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SNP Rack Up HUGE Expenses Bill – Ian Blackford Alone Claims Back £91k



WITH Labour MPs coming second in the highest total of expenses claims, the SNP have topped the list, with an average of £52,000 claimed back by each SNP MP between 2019 and 2020.

The total amount claimed by all MPs of all political parties in the United Kingdom exceeded £28m, with the SNP taking the lion share, followed by the Labour Party.

The top ten most expensive claimants were also predominantly SNP members, with Brendan O’Hara claiming over £96,000, closely followed by Drew Hendry (£94,000), and outspoken Ian Blackford (£90,937).

On the other end of the scale, Conservative MPs were predominantly among the top ten lowest claimants, with numerous senior Tories not even claiming at all – choosing to pay for their work-related needs from their own pockets rather than from the public purse.

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