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Jailed Councillor Ordered To Pay Back £111,000 From Covid ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ Fraud



A Councillor from Keighley who resigned and was sent to prison after exploiting a government scheme during the Covid-19 pandemic has been ordered to pay back £111,000. 

Ikram, 36, claimed the scam was aimed at paying off debts he had run up operating a care home, but Deputy Circuit Judge Timothy Clayson said the majority of the offending was motivated by greed.

Bradford Crown Court heard that Ikram, a former Keighley town councillor, had made 19 bogus applications for cash from the scheme which had been set up to help struggling hospitality business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Prosecutor Timothy Jacobs said the total claimed for eight different businesses was £443,073, but the court heard that Ikram only had previous links with two of the organisations.

Mr Ikram was sent to prison for commiting fraud during the pandemic.

Mr Ikram was sent to prison for commiting fraud during the pandemic.

Jacobs said the other six businesses which were either fictitious or Ikram had no connection with them at all.

Ikram was eventually paid out nearly £190,000 relating to eight claims, but after an investigation was launched His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs were able to “freeze” and subsequently recover just over £96,000 from bank accounts held by his wife.


When Ikram was jailed in March the judge set down a timetable under the Proceeds of Crime Act and today Ikram was brought from prison for the financial hearing.

Ikram, who it is understood could be released from his sentence in a few weeks time, was said to have benefitted from criminal conduct to the tune of £109,939.64.

He will now have to pay the sum or face a further 12 months in prison.


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