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LABOUR MP Suspended Over Racism Allegations

LABOUR MP Neil Coyle has been suspended from the party while an investigation goes underway into alleged racist remarks made by Coyle inside a popular bar.

Journalist Henry Dyer said that he was inside the Stranger’s Bar with Coyle and had been discussing the scandal surrounding Labour MP Barry Gardiner, who was recently found to have received funds from a Chinese spy, along with hiring the spy’s son.

No rule for them: #NeilCoyle avoids #antisemitism inquiry – because he's # KeirStarmer's crony? | Vox Political
Neil Coyle has had the Labour whip removed

Giving his view, Mr Coyle, the Labour MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, said his colleague had been “paid by Fu Manchu” – a cartoon villain that is considered highly offensive due to its reliance on racial stereotypes.

Writing for Business Insider, Mr Dyer said: “I responded by saying that I am British-Chinese, to which Coyle responded that he could tell, “from how you look like you’ve been giving renminbi [the Chinese currency] to Barry Gardiner.”

Henry Dyer: a Personal Statement on My Interaction With Neil Coyle
Respected journalist Henry Dyer said MP Coyle made the offensive remarks inside the Stranger’s Bar on 1st February

Mr Dyer claims that as he left the bar later that evening he waved at Mr Coyle to “defuse the tension”, but the MP responded by “putting two fingers up at me”.

Last week, the Daily Mail reported Mr Coyle had launched an angry expletive-laden anti-Brexit rant in the Strangers’ Bar.

Mr Coyle has since been banned from the bars on the parliamentary estate for six months, and now appears to accept having said the offensive remarks to Mr Dyer.

“I’m very sorry for my insensitive comments” Coyle said in a brief statement. “[I] have apologised to everyone involved and will be cooperating fully with the investigation.”

LABOUR MPs Accuse Their Own Party Of Being Institutionally Racist

TWO Labour MPs have made damning yet unsurprising claims that the Labour Party is racist towards people based on ‘religion, race, and heritage’ – as the failing left-wing opposition continue to fail to rid itself of countless bigots.

“It saddens me to post this but racism is alive & well within Labour”, Navendu Mishra, Labour MP for Stockport tweeted.

“A hierarchy of racism exists inside the party & some groups are seen as fair game for attacks based on religion/race/heritage.

General Election 2019: Labour's Navendu Mishra wins Stockport seat with  reduced majority compared to Ann Coffey | Mancunian Matters
MP Navendu Mishra has accused his own party of being racist

“More needs to be done when it comes to be being inclusive & welcoming to all.

“Labour will not win by playing divide and rule politics against our communities. We will win based on a principled stance against racism and discrimination of all kinds inside and outside the party.”

Many Labour members and party supporters evidently agree with Mr Mishra’s sentiments, including Labour MP Kim Johnson, who represents Liverpool Riverside in Parliament.

Recently the Labour Party drew national condemnation after an EHRC investigation concluded that it had broken multiple hate laws relating to antisemitism.

However, Jew-hatred isn’t the only focus of the many racists within Labour, with Dawn Butler and Diane Abbott (both accused of racism themselves) having highlighted the fact that over 1,000 complaints of anti-black, anti-muslim, and other forms of racism had been shelved by the party and have still not been investigated.

FACT: CLAUDIA WEBBE IS A RACIST – MP Issues Shocking Rant Against White People

CLAIMING that white identity and culture only exists because white people are racist, far-left MP Claudia Webbe embarked on a disgusting rant on Twitter.

Webbe’s comment came in response to the release of a report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities , that highlighted the racist term “white privilege” as being “divisive” and said that it had contributed to the stark rise in number of disadvantaged white pupils across the country.

Dismissing the vulnerable children whom the report highlights, Webbe chose to exploit the matter to embark on a vile and highly racist tirade on Twitter.

Rightly claiming that ‘black identity’ exists, Webbe then disgustingly claimed that white people would have no culture, value, nor distinguishable identity, were it not for racism – and that white people ‘subjugate’ (i.e. dominate) black people.

The racist comment has been likened to racist Labour MP Dianne Abbott’s infamous outburst, in which she claimed that ‘white people’ like to divide and rule.

Whereas Abbott makes the odd slip-up, however, Claudia’s racism is well-documented, with her Twitter account history showing an extensive campaign to demonise the white population of Britain.

This month, the Corbyn-cuddler (who is to stand trial later this year after being charged with harassment) falsely and dangerously claimed that the vaccine rollout program “is disproportionately favoring [sic] white people.”

DAWN Butler Attacks Black Commentators With Bigoted Slurs – Then Is SLAMMED By Black Tory MP

RACE-BAITING Labour MP Dawn Butler has once again been slammed for posting intentionally divisive and bigoted claims on social media, this time inferring that ‘white people’ are using members of the BAME community who agree with them as justification for ‘racially regressive views’.

Butler, who was recently exposed by VoteWatch as having spread Covid conspiracies, claiming that ‘black people have been experimented on’, issued the heated rant following MP Kemi Badenoch’s address to Parliament on abuse received since the release of the race report.

Speaking in the Commons, Kemi Badenoch condemned racial slurs used by black left-wing activists, who have actively been trying to discredit and demonise fellow black Brits who disagree with their anti-white narrative or misrepresentation of the country as being “systemically racist”.

Dawn Butler MP✊🏾💙 on Twitter: "#BlackLivesMatter As #GeorgeFloyd is laid  to rest may we all pledge to ensure we do our bit for a equal more  equitable society. An injustice anywhere is
Butler takes the knee for the Marxist BLM movement and to support convicted woman-beater George Floyd

“It is wrong to accuse those who argue for a different approach as being ‘racism deniers’, or ‘race traitors’, Badenoch said. ‘It is even more irresponsible – dangerously so – to call ethnic minority people racial slurs like ‘Uncle Toms’, ‘Cocunuts’, house slave, or house negros, for daring to think differently.”

Last month, VoteWatch exclusively revealed that, following our complaint and investigation, Leeds Beckett University had severed ties with racist teacher Aysha Khanom after she called commentator Calvin Robinson a ‘house negro’. VoteWatch currently has another complaint against Khanom being investigated by the board of Governors at Manchester Academy.

Snapping back at Badenoch’s statement, Dawn Butler rose in the House of Commons to claim that her words were nothing more than ‘gaslighting’, before describing the authors of the race report as ‘racial gatekeepers’ and essentially displaying racism herself by insinuating that all black people should hold the same views and political ideologies.

Smugly elaborating on Twitter after being widely condemned for her slurs against black commentators, the Labour backbencher once again made vile stereotypes, focussing solely on white people as being the spreaders of racism, and accusing black commentators of essentially aiding them.

Butler’s rant, and Badenoch’s strong response, can be watched in full below: