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WATCH: Labour Campaigner Admits To Vandalising George Galloway’s PA System In Batley And Spen



IN an apparent attempt to prevent the decent people of Batley and Spen from hearing the election message of George Galloway, Labour scoundrels working for Kim Leadbeater have shamelessly vandalised one of his team’s election PA systems.

“Labour canvassers here have damaged personal, private property” one of Mr Galloway’s supporters can be heard saying in a video that was posted to the Workers Party candidate’s Twitter account earlier this afternoon.

Upon being asked why he committed the illegal act of vandalism, one of the Labour canvassers cockily replied that the PA system was omitting “too much noise”, before walking off grinning.

“Labour canvassers here in Batley and Spen ADMITTING to criminal damage to our PA system on the streets today”, Mr Galloway tweeted angrily. “And Kim Leadbeater has the gall to say WE are the thugs?!?!”

The matter has since been reported to the police, who have so far been unavailable to provide VoteWatch with a comment.


We will update in due course.


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