anxiety I had been suffering from since we got back from the dock.

“When my big day rolled around I was in New York with Jeffrey and Ghislaine. Sitting on my bed listening to the channel blare in the background of my room I was painting my toenails when I was suddenly buzzed on the intercom. It was Jeffrey calling himself to ask me to meet him in his office in ten minutes. Perfect timing to let my nails dry I thought to myself.

Virginia was allegedly given the plane tickets to Thailand for her birthday

“Already contemplating his desire to come downstairs I knew it had something to do with my birthday present but I was more expecting the usual shopping money or piece of jewellery, definitely not what he had in store for me. I knocked on the ajar door to Jeffrey’s office and heard him beckon me inside. Hello, what cha up to?? I asked in a cutesy tone of voice.

“Walking over to his desk he looked up at me taking his reading glasses off while granting me a big smile. Come over here and sit down with me, as he ushered me to come sit on his lap. Pulling me onto him he had a funny took on his face, like he had something really big to tell me and was letting the anticipation build in the thickness of the silence. I laughed at the way he was looking at me now.

“‘First of all, Happy birthday today. You are going away to Thailand to learn authentic Thai Massage and within eight weeks you’ll receive a certificate for being a qualified Thai Massage Therapist’. Astonished at his attempts to see me get what I wanted, not exactly the type of massage I was interested in but it was a start and a first certificate for me to acquire.

“My eyes lit up and I threw my arms around his neck, planting a big kiss on his lips, which I rarely ever did. Wow, I don’t know what to say, this is beyond my wildest dreams. thank you so much! I did well to let him know I appreciated his grandeur offer. He went on to give me the details of where I’d be staying, the school’s schedules, and how much he loved Thai massage… He even had an assignment for me to do while I was over there. I was to meet up with a girl who was also being put up at the Princess Hotel where I was staying. She had an Asian sounding name so I just assumed she was a local girl hoping for an opportunity of a lifetime.”  


In other interviews, Roberts claimed Epstein gave her flight tickets during the surprise. Yet, in the following unsealed sworn testimony, Roberts provided a statement that not only conflicts with her claim that Epstein surprised her with the news of the birthday gift to Thailand while in his office, but also pulls her claims of being propositioned to be Jeffrey and Maxwell’s surrogate further into question. 

As with the location, the date when Roberts alleges the “surrogate conversation” took place is also contradicted in numerous documented accounts. In her book, Roberts claims that the conversation took place a week before her 19th birthday. In the 2016 court hearing, under oath she stated:

“A couple — six weeks, a couple of months. I don’t know.” Based on his thorough conversations with Roberts and his long legal relationship with her, Virginia’s former lawyer, Bradley Edwards, wrote the book ‘Relentless Pursuit’, in which he states: “At the age of 19, when she had been involved in the sex cult for over two years, Epstein and Maxwell came up with a proposal that turned her stomach: they wanted her to carry his baby”.

This implies that Bradley had been told by Virginia that the conversation took place not before her 19th birthday, but after.  

Furthermore, Virginia Roberts’ persistent claim that she ‘finally escaped’, and insinuation that her trip to Thailand was the opportunity to free herself from what is essentially described as captivity, is contradicted by the fact that Roberts had spent the majority of her time living away from Epstein and leading her own life with her partner, working at various places of employment, and attending various educational facilities. Roberts was still in a relationship with convicted criminal and drug dealer Tony Figueroa at the time of her departure to Thailand, with Figueroa even driving her to the airport, and Roberts leaving him her car, presumably thinking that she would return – thus implying no premeditated thoughts of ‘escaping’ and not returning to America.  

Virginia Roberts became Virginia Giuffre just days after meeting Robert in Thailand

There is evidence to also support the notion that Roberts was still emotionally connected to Figueroa yet decided to leave him and start a new life after meeting her current husband, Robert Guiffre, who she married after just ten days of meeting him in Thailand.

Not only did Figueroa drive Virginia to the airport and was left to look after her car, but during the days leading up to her marriage, Virginia incurred an extensive phone bill of $4,000 for making frequent long distance phone calls to Figueroa, at the same time that she had met Robert Giuffre in Thailand and had decided to marry him.


In her book, Virginia wrote of how, in Thailand, she claims she finally disconnected herself from Jeffrey Epstein: “Seven days, exactly a week after his proposal I sat on my bed in distress, contemplating what I would say to the man who I was about to call. There was no nice way to go about it. I couldn’t last forever with him and this was my one chance to get out of it for good. I was leaving him, never to return to him ever again. Calling his office in New York I was transferred to Jeffrey’s personal office. He picked up the phone on the third ring, pausing before I could get any of the words to come out of my mouth but I mustered up my courage eventually and gave him my prepared spiel, beginning with how much I had appreciated everything he has done for me up until this point.  

“Trying to contagiously pass on my excitement through the phone lines, I finally screamed out ‘I’m getting married! Can you believe it?’ No reply was given only a silence on the other end. Trying to make some conversation ridding the uncomfortable silence, I went on to tell him about Robbie and how I had fallen madly in love with him over the last amazing few days we’d spent together. The absence of sound made my thoughts begin to run wild and to get some response I had to ask him what he thought about everything I was telling him. Finally a few seconds later his reaction to the news sunk in and his only and final reply.” 


After the death of Jeffrey Epstein, Virginia’s claims were largely used to orchestrate a witch hunt against Ghislaine Maxwell, based on what many are beginning to refer to as ‘guilt by association’, and despite her never being a suspect in the FBI’s initial investigation nor accused by any party.

Although not proven to have committed any crime, Maxwell is now locked away in solitary confinement.


Upon presenting Virginia Giuffre, who recently purchased a $1.9m beachside home using cash from the sale of her stories, with a set of non-exhaustive questions surrounding the many contradictions, and in some instances complete fabrications held within her varying accounts, the self-confessed former prostitute became agitated and provided the following abrupt answer:

“Why don’t you get a life and look within before casting stones at glass houses. Everything I’ve said has been confirmed”.  

Yet, as with the majority of Virginia Roberts’ claims, her statement that ‘everything’ she has said has been ‘confirmed’, is also, of course, yet another demonstrable lie.

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