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BBC Editor Tweets Instructions On ‘Where To Throw A Molotov Cocktail’

THE BBC’s Middle East Editor, Jeremy Bowen, has been criticised for tweeting out a leaflet instructing volunteer fighters in Ukraine of the weak spots to target on Russian vehicles with molotov cocktails.

Bowden, who has been widely praised for his reports from inside Ukraine during the ongoing invasion by dictator Putin, came under fire for irresponsibly sharing the instructions on his Twitter account yesterday morning.

“Where to throw a Molotov cocktail” he wrote. “Guide for Ukrainian volunteers #Kyiv shows weak spots in Russian armour, viewing hatches and air inlets”.

It is most probable that the journalist was simply reporting on literature being handed out to volunteers. However, the ill-thought out tweet was criticised for dangerously providing the instructions to potential terrorists outside Ukraine, and for potentially breaking the broadcaster’s rules on the promotion of violence.

“Christ, what’s happened to the media?” one shocked Twitter user replied.

“This is insane. Why are you tweeting this?” asked another.

WATCH: Dippy Diane Believes Russia Isn’t The Aggressor – Blames (Surprise Surprise) The West For The Invasion Of Ukraine

DIANE Abbott, who has previously supported IRA terrorists, has blamed NATO and the west for Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and the murder of innocent lives.

Speaking of Nato’s understandable decision to protect Nato countries near Ukraine following further threats from dictator Putin, Abbott claimed that it proved we should be ‘sceptical’ that Russia is the aggressor, and exploited the move to once again attack the west and NATO.

SENIOR U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham Urges Russians To KILL Putin

REPUBLICAN Senator Lindsey Graham has called for the assassination of evil dictator Vladimir Putin, in a tweet that has received both praise and condemnation.

“Is there a Brutus in Russia? Is there a more successful Colonel Stauffenberg in the Russian military?” The senator asked, referring to the Roman politician who helped assassinate Emperor Caesar, and the German military bigwig who almost managed to blow up Hitler.

“The only way this ends is for somebody in Russia to take this guy out. You would be doing your country – and the world – a great service” he added.

“The only people who can fix this are the Russian people” Senator Graham added. “Easy to say, hard to do.

“Unless you want to live in darkness for the rest of your life, be isolated from the rest of the world in abject poverty, and live in darkness you need to step up to the plate.”

LARGEST Nuclear Plant In Europe On FIRE After Russians Shoot At Ukrainian Civilians

THE largest nuclear power plant in Europe is on fire following an attack by dictator Putin’s army, Ukraine’s foreign minister has confirmed.

The foreign minister has called for an urgent security zone and for firefighters to be allowed to tackle the incident, warning that should the plant explode, it would be ’10 times larger than Chernobyl’.

‘Firefighters can’t start extinguishing the fire at the Zaporozhzhia nuclear power plant – they are being fired on at point-blank range. There is already a hit on the first power unit,’ he said.

Zaporizhzhia has six nuclear reactors, making it the largest of its kind in Europe, and accounts for about one quarter of Ukraine's power generation. One report said the fire was about 150 meters away from one of the reactors
The Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in south east Ukraine is the biggest in Europe

A generating unit at the plant was hit by reckless Russians who have no regard for laws nor life, and part of the station remains ablaze.

A plant spokesperson has confirmed that, presently, background levels of radiation had not changed, but the incident has raised international concerns that Russia could continue to bomb the site.

“Russian army is firing from all sides upon Zaporizhzhia NPP, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe,” Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba wrote on Twitter.

Hundreds of Ukrainian civilians defied Russian troops yesterday in a bid to protect Europe’s largest nuclear plant Zaporizhzhia
Civilians who gathered to protect the site were fired upon

“Fire has already broke out … Russians must IMMEDIATELY cease the fire, allow firefighters, establish a security zone!”

The incident comes after reports that Russian soldiers had fired at civilians who had gathered to protect the site.

This is a breaking story – we will update in due course.

WATCH: Nadine Dorries Breaks Down In Tears During Powerful Statement About Countering Russian Propaganda

CULTURE Secretary Nadine Dorries was reduced to tears while praising the many journalists and media outlets risking their lives in Ukraine to counter the dangerous lies and disinformation being pushed by Russia in an attempt to downplay and excuse their illegal invasion of Ukraine and ongoing crimes against humanity.

