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TRUMP Confirmed To Have Been Vaccinated And Encourages Everyone To Take Covid Jab – “Go and get that shot!”



SPEAKING extensively about his pride over the vaccination program, Donald Trump told members of the public attending the Conservative conference in America today that he had worked hard to ensure a speedy roll-out of the vaccine, and implored people to take the jab to defeat what he calls ‘the China Virus’. 

“They said it couldn’t be done” Trump said, referring to a speedy roll-out of the vaccine. “Every is now calling it a modern-day medical miracle. Some say it’s the greatest thing to happen in hundreds of years. Two vaccines produced in record time with others on the way, including the Johnson and Johnson vaccine that was approved just yesterday. 

“It would have taken any other President at least five years, and we got it done in nine months… I pushed the FDA like they have never been pushed before – they told me that loud and clear. I didn’t like them at all, but once we got it [the vaccine’s approval] done, I said ‘I now love you very much’.”

“What the Trump administration has done with vaccines has in many respects perhaps saved large portions of the world. We put up $10bn dollars to produce the vaccines before we even knew they were going to work… We took a risk, because if we didn’t do that, you still wouldn’t have the vaccines for a long time. 

“When I left that beautiful house (The White House), over twenty million Americans had already been vaccinated. 1.5 million doses were administered on my final day alone. The distribution is moving along because of us, and it’s moving along really well.


“We took care of a lot of people – including Joe Biden, because he got his shot.”

Taking a humorous swipe at the President, Trump then said: “And that [Joe being vaccinated] shows just how pain-free that vaccination shot is – so EVERYBODY, go and get that shot.”
“But it’s good that he got his shot” he added. 

The former President’s message comes after an aide revealed that he and his wife, Melania, quietly received coronavirus vaccinations in January before leaving the White House.


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