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ANOTHER Labour Cllr Quits Over Bullying – Party Continues To Ignore Bullying And Racism Complaints From Victimised Members Across UK

THE Labour Party is seeing a wave of activists and Councillors quit across the country, all reporting that their complaints of serious bullying from party officials and fellow colleagues are being ignored.

Yesterday, Cllr Mandy Clare, who represents Winsford Dene, Cheshire, resigned from the party, claiming she had been bullied and prevented from speaking out about women’s rights and from raising concerns about ‘serial abuse’.

Mandy Clare - Labour Heartlands
Cllr Clare has resigned after her bullying complaint, like so many others across the country, was ignored by the party

Earlier this week, several Labour Councillors sitting on Newham Council also quit, citing the party’s failure to investigate serious allegations of bullying registered by 18 fellow Councillors against sitting Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz.

Cllr Pat Murphy, a long-serving councillor from Newham, said he had quit the Labour group because the party had not investigated the allegations, and that the Labour refused to accept requests to intervene or even provide comment on the matter.

“There has been nothing other than silence from the party,” Cllr Murphy added.

The serious allegations and resignations aren’t isolated to Newham and Cheshire, but are in fact just two examples from what has become a covered-up case of apparently institutionalised bullying and harassment in Labour branches across the nation.

From Blackburn to Peterborough, Scotland to Wales, Councillors are speaking out about intimidation and victimisation from their fellow colleagues, and how the national party and regional officers are ignoring their complaints or attempting to silence them.

I would still encourage Black people to go into politics' says Manchester  councillor who resigned | ManchesterWorld
Cllr Hutchinson resigned after accusing Labour of bullying and racism

In December of last year, several more Councillors raised concerns in various parts of the UK – only for their complaints to be completely ignored, and to find themselves bullied further, often to the point of being forced to quit.

Marcia Hutchinson, a Labour Councillor who was elected in Ancoats and Beswick, Manchester, resigned, alleging a toxic culture of racism and bullying.

Before her, Saima Afzal, a well-respected Councillor from Blackburn, also spoke out about being a victim of sexism and bullying by Labour colleagues, and of her frustrating battle to get Labour to take her complaints seriously.

Further Councillors quit for the same reasons late last year, from Croydon, Slough, and many other constituencies.

Former Blackburn councillor claims Labour did not act on bullying - BBC News
Cllr Afzal resigned after her complaints of bullying were constantly ignored

“They made my life hell!” said Birmingham Labour Councillor Zhor Malik, who had been a Labour activist since 1973 until resigning from the party last week and joining the Tories after accusing his former colleagues of bullying him and ‘acting like a dictatorship’.

Yet, when asked for comment on each individual case, the Labour Party offer up the same hollow quote to the press before sweeping the growing issue under the rug: “The Labour Party takes all allegations seriously”.

GMB Finds More “Institutional Bullying and Discrimination” in Newham  Council — OPEN Newham

Yet, as with their promise to take antisemitism seriously (only to recently readmit a long list of antisemites back into its fold), alleged bullies in the party continue to go unpunished, complaints are not investigated, and victims are further victimised.

Shockingly, the Labour Party is even failing to investigate serious complaints of racism, with Labour MPs Dawn Butler and Diane Abbott signing a letter demanding that Keir Starmer look into the THOUSANDS of racism complaints submitted by members against other party members – all of which were being ignored, and to date have still not been addressed.

BERCOW Inquiry Officially Finds Former Speaker Was A Bully And ‘Serial Liar’ – Now BANNED From Stepping Foot In Parliament

THE independent inquiry into John Bercow has not only resulted in his lifetime ban from obtaining a Parliamentary pass, but has branded the egotistical former speaker a ‘serial bully and serial liar’.

The Independent Expert Panel said “his behaviour fell very far below that which the public has a right to expect” from an MP, and that he had displayed “threatening conduct” towards staff, including verbal abuse, and displays of anger.

Lord Lisvane – a senior clerk in the House of Commons – was also ruled to have been one of many victims of Bercow’s bullying, with “repeated unfounded criticism… often made at length and at volume and included derogatory inferences about [his] upbringing and background”.

Rivals for Commons Speaker distance themselves from Bercow | Financial Times
BULLY: Former speaker John Bercow

They found that Bercow’s behaviour “was so serious that, had he still been a Member of Parliament, we would have determined that he should be expelled by resolution of the House”.