Nadine Dorries’ full statement, including the numerous actions she and her department have taken, and are taking, to fight Putin’s propaganda machine, can be watched here.

PUTIN’S PRIZE PLUM: George Galloway Humiliated After Claiming Russia Wouldn’t Invade Ukraine

RUSSIAN State-paid opportunist George Galloway was left with egg on his face, after boasting that he was ‘right’ about the Moscow monsters he supports had no plans to invade Ukraine.

The relentlessly rejected politician made the claim on February 15th, tweeting “Y’all said Russia was about to invade Ukraine. I told you it wasn’t. You were wrong. I was right. Again.”

The chancer continued: “Show some bloody humility. Especially if they’re not even paying you to act like an idiot”.

Just ten days later, Russia did indeed invade Ukraine, with the civilian death toll continuing to rise on a daily basis as a result of dictator Putin’s ongoing crimes against humanity.

Yet Galloway continues to gush over Vladimir, as he has over numerous evil dictators and despots over the decades – and is yet to issue an apology.

Instead, as his failed political party has now practically folded, he has carried on taking ‘cash from the Kremlin’ via his talk show on Russian State-controlled ‘Sputnik’, connected to RT News.

On his show, Galloway has proudly dished-out disinformation, blamed the invasion on Nato and the West, and refused to condemn the murder of innocent men, women and children in Ukraine.

Recently, VoteWatch also revealed that Galloway was merrily giving a platform to rabid antisemite and conspiracy theorist Kirby Sommers, and not only allowing her to provide false information to his viewers, but heaping praise on the Jew-hater and refusing to condemn her racism.

It is quite clear that a fifth column exists in the UK – a rabble of anti-west, pro-Putin goons such as Galloway – with the talkshow host now rightly being exposed and ridiculed in equal measure.

CHINA And Iran Accelerate Nuclear Programmes As Ally Russia Threatens U.S. With Missiles From SPACE

THE Pentagon has reported that China is currently undertaking a significant nuclear buildup, which will see the size of the nation’s arsenal double by 2030 – as the threat posed by the anti-British, anti-American alliance of Iran, Russia and China, grows in strength and aggression.

Since its first nuclear test in 1964, Beijing has possessed an arsenal numbering first in the dozens and now in the low 200s of warheads.

Yet China is now rapidly expanding that deterrent, and indeed that catastrophic weapon, and is building more and better intercontinental ballistic missiles to improve its ability to hit targets in the United States and the countries of its allies, with long-range bombers, ballistic missile submarines and land-based missiles. The Defence Department has stated that the number of warheads that can strike the U.S. will grow to roughly 200 by 2025, with the Chinese buildup predicted to make life harder for the U.S. America’s nuclear shield system.

China is building more nuclear weapons. Here's what that means.

Meanwhile, this week, Russia issued a warning to America in the military newspaper Red Star that any ballistic missile launched against Russian territory or its allies will be met with a full nuclear counter strike. This warning evidently intentionally pertains to any ballistic missile, even those with high explosive warheads, as they will be considered nuclear, and experts and analysts now claim that this elevates the prospect of nuclear war to hair-raising levels.

The United States withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty in 2002 to build a shield against Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM’s). Yet Russia soon became concerned that their ICBM’s would no longer be an effective deterrent to nuclear attack, so began development of a new class of hypersonic missiles. In recent year, President Donald Trump withdrew America from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty and has since threatened to withdraw from the New Start ICBM Treaty, the last one protecting America from nuclear attack and protecting its enemies.

The first hypersonic weapon deployed by Russia in significant quantities is the Avangard boost-glide missile. This missile has intercontinental range, is manoeuvrable, and will reach a terminal velocity of Mach 20 (15,000 mph). It carries a 2 megaton nuclear warhead which is 125 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb that killed 140,000 people. If used against Washington, millions would be killed by the fireball and blast pressure. Millions more would be killed by the radioactive fallout from megatons of dirt and debris sucked into the atmosphere. Prevailing winds would cause deadly fall-out all the way to Philadelphia, New York and Boston. Russia is moving their ICBM launchers to Arctic Siberia to further reduce the defensive reaction time ability of America, and potentially its allies, such as the United Kingdom.

