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One Year On And Labour STILL Refuse To Tell Us Why They Suspended MP Nick Brown



Sir Keir Starmer, when taking over as leader of the Labour Party, promised a new age of complete transparency. He lied. One year on, and the party is still hiding the truth about MP Nick Brown from the general public, including his constituents.

The veteran Labour MP had the whip suspended after a complaint was lodged against him back in September last year.

The senior politician, the incumbent MP for Newcastle upon Tyne East, who has been chief whip for every Labour leader from Tony Blair onwards, was placed under investigation after a complaint was made against him.

Brown, 72, one of Labour’s longest-serving MPs, also had his party membership suspended until the case is resolved.

The former minister said he hadn’t been told what the complaint was about but that he was “cooperating fully” with the investigation.


The investigation, however, cannot possibly take one year to complete – and Labour HQ have declined every request from the media, including from VoteWatch, for them to be honest and transparent and reveal the nature of the complaint.

Labour MP Nick Brown has whip suspended after a so-far unexplained complaint.

Labour MP Nick Brown has whip suspended after a so-far unexplained complaint.

In a statement issued at the time he was first suspended, Brown said: “There has been a complaint made about me to the Labour party, which is under investigation. I am therefore under an administrative suspension from the Labour party until the investigation is concluded. I’m not aware of what the complaint is. I am cooperating fully with the investigation.”

Meanwhile, Labour continues to refuse to reveal why ANY of its politicians have been suspended, unless the details are already made public by third parties or the press.

In recent months, this led to constituents in Hackney being unaware that their children were living near Tom Dewey, a Labour Councillor who was later convicted for possessing thousands of child pornography images.

Read the full story about Councillor Dewey here.

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1 Comment

  1. Joe Scott

    September 6, 2023 at 5:56 pm

    Absolutely pathetic…

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