Mr Bercow appealed the original findings, but today the Independent Expert Panel upheld all 21 findings of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

In response, Mr Bercow, who was denied a seat in the House of Lords, rejected the ruling, calling it ‘amateurish’.

Since leaving office, diehard remainer Bercow has joined the Labour Party, which claims to have a strong stance against bullying by any member. It is, however, unclear if Labour will suspend him or (true to form) brush the matter under the rug.

EIGHT Labour Officials Suspended In Wales Over Antisemitism Report – All Linked To Far-Left Momentum

AT least eight elected officials in Wales have now had their party membership suspended in the wake of the EHRC report into anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

Since the move three weeks ago, one of the suspended officials has since left the party, but the other seven are all members of the Welsh Labour Grassroots group, the Welsh affiliate of the far-left ‘radical’ campaign group Momentum which was formed to support Jeremy Corbyn during his leadership bid.

Among those suspended are officials of Cardiff North, Cardiff West – represented at the Senedd by First Minister Mark Drakeford – Ceredigion and Brecon & Radnorshire, as well as the secretary of Machynlleth branch in the Montgomeryshire seat.

Clive Haswell, who chaired Cardiff North Constituency Labour Party (CLP) has also been suspended after allowing two motions to be debated by members – one expressing solidarity with Mr Corbyn, who had the Labour whip withdrawn at Westminster after he suggested concerns about anti-Semitism in the party had been exaggerated, and the other raising concerns about freedom of speech within the party.

Objecting to his suspension, Mr Haswell said: “It is my duty to ensure that members are able to discuss issues of concern to them.

“For many people, the ability to have open debate about important issues of the day is one of the reasons why people join the Labour Party.

Welsh Assembly changes name to 'Senedd Cymru – the Welsh Parliament' | The  Independent | The Independent
Wales’ Senedd building

“In allowing these two motions to be discussed, I was simply giving members the right to express their opinions and performing the role required of me as the chair by Labour Party rules. They were both passed overwhelmingly.

“There was nothing anti-Semitic in the motions or offensive in any way. I fully support the party leadership’s drive to eliminate anti-Semitism from the party. But I disagree with my suspension and cannot accept that my actions have been ‘grossly detrimental to the Labour Party’, to quote the rule that is being used against me.”

ABBOTT And Butler Slam Labour For Failure To Investigate Over ONE THOUSAND Complaints Of Anti-Black Racism In Party

AN internal investigation into over one thousand complaints of racism alleged to have been committed by Labour Party staffers, members and officials, has been shelved, leading to Diane Abbott, Dawn Butler, and other black MPs to write an open letter of complaint.

The inquiry, headed by Martin Forde QC, was set up last May to investigate a leaked internal report containing alleged racist comments about Black MPs mainly by party staffers.

The inquiry, which has already been delayed once, has now shockingly been shelved indefinitely over concerns it might prejudice a yet ANOTHER investigation from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The next leadership team needs to recognise the fundamental errors that  made Labour unelectable | Labour | The Guardian
Prominent Labour politicians Dawn Butler and Diane Abbott are among the signatories of the open letter demanding action

The letter from Black MPs including Marsha de Cordova, Diane Abbott, Clive Lewis and Dawn Butler, was addressed to party leader Keir Starmer and warned that failing to publish Forde’s report risked “doubling down on the impression that the party does not take issues of anti-Black racism seriously”. 

Labour’s leaked internal report highlighted racism that Bame people have experienced and witnessed within the party.

One of the signatories told LabourList that the Forde Inquiry development and the handling of the news was “either cock-up or conspiracy, or the third option ‘we don’t care’”, and that tackling anti-Black racism did not seem to be a priority for the party.

“[Over] the past year, the fear that there is the creeping understanding that there is a hierarchy of racism in the party just gains ground every week,” the MP said, who wanted a “proper statement” about the news.

U.K. Labour Picks 'Safe' Keir Starmer as a Life-Raft in a Storm - Bloomberg
Corbyn’s successor is becoming increasingly unpopular among Labour Party politicians and members

The full letter, sent to party leader Keir Starmer, can be read below:

We are disappointed and seriously concerned with reports that the Forde Inquiry has now been delayed indefinitely. The Forde Inquiry will be a crucial part of understanding the way in which the party has dealt with accusations of anti-Black racism.

