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SEVEN Labour Councillors Suspended In Sheffield



Seven Sheffield Labour councillors have been suspended after refusing to tow the party line.

The suspensions follow a council meeting last week during which the seven councillors refused to vote with Labour over the city’s Local Plan.

The Labour Party declined to comment, but its National Executive said the suspensions in Sheffield were open-ended while investigations are being carried out.

Those suspended include former leader Terry Fox, his wife Denise Fox, and fellow Labour councillors Bryan Lodge, Julie Grocutt, Tony Damms, Garry Weatherall and Dianne Hurst.

It is understood that they will remain as Sheffield Labour Party members and will not sit as independents – a bizarre move that appears to imply that their suspensions are more symbolic and an attempt to pressure them into returning to voting how the Labour Party instructs them to.


They will, however, be barred from attending party meetings.

A senior Labour party source told the BBC: “Sheffield is on the up and Labour is focused on delivering for local people.

“Any action by councillors who are not on board will not be tolerated.”

Sheffield Labour was placed in special measures by the national party earlier this year.

Former leader Terry Fox is among the seven Sheffield Labour councillors suspended.

Former leader Terry Fox is among the seven Sheffield Labour councillors suspended.

This week, the Labour Party suspended another CLP, this time in Bolton North East, a key marginal seat, following a dispute over who should represent the party at the next general election.

All Bolton North East officials have been relieved of their positions and duties after a letter was sent to all members.


In February, nine leading local members quit, accusing a “London clique” of taking over the selection process.

The decision to suspend the branch was made by Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC), who said “all Constituency Labour Party (CLP) meetings will cease until further notice”.

Meanwhile, back in Sheffield the council continues to struggle financially and operationally.

Councillor Fox quit as leader of the council on the morning of the local election count in May, after having been in the post since 2021.

The recent suspensions come after VoteWatch revealed that over two hundred Labour politicians have been suspended, imprisoned, or embroiled in scandal since the General Election in 2019.


The incidents are wide-ranging and include electoral fraud, antisemitism, harassment and child abuse.

Read the full report about the 200+ Labour councillors here.


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1 Comment

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    September 12, 2023 at 12:16 pm

    Dissolve, disassemble, dismantle asap …

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