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TWITTER Allow Man Arrested For Making Vile Death Threats To George Galloway To Remain On Platform



TWITTER has once again been caught failing to protect its millions of users against online abuse, this time allowing a man to remain on its platform, despite being arrested after issuing serious death threats against George Galloway and two other politicians.

Scottish Nationalist Alan Tilbrook, 63, wrote several sinister and threatening comments referring to the All For Unity party leader, posting them on his Twitter account last month.

Tilbrook’s horrific messages come after a string of threats made by members of the public against MPs and prominent politicians, with lessons still not learnt following the tragic murder of Jo Cox.

Tilbrook appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Friday
Alan Tilbrook awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to sending the dangerous messages

In one comment, Tilbrook said: “This man [Galloway] only fit for a bullet thru the brain”. Another read: “[Galloway] shud (sic) have been shot years ago mite (sic) happen yet tho”.

“You are not a Celt Galloway” he added, “you are a traitor one day to meet a traitors end.”

Last month, Mr Galloway – a serious contender for the upcoming elections, who has tirelessly exposed the failings of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon – confirmed that police had taken action against the vile individual, tweeting: “Sincere thanks to @policescotland for their prompt and determined response to three separate death threats against me (from the same man). Most grateful Inspector.”

The Independence supporter, from Musselburgh sent the tweets between March 17 and 19 this year

Tilbrook appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court where he pleaded guilty to a charge of uploading threatening messages to social media.

Twitter, however – true to form – have failed to remove Mr Tilbrook’s account from their platform.

“Dear @TwitterSupport ” Mr Galloway tweeted last night. “A man pled guilty last Friday to threatening – on Twitter – to murder me. He also – on Twitter – threatened to murder the leader of the Scottish Conservatives and a third man, former Cabinet Minister Lord Forsyth. The convicted criminal is STILL on Twitter.”

Twitter has been widely condemned across the world, by members of the public, politicians, professional footballers, and even governments, for consistent refusal to remove hateful and dangerous content from its platform, with Russia recently threatening a complete ban should the social media giant not take action to protect its citizens.

Today, Tilbrook’s account remains active.

Sheriff John Cook has deferred full sentencing to next month, with Tilbrook informed he is not allowed to approach or contact Mr Galloway in any way until the sentencing hearing.



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