As Black Labour MPs, we wish to draw particular attention to the evidence in the leaked report the Forde Inquiry has been tasked with looking into, which showed repeated hostility and abuse shown towards Black Labour MPs. The possibility of a racist culture and a hostile environment for Black members within the party needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency and the Forde inquiry is an important tool for doing just that.

However, continued delays to the report harm the confidence party members have in its findings. The importance of addressing crucial concerns around racism and the importance of maintaining the confidence of party members must be weighed up with alleged concerns about prejudicing the ICO’s work. The party’s obligations are to its members and not just the ICO.

Delaying the Forde inquiry and failing to provide a future date by which its findings will be published risks further doubling down on the impression that the party does not take issues of anti-black racism seriously. The abuse contained within the report and the issues it seeks to address are incredibly serious and must be part of our attempts to ensure the Labour party is an inclusive and tolerant place. The fact that members who contributed to anti-black racism have been readmitted to the party is a cause of concern and this delay only adds to the anxiety.

The party have a responsibility to ensure that the findings of the Forde Inquiry are published as soon as is practical and must consider the perspectives of Black and Ethnic Minority Members in making that decision. We urge the party leadership to reconsider this delay and publish parts of the report that do not relate to the leak but to the prevailing culture in the party. We appreciate the professional approach by Forde and his team and would welcome the opportunity to peruse said report.

Diane Abbott
Dawn Butler
Marsha de Cordova
Florence Eshalomi
Kim Johnson
Clive Lewis
Chi Onwurah
Kate Osamor
Bell Ribeiro-Addy

HYPOCRITE: Labour Politician Who Accused Boris Of Breaking Lockdown Is Caught Joining Parliament Zoom Call From Lover’s Pad In Another Country

AS the Labour Party in Wales rained down criticism on Boris Johnson this week for travelling to carry out his job, one of their own was busy breaking lockdown rules by frequently travelling almost 100 miles from Wales to England for a bit of cross-border loving.

Rising star Rhianon Passmore was caught taking part in a Welsh Parliament session from the £1m Swindon home of her lover, nearly 100 miles away from her constituency of Newport, South Wales.

It’s now understood that Passmore has been making regular lockdown visits from South Wales to Wiltshire – despite openly accusing the PM of breaking lockdown for travelling to a vaccination site while on official government business.

Ms Passmore appears on Zoom from England
Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Ms Passmore wasn’t zooming from inside her own home

Ms Passmore, the Assembly Member for Islwyn, also posted and retweeted a series of “stay at home” messages through her social media accounts.

Her law-breaking was spotted when viewers of the Welsh Assembly spotted that the politician was zooming from a location different to that of her home in South Wales.

She also posted clips last month from the garden room of her lover’s plush home, with a local resident saying: “She was broadcasting from the property and thought nobody would notice.

“Everyone has been doing their best to help keep the virus at bay and what she is doing is certainly not in the spirit of the lockdown.

The plush farmhouse is 80 miles away from the AM's home in South Wales
Her millionaire lover’s home is located over 80 miles away

“If you’re going to tell everybody else what they’ve got to do you should at least uphold the spirit.

“And it’s been quite a regular thing for some time.

“What makes me angry is that she’s one of these are people who has been completely slating Boris and undermining what he’s been trying to achieve.”

Passmore has since tried to claim that her partner is ‘in her bubble’ – yet official guidelines state that bubbles must be kept as local as possible… not almost 100 miles away.

The recent incident isn’t the only time the Labour politician has found herself in hot water. In 2018 she was banned from driving by Newport magistrates and received a two-week ban from the Senedd after admitting to refusing to take a breath test when pulled over by police.

PRIVILEGED: David Lammy Went To Posh School Dubbed The ‘Hogwarts Of Cambridgeshire’

CONTRARY to his hard done by narrative, Labour MP David Lammy was the envy of thousands of local working class children denied a decent education, while he attended a prestigious, expensive cathedral school in Peterborough.

Lammy, who was raised by his mother in Tottenham, attended a local primary school before – at the age of 10 – being awarded a much sought after scholarship to sing at Peterborough Cathedral and attend The King’s School – a first class provider of education seeped in pomp and upper class privilege.

Image result for David Lammy Peterborough
Lammy (far-left) sang for the prestigious Cathedral choir

Founded by Henry VIII in 1541, the beautifully constructed Church of England school is a coveted establishment, with student places fiercely fought over by parents desperate to avoid sending their children to other schools in the city – listed at the bottom of the national table.

