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SLICE BY SLICE: Extensive Report Debunks Pizzagate And Qanon



A FREE 180-page report investigating the origins of the popular Pizzagate and Qanon conspiracies, and debunking each claim one-by-one, has been released.

Inside the most extensive investigation into the subject to date, Slice-By-Slice covers political, psychological, and historical influences behind the rising presence of some of the most dangerous conspiracy theories currently poisoning social media and general politics.

Readers can then see each claim and piece of evidence put forward by both Pizzagate and Qanon, and each claim explained and debunked, with full evidence.

Slice-By-Slice is the first report of its kind that not only gives insight into the new online phenomena of political pranks and the spread of conspiracy theories, but acts as a detailed reference guide to be used to fact-check popular claims made on social media surrounding Pizzagate and Qanon, and to help those who support either conspiracy theory to have open access to the facts behind the fiction.

The full report can be found by clicking on the below link. Please feel free to share widely:



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