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TWO More Labour Councillors Accused Of Antisemitism – Including A Staffer For Keir Starmer



LABOUR continues to find itself mired in antisemitism scandals, with another two candidates caught posting anti-Jewish posts online.

Faduma Hassan, an elected councillor for Brent, is listed in the most recent register of members’ staff as being employed by Labour leader Keir Starmer as a Stakeholder Officer. 

Cllr Hassan works for Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer

In July 2014, Hassan shared a song by antisemitic rapper Lowkey, called ‘Israel – 51st state’ which claims that the Middle Eastern country is under the control of the USA and includes lyrics such as ‘How many children have to die in the streets before we put a stop to these Zionist beasts?’

Hassan has also been caught posting other antisemitic material and comments on Facebook:

As well as being a Councillor, Hassan is standing in the upcoming London Assembly elections on May 6th, and is expected to win on the backend of support for Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Labour has responded to the evidence against Hassan with the same weak and meaningless statement, which they have simply copied word-for-word from numerous such statements relating to antisemitism complaints made to them over the past few years.

“The Labour party takes all complaints of anti-Semitism extremely seriously and they are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures, and any appropriate disciplinary action is taken” a spokesperson said.


Meanwhile, over in Kensington and Chelsea, Labour councillor Robert Atkinson was caught writing on social media that the Labour party ‘allowed the Zionists to run rings round us for far too long’ and that he would ‘punch’ anyone who described as ‘anti-Semitic for denouncing Israel as an apartheid state.’

In a now-leaked Whatsapp message, Atkinson said:

“We have allowed the Zionists to run rings round us for far too long. And I think it was a very interesting question to ask if the Conservative Party has signed up to the definition/policy on anti-semitism? If not why not?… To be clear- I have always been a supporter of the Palestinian cause and opponent of Israel. While I think that comparisons of Israel and Nazi Germany are counter productive diversions I do think that describing Is earl [sic] as an apartheid state with second class citizens and ‘Bantu stand’ is spot on (even more so with the recent citizenship and official language legislation). If anyone were to describe me as anti-Semitic for denouncing Israel as an apartheid state I would punch them!”

The shocking evidence against both Councillors comes after no less than seven Labour members of Peterborough council were suspended last week over allegations of antisemitism.


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