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WATCH: “Braverman Isn’t Xenophobic – You Don’t Have To Be White To Be Worried About Illegal Immigration,” Says Sarah Anntoinette



Outspoken writer and political commentator Sarah Anntoinette has pushed back on claims that recent promises by Suella Braverman to clamp-down on illegal immigration make her ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’ – adding that you ‘don’t have to be white’ to be worried.

“It appears what we’re witnessing now is what I consider to be a rather Insidious movement from organizations and outlets such as the Guardian newspaper and Hope not Hate, which are attempting to discredit Suella Braveman,” Anntoinette, a contributor to VoteWatch said in one of her popular YouTube videos.

“Racism is being used as a weapon in this day and age, and I would say it really kicked off in 2020 when suddenly you had all these issues about race just popping up all over the place, and all of a sudden after having relatively good race relations in this country for a good few decades, we suddenly find ourselves bracketed”.

“Why should Suella Braverman or any other brown or black or mixed politician, or anyone else automatically subscribe to a political view just because of the colour of their skin?”


This week, the Tory Home Secretary came under fire after stressing the importance of tackling illegal immigration.

Warning of a ‘hurricane of mass migration’, Braverman used her speech at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester to call for an end to illegal boat crossings – but her words were met with accusations of racism and xenophobia.

“There is even another article in the Guardian which I stumbled across last week, talking about a term called ‘racism laundering’,” Anntoinette added.

This week, Anntoinette wrote a passionate article in VoteWatch about the new toxic term.

“Racism laundering is where a black or brown person is used as a weapon by racist white people who want to promote bigoted views,” she wrote. “..According to Nels Abbey (political commentator and left-wing author), any ethnic minority who happens to hold right-wing views is not in control of their own mind (unless they are deviously attempting to advance their career) and is nothing more than a witless pawn of white bigots. Think Suella BravermanPriti Patel, Ben Habib or Kwasi Kwarteng.


“None of them are in their positions of power due to their intelligence, values or desire to make a difference. They, along with any other black or brown person that has conservative views, are there purely because of their skin colour, handpicked as the ultimate tools of racism laundering.”It’s comedy gold, really. The kind of thing you would expect to see in a satire movie, except then you are hit with the horrifying realisation that racism laundering is a very real thing, promoted by people like Nels Abbey and The Guardian.”

Read Anntoinette’s latest article in full here. Watch her full thoughts on the latest slurs about Suella Braverman above – and don’t forget to click the subscribe button. 


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