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THE Independent’s ‘Race Correspondent’ Exposed Over Race-baiting Lie About Prince William – After The Paper Was Previously Caught Printing Anti-Monarchy Lies By A Fake Aristocrat

A FAKE quote printed by the Independent has led to publications around the world copying the lie and generating a wave of unwarranted outrage against Prince William.

Yesterday, the Independent’s ‘race correspondent’ Nadine White completely fabricated a quote by Prince William during his visit to a charity group helping refugees fleeing the invasion in Ukraine, in a clear effort to divide, race-bait, and generate condemnation towards the monarchy.

Prince William said it’s rather normal to see war and bloodshed in Africa and Asia but not Europe” Nadine tweeted, with her tweet being shared over 25,000 times, printed in the publication she works for, and subsequently covered by other news outlets across the globe.

However, despite the alleged comments generating a storm of condemnation on social media, a video has now been published fully proving that Nadine White lied:

Prince William in fact made no mention of Africa or Asia, saying: “Everyone is horrified by what they are seeing. It’s really horrifying. The news every day, it’s just, it’s almost unfathomable. For our generation, it’s very alien to see this in Europe. We’re all right behind you. We’re thinking about you. We feel so useless.”

At no point in the video does William claim it was “rather normal to see war and bloodshed in Africa and Asia“.

Nadine White - Racism & Social Affairs Reporter - Black Heroes Foundation
LIAR: Race correspondent Nadine White

The Independent are yet to issue an apology and correction, and ‘journalist’ Nadine White has shockingly tweeted that she ‘stands by’ her lie.

The incident comes after the publication was left red-faced last year when VoteWatch exposed that they had printed further demonstrable lies by a fake aristocrat.

The bizarre and hugely embarrassing example of media bias and poor journalism came following Oprah Winfrey’s infamous interview with Prince Harry of Windsor and former TV actress Meghan Markle.

As the left-wing media seized their opportunity to bash Britain and its monarchy, the Independent turned to the 11th Marquess of Anaville, Alexander J. Maier-Dlamini, to write what essentially became a widely-read smear piece.

It was later revealed, however, that no such peerage exists, and that the ‘black member of the aristocracy’ was in fact an attention-seeking student from New York.

ANOTHER Labour Cllr Quits Over Bullying – Party Continues To Ignore Bullying And Racism Complaints From Victimised Members Across UK

THE Labour Party is seeing a wave of activists and Councillors quit across the country, all reporting that their complaints of serious bullying from party officials and fellow colleagues are being ignored.

Yesterday, Cllr Mandy Clare, who represents Winsford Dene, Cheshire, resigned from the party, claiming she had been bullied and prevented from speaking out about women’s rights and from raising concerns about ‘serial abuse’.

Mandy Clare - Labour Heartlands
Cllr Clare has resigned after her bullying complaint, like so many others across the country, was ignored by the party

Earlier this week, several Labour Councillors sitting on Newham Council also quit, citing the party’s failure to investigate serious allegations of bullying registered by 18 fellow Councillors against sitting Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz.

Cllr Pat Murphy, a long-serving councillor from Newham, said he had quit the Labour group because the party had not investigated the allegations, and that the Labour refused to accept requests to intervene or even provide comment on the matter.

“There has been nothing other than silence from the party,” Cllr Murphy added.

The serious allegations and resignations aren’t isolated to Newham and Cheshire, but are in fact just two examples from what has become a covered-up case of apparently institutionalised bullying and harassment in Labour branches across the nation.

From Blackburn to Peterborough, Scotland to Wales, Councillors are speaking out about intimidation and victimisation from their fellow colleagues, and how the national party and regional officers are ignoring their complaints or attempting to silence them.

I would still encourage Black people to go into politics' says Manchester  councillor who resigned | ManchesterWorld
Cllr Hutchinson resigned after accusing Labour of bullying and racism

In December of last year, several more Councillors raised concerns in various parts of the UK – only for their complaints to be completely ignored, and to find themselves bullied further, often to the point of being forced to quit.

Marcia Hutchinson, a Labour Councillor who was elected in Ancoats and Beswick, Manchester, resigned, alleging a toxic culture of racism and bullying.