The King’s School, on the other hand, has long been recognised as a school of excellence, and was recognised in June 1999 with the award of Beacon status.

Image result for the king's school peterborough
NOT FOR ANY OLD MUGGLE: The prestigious Cathedral school is fought over by parents and students across the city

As of 21 March 2013, the school holds the Ofsted rating of Outstanding, and while surrounding Peteroborough schools were recenetly highlighted as being overcrowded and having the worst GCSE results in the UK, from 2006 to the present, The King’s School has been the top-performing state school in the Peterborough local authority area for GCSE and A-Level results.

Image result for Inside the king's school peterborough
The school has comprehensive facilities, including a library with a rare first edition of Alice In Wonderland
Image result for Inside the king's school peterborough

As well as singing in the choir, at the school, MP David Lammy would have had access to top class educational facilities and curriculum, including expensive school trips that have long been envied by pupils in less fortunate schools in the area.

Image result for David Lammy King's School
David Lammy during his ‘hard done by’ years

Upon leaving The King’s School, Mr Lammy studied at the School of Law, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, graduating with a 2:1.

The outspoken MP then went on to study at Harvard University where he became the first black Briton to attend Harvard Law School.

SECOND Labour MP Faces Losing Seat – Claudia Webbe On Bail After Pleading Not Guilty To Harassment Charge

WITH MP Apsana Begum due in court on the 10th December charged with housing fraud, MP Claudia Webbe has become the second MP from the Labour Party at risk of losing her seat, after being charged with harrassment.

Webbe, who was elected Labour MP for Leicester East in December 2019, was charged with one count of harassment against a woman on September 28th.

The 55-year-old from Islington made numerous abusive unwanted telephone calls to the female, a court has heard, and has pleaded not guilty to one charge of harassment during a 20-minute hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

Webbe spoke only to confirm her name, her age, and her address and to formally enter her not guilty plea.

Claudia Webbe: Labour MP charged with harassing a woman, CPS reveals
Webbe has been described as a staunch Jeremy Corbyn supporter within the Labour Party

In a statement on 28 September, Webbe said: “I am innocent of any wrongdoing and look forward to proving this in court.”

“I will be vigorously defending myself against these claims.”

Webbe has, however, acknowledged that the calls were made.

Webbe was released on unconditional bail and the trial was rescheduled to 16th March 2021.

The Metropolitan Police supplied evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service detailing claims of harassment between 1st September 2018 and 26th April 2020.

Jenny Hopkins, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “Criminal proceedings against Ms Webbe are now active and she has the right to a fair trial. It is extremely important that there should be no reporting, commentary or sharing of information online which could in any way prejudice these proceedings.”

The ongoing trial comes as another scandalous blow to the Labour Party, as Tower Hamlets MP – a close associate of disgraced ‘vote-rigger’ Lutfur Rahman – was officially charged for housing fraud.

Apsana Begum, 29, was given a £330,000 desirable riverside property just months after moving out of her estranged husband’s home. Official complaints were made over how the far-left Corbynista leapt to the top of a 18,000-strong housing list, despite having no children.

Labour MP becomes the first hijab-wearing woman to make a speech in the  House of Commons
Apsana Begum is due to appear in court on the 10th December

Allegedly using her contacts at the council, Begum is thought to have applied for a council flat while living with her family in 2011. Begum moved in with her husband in 2014 but the couple split a year later.

Within just six months Ms Begum was offered the one-bed Isle of Dogs flat in a riverside block – jumping her own constituents; families and vulnerable residents, some of whom have been waiting desperately on the list for years.

Tower Hamlets only has the capacity to house 1,700 people per year, on a list of over 18,000 applicants.

A source from a political organisation in Tower Hamlets said: “She’s still in the flat despite earning £82,000 plus expenses a year as MP, and yet has the audacity to complain about housing shortages. The council are taking their time to ensure all their ducks are in a row. It has the potential to be bigger than the Onasanya saga”.

Fiona Onasanya, a former Peterborough Labour MP, was outed by her constituents via a recall petition after being caught and convicted for lying about a driving offence.

Section 1 of the Recall Act dictates that the Speaker of the House can trigger a recall petition if a sitting MP received a custodial sentence of under a year. Anything over a year leads to automatic dismissal of the MP without the need for a petition.

If either Begum or Webbe are handing a custodial sentence, they are automatically prone to having to undergo such a petition and risk being booted from the commons.