How Russia's Avangard Hypersonic Weapon Will Launch | War Is Boring
An Avangard ‘space missile’

In a bizarrely underreported ongoing fight for both security and dominance, sparring nations have been carrying out successful complex programmes including using space-based military technology to attack rival satellites to sabotage mass communications and to launch weapon’s of mass destruction down to targets on Earth. While Russia already has fully operational anti-satellite space-based missile launchers in situ, it plans to soon have Multiple Avangard missiles carried into space aboard heavy lift ICBM’s. When released, each missile’s booster rocket would accelerate the vehicle to Mach 20 in a dive towards earth’s atmosphere. At an altitude of 100,000-200,000 feet the missile would level out, drop its expended booster and soar to its target. When it reaches the target, the nuke would dive, glowing like a meteor, through earth’s atmosphere, until it detonates. No current U.S. military defence system will be effective against Avanguard.

The growing threat of attacks originating from technology controlled by enemy forces in space is claimed to be the influence behind Donald Trump’s recent unveiling of the multi-billion-dollar ‘United States Space Force’, a military organisation focused solely on protecting America from threats posed in space, and exploring the galaxy in search of interests to American national security.

The Russia Navy has meanwhile completed sea trials of its Zircon 3K32 hypersonic anti-ship missile. Its range is 600 miles at a velocity of Mach 8 (approximately 1.7 miles per second) and can be used against both sea and ground targets. It will be deployed on all Russian missile ships and on submarines. Missile equipped submarines present a significant threat to the U.S. coastal areas. Submarines have long posed a significant cause of concern for American security officials as they have the terrifying ability of being submerged in waiting up to 186 miles off the east coast of U.S. and strike Washington with a nuclear warhead in a mere 109 seconds.

Avangard warhead video still
The above still taken from a Russian military defence official video shows the Avangard releasing its warhead.

Russia is also continuing to develop the Poseidon doomsday, intercontinental, nuclear powered torpedo, which carries a colossal nuclear warhead, and is thirty times the size of conventional torpedoes. It begins testing in the Arctic Ocean this fall. Sixteen Poseidon torpedoes will be produced and deployed on two specially built submarines, the Belgorod and Khabarovsk – acting as another significant flexing of muscles from the Kremlin, at a time when the United Kingdom is controversially downscaling its military power.

In recent months, as well as Russia being found – via the ‘Russia Report – to have committed serious criminal acts on British soil and attempted to undermine and corrupt U.K democracy; the country has also exploited the ongoing pandemic to test British defences and response times by sending war planes and navy ships into British waters and airspace.

Chinese president Xi Jinping, right, with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani in Tehran in 2016. China is already Iran’s biggest trade partner
The Iranian Supreme Leader, Khamenei, meets Chinese President Xi Jinping

Perhaps most disturbing of all is the further growing threat to world peace in the rapid strengthening of the military alliance between China, Russia, and Iran – all nuclear powers vehemently hostile to America and the United Kingdom.

Not only has the radical Islamic nation of Iran recently threatened America with nuclear war, but tensions between Boris Johnson and Supreme Leader Ayotallah Khamenei reached boiling point in 2019 after numerous attacks and state-ordered hijackings of British oil tankers in the region. The rescue of one of these tankers and its crew was only secured through a dangerous recovery mission carried out by the SAS.

China, Russia and Iran hold joint naval drills in Gulf of Oman - CNN
FROM LEFT: President Putin, President Xi Jinping, and Supreme Leader Khamanei

Russia, Iran and China have shockingly gone as far as to recently conduct extensive joint naval drills in evident preparation for the three dangerous countries to come together and fight in unity against their shared enemies.

Russia, China, Iran Start Joint Naval Drills in Indian Ocean - The Moscow  Times

Iran now has more than 10 times the amount of enriched uranium permitted under an international agreement, and continues to ‘discretely’ stockpile, the UN’s nuclear watchdog says. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile had reached 2,105kg (4,640lb). Yet, true to form, Russia has denied all allegations made against it and has dismissed all evidence. Iran also insists its nuclear programme is exclusively for peaceful purposes – yet this claim has been contradicted by Iran itself on numerous occasions.

The pandemic has provided the perfect fertile conditions for Russia and its similarly powerful allies to strengthen its dominance on the world stage and make significant plans that could alter mankind’s future. As one source said: “Only time can tell what they’ve got in store”.