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VILE: Hateful Left-Wing Mock Darren Grimes Over Mental Health Tweet



THE left-wing showed their true colours this week, flooding Twitter with a torrent of abuse towards a man brave enough to talk about his mental health problems.

Sharing the struggle felt by many across the UK during lockdown, on Thursday Grimes told his Twitter followers:

“Next week I leave London and move back home. When I moved out of my family home, I never anticipated I’d ever go back. Yet here we are, three national lockdowns on, as just one of the millions of forgotten Brits whose mental health has deteriorated markedly over these 12 months.”

“Alongside heart ailments, cancers and much else, we have forgotten all other diseases in our extreme approach to combatting just one” he added. “I am not ‘selfish’ in pointing this out — which is what sufferers like me have been accused of — we can, and must, do so much better than this.”

Yet the term ‘be nice’ – heavily promoted at the time by the left – was evidently a hollow one, as Twitter quickly became awash with rancid personal attacks and mocking responses.


Commenting on the shameful abuse, Grimes said: “The Left preach about being ‘kind’, only to pile on, attack and be vile at every given opportunity.

“Just as they preach about anti-racism, only to then racially abuse their opponents. The Left talk a good game, but are the ultimate hate-filled hypocrites.”

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