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WATCH: Momentum Defends Bristol Violence, As Labour MP Nadia Whittome REFUSES To Condemn Far-Left Terrorists



CORBYN-worshipping Labour group Momentum have defended the far-left thugs and terrorists who spread terror and carnage through Bristol city centre, falsely claiming that it would not have taken place if it weren’t for the presence of police dogs.

Taking to Twitter after two police officers were left seriously injured, the far-left group’s Bristol branch claimed that the riots had been provoked by police dogs – despite their presence being minor, having attacked not a single protestor, and the fact that video footage proves the riots were carried out by far-left extremists.

Meanwhile, appearing on BBC Two’s Politics Live this afternoon, Labour MP Nadia Whittome threw her support behind extremists and refused to condemn the violence that has left 20 policeman injured, including two in a serious condition. 

“Nadia, do you want to take this opportunity right now, having listened to the rest of the panel – Keir Starmer, your party leader, has also condemned the violence along with the mayor of Bristol. Do you want to condemn the violent scenes that we have just shown all our viewers?”

Yet Whittome, a far-left Corbynista, refused to do so no less than four times, and perhaps for a very obvious reason: Nadia was herself in Bristol yesterday openly supporting their demands and inciting the crowd. Not for the first time, either. Last year, she also openly supported BLM criminals who vandalised Bristol property and threw the statue of Edward Culston into a river.


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