Before her, Saima Afzal, a well-respected Councillor from Blackburn, also spoke out about being a victim of sexism and bullying by Labour colleagues, and of her frustrating battle to get Labour to take her complaints seriously.

Further Councillors quit for the same reasons late last year, from Croydon, Slough, and many other constituencies.

Former Blackburn councillor claims Labour did not act on bullying - BBC News
Cllr Afzal resigned after her complaints of bullying were constantly ignored

“They made my life hell!” said Birmingham Labour Councillor Zhor Malik, who had been a Labour activist since 1973 until resigning from the party last week and joining the Tories after accusing his former colleagues of bullying him and ‘acting like a dictatorship’.

Yet, when asked for comment on each individual case, the Labour Party offer up the same hollow quote to the press before sweeping the growing issue under the rug: “The Labour Party takes all allegations seriously”.

GMB Finds More “Institutional Bullying and Discrimination” in Newham  Council — OPEN Newham

Yet, as with their promise to take antisemitism seriously (only to recently readmit a long list of antisemites back into its fold), alleged bullies in the party continue to go unpunished, complaints are not investigated, and victims are further victimised.

Shockingly, the Labour Party is even failing to investigate serious complaints of racism, with Labour MPs Dawn Butler and Diane Abbott signing a letter demanding that Keir Starmer look into the THOUSANDS of racism complaints submitted by members against other party members – all of which were being ignored, and to date have still not been addressed.

EXCLUSIVE: Mental Health Charity To Review Azeem Rafiq’s Ambassador Role In Light Of Antisemitic Texts

A CHARITY that hired former cricketer Azeem Rafiq has condemned antisemitism and announced that they will be ‘reviewing’ their ambassadors programme.

Rafiq, who hit headlines last week after exposing shocking acts of racism he had encountered during his time at Yorkshire County Cricket Club, has been labelled a hypocrite, after text messages containing racist tropes against Jews was leaked to the press.

In the exchange, Rafiq and fellow cricketer Ateeq Javid (who has so far seemingly escaped public outrage) mocked the Jewish community and referenced centuries-old antisemitic conspiracies relating to wealth, with Javid going as far as to use the term ‘Jew shit’.

Issuing an apology, the former cricketer said:

“I was sent an image of this exchange from early 2011 today. I have gone back to check my account and it is me – I have absolutely no excuses.

“I am ashamed of this exchange and have now deleted it so as not to cause further offence. I was 19 at the time and I hope and believe I am a different person today. I am incredibly angry at myself and I apologise to the Jewish community and everyone who is rightly offended by this.”

While the press were focused on Rafiq’s initial complaints of racism he’d experienced, British charity ‘MQ – Mental Health Research’ proudly announced that they had hired the cricketer into their ambassador program. Since VoteWatch enquired whether they will continue to work with Rafiq following recent revelations, the charity deleted a tweet welcoming him, telling VoteWatch’s Jay Beecher:

“Racist, antisemitic or otherwise discriminatory language and abuse is damaging both to individuals and wider society.

“The impact to mental health can be severe.”

“At MQ we are passionate about breaking down systems of inequality in the field of mental health research, diagnosis and treatment. We are currently reviewing our ambassadors programme in light of recent news” they added.

Members of the public are now calling for Azeem Rafiq to return the £200,000 he received in compensation, or to donate it to a charity fighting antisemitism.

LAW Student Takes Uni To Court Over Anti-White Discrimination And Teaching Of Critical Race Theory

LEGAL proceedings have been launched against a university for discriminating against white students – the first case of its kind in Britain.

Katie Fanning, a respected campaigner and law student, has registered her claim citing “instances of direct discrimination” throughout the course of her studies, and has heavily criticised her university for excluding white pupils from certain opportunities.

“I enrolled at my University assuming that all students would be treated with dignity, respect and that an equal level of opportunity and service would be offered to all students regardless of their race” said Fanning. “However, I like thousands of other white students, found myself in an openly racially discriminatory and hostile environment towards white students.

