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EDITOR Of Pro-Corbyn Rag ‘The Canary’ Announces Support For Infamous Antisemite



THE editor of the far-left conspiracy site ‘The Canary’, Kerry-Anne Mendoza, declared her support for antisemite and radical Corbynista Rachael Cousins today.

Cousins, who runs the popular far-left Twitter campaign account @Rachael_Swindon played a key role in promoting the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn’s illfated grasp for power, even seeing the former Labour leader send her a handwritten card thanking her for her efforts.

Cousins has repeatedly been condemned for her antisemitic views.

Rachael Cousins, AKA @Rachael_Swindon

Her account has previously tweeted a list of demands of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, including the demand that Jews should apologise for the actions of the Israeli state. Holding Jews collectively responsible for the actions of the state of Israel is one of the key examples included in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism. Rachel’s stereotyping and targeting of race led to numerous complaints being registered with the Labour Party.

In 2016, Cousins shared a conspiracy theory linking the Rothschild family to the Syrian civil war, in a tweet that was also later deleted.

Yet none of this vile behaviour deterred The Canary’s editor, Kerry-Anne Mendoza, from throwing her staunch support behind Cousins when her account was suspended by Twitter today.

This wasn’t the only time that Mendoza has made her support for the antisemite known – even going so far as to call her an ‘ally’.

In January last year, prominent Labour MP Jess Philips publicly called out Cousins for her antisemitism and demanded that she be suspended from the Labour Party.


In early 2019, the campaign organisation Stop Funding Fake News, described The Canary as promoting conspiracy theories, defending antisemitism, and publishing fake news.

The campaign persuaded Macmillan Cancer Support to suspend advertising on The Canary while it reviewed online ad placement.


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