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TERRORISTS: Hundreds Of Far-Left Thugs Set Fire To Police Van And Attack Officers In Bristol – Police Now Fighting Back



FAR-LEFT political activists opposing the government bill to implement new laws enabling police greater powers against unlawful protests, have today taken to the streets of Bristol to carry out violence and intimidation.

The protest is taking place on College Green in Bristol city centre, where hundreds of people had gathered – despite lockdown laws being in place.

Many in Bristol were seen wearing face masks and carried placards saying: ‘Say no to UK police state’, ‘Freedom to protest is fundamental to democracy’ and ‘Kill the Bill’. Meanwhile, members of the enormous mob have written the acronym ‘A.C.A.B’ (all cop’s are b*stards) onto buildings, stolen riot gear, and police vans – with one van being stopped, shaken, and set on fire.

Bristol is currently under siege by far-left thugs

As members of the BLM movement and extreme-left group Antifa joined the fray, the local police station was swamped and vandalised, and police officers verbally abused and assaulted.

Nearby shops have allegedly also been targeted, in scenes reminiscent of the violent Black Lives Matter protests that took place across America.

Vandals are smashing windows and terrorising the entire community
The mob surround officers trying to defend a police station in Bristol
Officers in riot gear have taken to protecting the streets but remain greatly outnumbered

Police and riot officers continue to attempt to regain control of the city centre.

This is a breaking story and will be updated shortly.



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