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UPDATE: Labour Councillor JAILED For Extensive Stalking Campaign Against Female Constituent



A NEWCASTLE Labour Councillor who conducted a bizarre and terrifying stalking campaign against one of his constituents, has today been sentenced to time behind bars.

Cllr Dipu Ahad admitted leaving a woman alarmed and distressed by engaging in a serious and prolonged stalking campaign against her.

Pleading guilty to the charge, Newcastle Crown Court heard that Ahad committed a series of creepy and disturbing acts between December 31st, 2018 and May 30th, 2019, which amounted to stalking and harassment.

Cllr Ahad has now received a custodial sentence

The court heard the acts he confessed to include setting up fake email and social media accounts in the victim’s name, sending her a series of images, phoning her home purporting to be from a Government agency, sending her a message claiming he had received malicious calls, constantly calling and texting her, and using spray paint to graffiti her car.

In an attempt to get closer to his victim, Ahad used his role as a councillor to offer support to her, promising that he would find out the identity of her stalker, and even contacted Northumbria Police to demand that they investigate the harassment.

But when detectives reviewed the IP address for the electronic device that had sent some of the messages, they found the device belonged to none other than Cllr Ahad himself.


Ahad was arrested and questioned but initially denied being responsible for abusing his position of trust, and instead portrayed himself as the victim’s saviour, before eventually pleading guilty at Newcastle Crown Court in February of this year.

Ahad arriving at Newcastle Crown Court for sentencing

Appearing back in the same court today, Ahad was given an indefinite restraining order and sentenced to 14 months behind bars.

Detective Sergeant Mark Atherton, the investigating officer at Northumbria Police, said:

“First and foremost, we want to recognise the incredible bravery of the victim in this case who has had to endure a campaign of stalking against her.

“She reported the offences to us before she knew who was responsible and thought Dipu Ahad had her best interests at heart.

“The reality is that Ahad was the one tormenting her and when his offending was uncovered by my team, he claimed he was simply trying to help the victim”


“His actions were prolonged and sinister. He has abused his position of trust and has repeatedly denied being the person responsible until moments before his trial was due to commence.

“Despite his guilty plea Ahad has still attempted to discredit the victim but the evidence against him was irrefutable and he will now face the consequences of his actions.

“Northumbria Police are absolutely committed to supporting victims and ensuring they see justice.

“Anyone who is victim to stalking or harassment is encouraged to call us so we can make sure you receive the support you need, and we can look to put offenders before the court.”

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