Katie Fanning has taken legal action against her university

“I have been subjected to several instances of direct discrimination and indirect discrimination throughout the course of my studies for my white racial characteristics by my university.

“When I raised my concerns and formal complaints regarding the application of extremist discriminatory critical race theory based policies such as bursary schemes for disadvantaged students that exclude white applicants, events that offer required internship and training contract opportunities that exclude white students, support groups that exclude white students and propaganda that incites hatred, animosity and violence towards the white community.

“I was subsequently advised by a member of the university staff that the institution does indeed discriminate against white students in their desire to “even the playing field” (as stated in their internal emails).  

“I was then subjected to harassment, intimidation and victimisation as punishment for raising these concerns and making formal complaints of discrimination and racism.

Critical Race Theory is being taught in a growing number of schools and employee training programs

“I have since had my university go so far as to instruct the police to visit me at my home unannounced to ask me “why I have issues with Black Lives Matter?” along with other forms of intimidation and harassment after I had informed them that I was in the process of taking legal action against them due to exhausting all options to resolve my complaints internally.

“This racially-motivated discrimination, harassment and subsequent victimisation has had a profoundly negative impact on my studies and wellbeing.

“This aggressive racially motivated discrimination, marginalisation and persecution by my university must not go unchallenged.”

Miss Fanning appears to be a force to be reckoned with, refusing to back down from holding the university to account.

Her advanced legal claims against the ‘woke’ Uni fall mainly under the Equality Act, 2010, and include direct discrimination, harassment, and a complaint against the teaching of Critical Race Theory.

“Critical race theory,” a once-obscure academic concept, was imported from the U.S. and has been slammed for its divisiveness and for promoting racist terms and ideas such as ‘white privilege’ and ‘whiteness’.

The concept has in recent months been condemned by the government, with Kemi Badenoch stating that it should not be part of any curriculum.

“The Critical Race Theory enforced ideology that permeates through all areas of university life that portray “whiteness” and white racial and ethnic groups in a negative, derogatory, inflammatory and aggressive manner enforces an environment that is intimidating, degrading and humiliating for white students.

“Within the course materials we were instructed to participate in the online forums and get to know other students, mentors and professors. I did as instructed and introduced myself on the introductory Law forum.

“After reading through posts and exploring more of the universities online platforms I became aware that there were services, financial help schemes such a bursaries, consultations only for BAME students.

“There were also a number of events and opportunities only available for none white student to meet potential employers for internships or training contracts .

“It was also Black History month so there were a daily publications which included the inaccurate dissemination of history as to stir up animosity and hostility towards the white population, statements of support for the terrorist Organisation BLM and publications describing whiteness in a negative manner.

Latest research shows that poor white students are the most disadvantaged group in Britain’s educational system

“It was difficult not to notice the unwelcoming and hostile environment for white students or disparity in favourable treatment afford to none white students throughout the university’s policies and operations.

“White Children and Students are being negatively impacted by the overt anti-white racism and neglect within education in a profound and devastating manner. Since 2007 the white working class of Britain have been one of the smallest demographics attending university or attaining higher educational qualifications.

“The anti-white agenda within education along with the overly zealous attentiveness to the interests of other (minority) ethnicities, underpinned by the current Equal Opportunities regime. The “white working class”, as a disadvantaged group are subject to prejudice, we go unregistered in Equal Opportunities Monitoring and are excluded out on the kinds of interventions and incentives made available to none white students.

“White students are subjected to a hostile and degrading environments by their educational providers, are excluded from opportunities to enhance their employability, are subjected to racial harassment that is intimidating and degrading and are most of all neglected by the education system they pay for. This is true from primary to university.

Fanning says she was visited by police simply for opposing the often violent movement ‘Black Lives Matter’

“This is why there is such an issue with underachievement and low participation of the white working class within our education system. With white males being the most persecuted and discriminated against in the name of ‘equality’.”

Katie’s claim was formally issued on 10th of August, and she has since granted the university’s legal team an extension to file their defence.

“Since formally serving on the respondents I have received communication from the respondents legal team asking for an extension to file a defence.

“The responses prior to the formal issue of claim were to attempt to punish and intimidate me – even sending police to my house to ask “why I have issues with BLM”.

