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TORIES Become Bookie’s Favourite To Win Hartlepool As Red Wall Continues To Crumble



BOOKMAKER’S are predicting the Conservative party will win the now vacant seat, after Labour MP Mike Hill stood down amid allegations of sexual harassment.

Mike Hill’s shock resignation as Hartlepool’s MP is set to lead to a heated battle over the seaside town, with the Brexit Party and Conservatives splitting the vote in the last general election.

The Brexit party’s vote share was impressive in 2019, yet this was during their height of popularity, and the party (renamed ‘Reform UK’) are now not only predicted to do less well, but could risk splitting the vote and allowing Labour to cling onto the seat.

Mike Hill, Labour MP for Hartlepool
Mike Hill stood down last week with immediate effect

Bookmakers have already put the Tories as favourites to win Hartlepool, which has been held by Labour since its creation in its current form since 1974.

Labour confirmed Mr Hill had stood down from his position with immediate effect on Tuesday morning – and the rumour mill is already swirling about who could represent the party in an upcoming election battle.

High profile former MPs on Teesside have already seen their names linked – with Dr Paul Williams, currently the party’s candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner, heavily tipped to be in the running.


Dr Williams is yet to speak out publicly, but the GP – who represented Stockton South before losing his seat in December 2019 – has emerged as an early contender, with some national outlets reporting he’s considering whether to put his name forward.

Other names linked include Laura Pidcock – the Corbynite former North West Durham MP who also lost her seat in the last General Election.

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