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Today a Labour Councillor Pleaded Guilty to Being a Pedophile – After Party Refused to Warn Local Residents



THE Labour Party have been asked why they allowed a man to stand as a Councillor candidate – and then go on to win a seat – despite him being arrested one month before for possessing indecent images of children. 

VoteWatch earlier reported that Tom Dewey, 36, was charged as part of an NCA investigation into child abuse photographs found at his home. He briefly served as a councillor in Hackney before resigning over the incident – attempting to hide the true reason by citing “personal reasons.”

After years of Labour campaigning, Dewey was elected as a councillor for the De Beauvoir ward in May 2022. However, a month before he was elected to the council, in April 2022, NCA officials detained him at his Hackney house before releasing him while the case was being investigated.

As with most resignations relating to one of their politicians, the national Labour Party failed to disclose the reason behind his suspension – worryingly concealing Dewey’s paedophilia from the local public.

Mr Dewey was charged with three counts of making indecent images of children, possession of extreme pornographic images and possession of prohibited images of children.

Labour Party Councillor Tom Dewey, far-right, has admitted to possessing indecent images of children.

Labour Party Councillor Tom Dewey, far-right, has admitted to possessing indecent images of children.

Today in court, the former Labour councillor admitted a charge of making five Category A indecent images of children on 29 April 2022 in Hackney, a further charge of making four Category B indecent images on the same date, as well as making 203 Category C indecent images of children on the same date.

Dewey also admitted to possessing 78 extreme pornographic images of children on 29 April 2022, and having 1,523 prohibited images of children in his possession on or before 20 January 2022.

Dewey’s resignation triggered a by-election which saw Joseph Walker elected in July last year, with 758 votes out of 1,822.

Meanwhile, opposition parties in Hackney are demanding an inquiry into why the local Labour group accepted Dewey as a candidate despite him being arrested a month before the selection process.

A Hackney Council spokesperson said: “Tom Dewey was elected on May 5, 2022 and resigned on May 16, 2022. The council was not notified of his arrest prior to the elections of May 2022 by the National Crime Agency (NCA). As the case is subject to criminal proceedings, we are not in a position to provide any further comment.”

It is of particular interest that Mr Dewey was living with Hackney Labour Mayor Philip Glanville at the time of his arrest – however Mayor Glanville has not been charged with any crime.


Inside Croydon quotes one Labour member referring to the situation as a “cynical and sickening cover-up.”

At Dewey’s Tuesday court appearance, he was released on bail and committed to Isleworth Crown Court for sentencing on August 15.


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