“What I wish to achieve is justice” she added. “My University, like many others, makes no distinction between white students from disadvantaged backgrounds and white students who are not – labelling all white students as privileged. This toxic discrimination must end – and I’ll continue to fight to make that happen.”

VoteWatch will be following Miss Fanning’s case closely and will provide an update in due course.

BBC’S Stacey Dooley Claims White People Are ‘Privileged’ And Aren’t Punished For Committing Crimes

STACEY Dooley offended listeners today by stereotyping people by their race and claiming that if a white person commits a crime “there aren’t going to be repercussions”.

Speaking today on BBC Radio 4 to promote her latest series, the outspoken presenter told of her time spent filming with a family living on an island off the coast of Scotland.

“[In] one of the episodes we were looking at a family who have a great working relationship with Extinction Rebellion” she told the BBC’s Clive Anderson. “They’re SO privileged – white, middle class…”

“I went onto that island thinking, well it’s all well and good you encouraging people to get arrested for what they believe in, but actually if you’re white and middle class and privately educated there aren’t going to be repercussions for you if you are arrested later down the line.”

Dooley made the offensive remarks on this morning’s ‘Loose Ends’ podcast on BBC Radio 4

The BBC have long been criticised for promoting anti-white, pro-Black Lives Matter material that stereotypes white Brits with controversial and bigoted terms such as ‘white privilege’ and ‘whiteness’.

In July last year, the taxpayer-funded broadcaster was forced to remove one of its podcasts following an outpour of complaints from angered viewers.

In the podcast, titled ‘No Country For Young Women’, presenter Sadia Azmat posed the question: “How can white women not be Karens?”

The name ‘Karen’ has been hijacked by the left-wing and by black supremacists to describe ‘racist white women’, with the podcast in question focusing heavily on so-called ‘white privilege’.

The presenters then embarked on wild rants, insinuating that all white women are racist, with Amelia Dimoldenberg saying that white women could avoid being Karens by “educating themselves”.

“Read some books so you are aware of the histories of white people and race,” Amelia said, to which historian Dr Charlotte Riley replied: “I think as well just try not to be defensive about things, and particularly try not to be defensive about your whiteness.

“I think a lot of the time when women are Karens it is because they are completely unwilling to accept that their whiteness is a privilege and, you know, instead they want to be treated in a special way because they are women.”

She suggested some women “don’t want to interrogate how their behaviour might be racist.”

“I think you have to be ready to think critically about your identity and your privilege,” she added.

“Yeah, and don’t be so loud,” Ms Dimoldenberg agreed.

“Stop shouting and stop attacking black voices,” she continued. “Instead you should be uplifting them.”

“Yeah, get out of the way basically,” Dr Riley laughed.

Scores of Twitter users, however, responded to the debate with fury.

Tory MP Ben Bradley tweeted: “BBC spending £100m on diversity and this junk (which honestly is racist! Would not be acceptable the other way around!) whilst at the same time ditching regional news in order to save £25m.

“Absolute joke. Cancelling my TV license. I don’t need to pay for this.”

ABBOTT And Butler Slam Labour For Failure To Investigate Over ONE THOUSAND Complaints Of Anti-Black Racism In Party

AN internal investigation into over one thousand complaints of racism alleged to have been committed by Labour Party staffers, members and officials, has been shelved, leading to Diane Abbott, Dawn Butler, and other black MPs to write an open letter of complaint.

The inquiry, headed by Martin Forde QC, was set up last May to investigate a leaked internal report containing alleged racist comments about Black MPs mainly by party staffers.

The inquiry, which has already been delayed once, has now shockingly been shelved indefinitely over concerns it might prejudice a yet ANOTHER investigation from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The next leadership team needs to recognise the fundamental errors that  made Labour unelectable | Labour | The Guardian
Prominent Labour politicians Dawn Butler and Diane Abbott are among the signatories of the open letter demanding action

The letter from Black MPs including Marsha de Cordova, Diane Abbott, Clive Lewis and Dawn Butler, was addressed to party leader Keir Starmer and warned that failing to publish Forde’s report risked “doubling down on the impression that the party does not take issues of anti-Black racism seriously”. 

Labour’s leaked internal report highlighted racism that Bame people have experienced and witnessed within the party.

One of the signatories told LabourList that the Forde Inquiry development and the handling of the news was “either cock-up or conspiracy, or the third option ‘we don’t care’”, and that tackling anti-Black racism did not seem to be a priority for the party.

“[Over] the past year, the fear that there is the creeping understanding that there is a hierarchy of racism in the party just gains ground every week,” the MP said, who wanted a “proper statement” about the news.

U.K. Labour Picks 'Safe' Keir Starmer as a Life-Raft in a Storm - Bloomberg
Corbyn’s successor is becoming increasingly unpopular among Labour Party politicians and members

The full letter, sent to party leader Keir Starmer, can be read below:

We are disappointed and seriously concerned with reports that the Forde Inquiry has now been delayed indefinitely. The Forde Inquiry will be a crucial part of understanding the way in which the party has dealt with accusations of anti-Black racism.

As Black Labour MPs, we wish to draw particular attention to the evidence in the leaked report the Forde Inquiry has been tasked with looking into, which showed repeated hostility and abuse shown towards Black Labour MPs. The possibility of a racist culture and a hostile environment for Black members within the party needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency and the Forde inquiry is an important tool for doing just that.

However, continued delays to the report harm the confidence party members have in its findings. The importance of addressing crucial concerns around racism and the importance of maintaining the confidence of party members must be weighed up with alleged concerns about prejudicing the ICO’s work. The party’s obligations are to its members and not just the ICO.

Delaying the Forde inquiry and failing to provide a future date by which its findings will be published risks further doubling down on the impression that the party does not take issues of anti-black racism seriously. The abuse contained within the report and the issues it seeks to address are incredibly serious and must be part of our attempts to ensure the Labour party is an inclusive and tolerant place. The fact that members who contributed to anti-black racism have been readmitted to the party is a cause of concern and this delay only adds to the anxiety.

The party have a responsibility to ensure that the findings of the Forde Inquiry are published as soon as is practical and must consider the perspectives of Black and Ethnic Minority Members in making that decision. We urge the party leadership to reconsider this delay and publish parts of the report that do not relate to the leak but to the prevailing culture in the party. We appreciate the professional approach by Forde and his team and would welcome the opportunity to peruse said report.

Diane Abbott
Dawn Butler
Marsha de Cordova
Florence Eshalomi
Kim Johnson
Clive Lewis
Chi Onwurah
Kate Osamor
Bell Ribeiro-Addy

EXCLUSIVE: New £350-a-Day Aide & Best Mate Of Carrie Symonds Shared Racist Tweets & Called Brexiteers ‘SCUM’

BREXITEER PM Boris Johnson shouldn’t be happy over the appointment of his fiance’s best friend into a lucrative government aide role, after VoteWatch can reveal that she frequently posts tweets stereotyping white people and calls anyone who voted for Brexit ‘scum’.

The best friend of Boris Johnson’s fiancee Carrie Symonds was given an official paid role without it being advertised – landing her £350-a-day for around a mere two days’ work a month.

The Home Office announced in October that Nimco Ali had been made an adviser on tackling violence against women and girls, after the job role was questionably not advertised through any competitive application process.

Activist Nimco Ali who is close friends with Carrie Symonds says Boris  Johnson is a 'true feminist' - Internewscast
Nimco Ali is best friends with Carrie Symonds

The appointment has raised serious questions over fairness and cornyism, after the role was created for Miss Ali, a prominent anti-FGM campaigner who is godmother to Miss Symonds’ son with the Prime Minister.

Yet after investigating Miss Ali’s social media history, VoteWatch can exclusively reveal that not only does the outspoken activist seem to have a troubling problem with white people, but she also believes that Brexit is connected with racism and that people who support leaving the EU are ‘scum’.

In another post, Ali again singled-out and stereotyped white people – this time attacking youths protesting against racism; despite the group involved including many people of colour (even shown in the image accompanying her tweet).

VoteWatch has contacted The Home Office for comment.